Is there a woman in the world who does not worry about the question - how to lose weight by the New Year? In the most magical and amazing night, you want to look like that, but the mirror sneers at all the shortcomings: excess wrinkles at the waist, heavier hips and a swollen face oval. It is quite sad, if the dress bought in advance was not enough.

Only without complexes! Quickly bring the figure in order is not easy, but possible. The methods used for this are different, the results are also different. Choose the most suitable way - and go ahead.

Two months before the celebration, or When the "wagon" of time is in stock

Before the holiday, one and a half to two months? So, you can enter into a fight with extra pounds without fears and unnecessary agiotage.

The first option is to adjust the power.

Option two - to increase physical activity.

Option three - combine both, and the other (the effect will be much more noticeable).

Our usual menu is far from perfect - a lot of tasty things, which are nice to pamper yourself, bring only harm to the figure. To lose weight before the holiday, you have to limit yourself in something. In the "black list" fall:

Fat, fatty sorts of cottage cheese and sour cream, dishes from pork (especially fried), margarine, mayonnaise, ice cream, any fast food;

Sources of "fast" carbohydrates - pasta, wheat bread, pastries, potatoes;

Sugar (in unmeasured quantities), all kinds of pastilles, marshmallows, jams, jