50 facts about weight loss

The amount eaten at dinner depends on the lighting

The brighter the light, the less you eat - this is the conclusion of German scientists. Lack of light distorts the size of the portion (it seems less), and the amount of food eaten is more difficult to control.

15 minutes of jumps with a rope are equivalent to 60 minutes of running

By biomechanics, running is a series of jumps with a relaxed phase of flight after a push. When working with a rope, the muscles of both legs are simultaneously contracted and circular motions are performed in the shoulder joints. This almost 4 times increases the load.

You can eat everything

The main rule of a good figure: compliance with the balance of BFU (calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates). For those who lose weight, the balance looks like this: 50% of proteins, 30% of fats, 20% of carbohydrates. The number of calories depends on the level of physical activity. The food should be balanced and varied. Deficiency of nutrients can lead to health problems.

From low-fat products you can recover

Dairy products contain vitamins A, D, E, K, but they are not digested without fats. Lipids give a signal to the brain about saturation. If there are no dishes in the dish, we eat much more.

To add flavor to the fat-free foods add sugar, and this - fast carbohydrates, from which you can get better.

Weight depends on the condition of the teeth

Proved: people with severe wear of the chewing surface, diseases of the teeth and oral cavity gain weight two times faster. Reason: a violation of digestion and metabolism due to insufficient chewing food.

Short-term diets do not work

First of all, the body part with water and only then - with fat cells. Slow weight loss involves a comfortable diet without starvation and stress, due to which the diet is more easily tolerated. Rapid weight loss negatively affects the work of the gastrointestinal tract and is fraught with food disruptions and a set of extra kilos.

In people with excess weight, normal metabolism

People with overweight are spending more energy. Each movement and turn costs them a few more calories. Studies have shown that the metabolism of fat people is about the same as that of lean people.

Weight gain is a long process

The set of weights is a long process, like slimming. If the piece of cake scales showed 300 grams - it is water, not fat. In the morning the weight will return to normal. In order to recruit, it is necessary to systematically violate the balance of BFU and overeat.

Aromatherapy helps to lose weight

There are scents sending signals to the brain about satiety. For example, the smell of peppermint, apples and bananas. Keep a bottle on the desktop with the essential oil, and periodically hold it to his nose during episodes of severe hunger. Choosing an apple or a banana as a snack, try to chew it as slowly as possible in order to prolong the flavor.

Perfect snack - pine nuts

British scientists have found out: pine nuts contribute to the development of cholecystokin - a hormone that sends a signal of saturation. On nutritional value, they excel vegetables, fruits, bread and meat. Additional bonus: pine nuts contain vitamins A, B, C, D, E, tannins, fiber and carbohydrates.

Dog owners slowly gain weight

Scientists at the University of Michigan calculated that the owners of pets daily make 34% more movements! Walking with a dog is an excellent cardio load, three times increasing energy consumption.

The diet allows the sweet

For most, sweet is reward. For this reason, they "jam" the least stress with sweets. Moderate consumption of sweet will not affect the figure. Give preference to dark chocolate and fruit. Remember, PP-baking and natural sweets from dried fruits are no less caloric than traditional desserts. Do not get carried away!

Calcium deficiency increases appetite

Specialists of the Faculty of Medicine Laval conducted a study: they divided women, inclined to fullness in two groups and offered a different diet. The basis of the menu of the first group was products with a high content of calcium, the second - with low. Result: the menu, enriched with calcium, helps to lose weight several times faster.

Late dinner does not affect the figure

The main rule of weight loss: energy consumption is more than the intake of calories. The time of the last meal should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime. If you are an "owl", late dinner is not only permissible, but it is also shown (in people with different circadian rhythms the metabolic regime is different).

Prolonged diets are ineffective

Scientists at the University of California have proved: prolonged stay on a diet reduces its effectiveness. To continue to lose weight, you need to diversify the menu and practice regular physical activity.

There are no products with negative calorie content

A common myth: the digestion of certain foods (celery, for example) requires more calories than they give. Some vegetables and fruits help to speed up metabolism: radish, broccoli, grapefruit, asparagus, carrots and others. Their caloric content tends to zero. When they eat fatty foods, they will not lose weight!

"Liquid calories" works

Those who sit on diets scrupulously count each calorie, forgetting to add tea, coffee, juices. A cup of a standard latte is 500 ml - 256 kcal, fresh - 180! If your goal - to lose weight, drink water with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint.

Dessert time is 17.00.

The French dietician Alain Delabo is sure: the cause of excess weight is the inability to "listen" to the body. Hormones are produced on a daily "schedule". The peak of the synthesis of cortisol, which takes part in digestion, is the morning. Therefore, Alain advises to eat more fat for breakfast.

Rapid carbohydrates are better assimilated by the evening - with them the amino acid tryptophan is delivered to the brain and promotes the production of serotonin - the hormone of happiness. This protects against food breakdowns before bedtime. Delabo says: "The best time for dessert: 16.00 - 17.00".

In winter it is easier to grow thin

In winter, many recover. The reason: a decrease in motor activity, and not a slowdown in metabolism (another common myth!). At subzero temperatures, the metabolic rate increases (to generate heat), and calories are burned faster.

Men lose weight faster

Scientists have established: men lose weight two times faster. Reason: the regulation of the female metabolism involved hormones, preparing the body for pregnancy. When he receives less calories, any incoming product is put aside as a reserve, transforming into subcutaneous fatty tissue.

Lack of sleep leads to weight gain

During sleep, the body produces leptin, a hormone that stimulates metabolism and the mechanism of the onset of hunger / saturation. Constant lack of sleep leads to its lack. The result: a metabolic disorder.

10 minutes charging against extra pounds

Daily exercise for 10 minutes reduces the risk of oncological diseases by 11%, normalizes the pressure and helps to burn up to 300 kcal. Charging can be replaced by foot walking - oxygen promotes the splitting of fat.

Legumes help to transfer the diet more easily

Legumes allow to avoid food failures. The effect is achieved due to a low digestion rate. John Siewenpiper (St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto) has proved: eating one portion of legumes per day, do not experience acute attacks of hunger during the day.

All diets are the same

This statement was made by a group of researchers led by Bradley Johnston (Canada). Scientists analyzed 48 studies, whose participants adhered to different feeding patterns. Regardless of the chosen diet, the average weight loss was 8-9 kg for 6 months.

Salt and diet are incompatible

One gram of salt delays 100 g of water. The daily dose is 10 g (corresponding to a quarter teaspoon). Sodium chloride (salt) is found in food products: meat, vegetables, cottage cheese and cereals. With them, the body receives half of the norm, and there is no more than 5 grams of salting the dishes.

Mono diets are dangerous

Monitoring - the use of one product (buckwheat, rice, kefir) for a certain period of time. This change in diet gives a temporary result. In a stressful situation, the body blocks all sources of fat, and after the end of the diet weight begins to grow. On monodiettes lose weight due to the withdrawal of fluid and the burning of muscle mass!

Herbal teas for weight loss do not work

Most of them act as a strong diuretic. You lose weight by getting rid of fluid. By constantly using herbal teas, you risk getting dysfunction of excretory system.

Less calories - is food more useful?

In the case of olive, linseed and other vegetable oils, this rule does not work. Their energy value exceeds 600kcal per 100 grams! At the same time, nutritionists recommend not to give up oils during a diet - they improve metabolism and reduce cholesterol.

Anti-cellulite creams do not help lose weight

All creams, ointments and gels - fat burners give effect in combination with proper diet and regular exercise. They contain essential oils that improve blood circulation, but do not burn fatty deposits.

Unloading days are useless when losing weight

To switch to fat burning, the body needs at least 72 hours. Daily fasting allows you to get rid of excess fluid. After the fasting days the weight returns with the first dinner! Nutritionists say: "It is impossible to maintain a normal weight, fasting one day a week and violating the rules of PP the remaining 6".

Do not need to train every day

Physical exercises are compulsory. But the body needs time to restore muscles - take breaks. Optimal schedule: 4 times a week for 30 minutes with alternating intensive, moderate, power and aerobic exercises. This will help burn 50 to 100 grams of fat per week.

Regularly exercising, you need to adhere to proper nutrition

Continuing to visit the gym, but disrupting the diet, you will not lose weight. To burn the calories contained in one sandwich with white bread, butter and cheese, you need 60 minutes of physical activity, and a cutlet from pork with mashed potatoes equals 20 kilometers of running.

One-on-one fasting does not "switch" the body into a calorie-burning regime

On fasting days, when you limit yourself to several liters of water a day, the metabolic rate slows down. This does not happen right away - after 60-70 hours of lack of food. When you start eating again, the metabolism works slower and all the excess is stored in the form of subcutaneous fat.

You can not determine the fat content of food "by eye"

Vegetable and butter, margarine - "species fats", which are very caloric. There are products containing "hidden" lipids. For example, in a vegetable salad - 20 kcal, but if you fill it with a teaspoon of olive oil, the energy value will increase to 65 kcal per 100 g. Result: a dish with 70% fat in the composition. Control it!

Formula weight: height minus 110 does not work!

The formula of ideal weight was invented 100 years ago by the French anthropologist Paul Brock. Modern nutritionists refer to it skeptically: it does not take into account the individual characteristics of the organism (for example, the presence / absence of muscle mass). Today, the BMI formula is more relevant: the weight divided by the height in squares. For women, the optimal figure varies from 19 to 24.

Cellulite and overweight are not the same thing

Cellulite - a consequence of a violation of the hormonal background or water-salt metabolism. The reasons for excess weight are more: sedentary work, overeating, non-compliance with the balance of IBJ and others.

Excess weight is not related to heredity

Proved: overweight is a complex phenomenon. Genetic predisposition is one of the reasons, along with a change in the hormonal background, by neurological and psychological factors. In 50% of cases, overweight is the result of overeating and an unbalanced diet.

Strength training for weight loss is equivalent to cardio

A common myth: intense cardio is effective for burning fat. Aerobic loads should not be more than 20 minutes, so as not to "burn" the muscles along with excess calories. Strength training is important! The more muscles in the body, the more calories burned at rest.

Sauna do not get rid of excess weight

High temperatures stimulate blood circulation, but do not get rid of fat. Lipids are cleaved under certain chemical react and it is impossible to "evaporate" them. In the sauna and sauna weight loss is due to the removal of liquid. Paired work in combination with physical activity and proper nutrition.

"Local" weight loss is a myth

You can not lose weight only in the buttocks or abdomen! Fat is not related to the muscles located nearby. Doing exercises on one area, you strengthen the muscular corset, and lipids are burned everywhere.

The refusal of carbohydrates will not help get rid of excess weight

Weakness, irritability, inhibition, memory impairment, insomnia is the result of carbohydrate diets. Not getting carbohydrates, the body goes into a saving mode, storing fats with each meal. In combination with an overabundance of protein, this leads to the formation of cholesterol plaques.

The mechanical effect on fat deposits is impossible

Procedures for weight loss (massage, lymph drainage, electrostimulation and others) stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, but do not break down lipids. For maximum effectiveness, all types of massage should be combined with proper nutrition and cardio training.

At night you can eat

If you are an "owl" and are not going to go to bed before 3 am, eat at 12! The body will have time to digest food without consequences. Sleep on an empty stomach - the cause of insomnia and food disruption during the day.

Abnormalities in diet are acceptable

Cake with a fat cream does not affect the weight. Nutritionists recommend pampering the body once a week to control appetite. "Relaxes" should be planned - include them in the weekly meal plan.

Weight loss plan may not work

The nutrition plan is developed individually, taking into account the characteristics of the body and physiological indicators. A diet on which a girlfriend has lost weight may not work for you because of different metabolic rate, hormonal background and other things.

Vegetable food does not help to lose weight

Myth: The vegan diet helps you lose weight. Weight gain does not depend on the presence or absence of meat and animal products in the diet. Refusing the latter, the body begins to "demand" more carbohydrates. Result: excess weight.

Training does not provoke hunger

Feel a light hunger after training - the norm! This indicates the intensive work of metabolism. After the sports hall you need to eat no later than 40 minutes to restore the energy reserve. Give preference to protein and fiber, if you want to lose weight, and slow carbohydrates, if you gain muscle mass.

Do not completely exclude sugar

In Edinburgh, scientists conducted studies that proved: a small amount of sugar in the diet contributes to weight loss. In the experiment, 60 women took part, they were divided into two groups. The first completely excluded sugar. The second - left, picking up an individual "dose". Two months later, we weighed: the group that consumed sugar dropped more kilograms.

Have breakfast

A dense breakfast helps to control the weight - to such a conclusion came a group of scientists in Cambridge. Having eaten 50% of the daily norm of calories for breakfast, you give the body plenty of time for their processing. Without "feeding" it after awakening, you risk switching the metabolism to the "fat stock" regime.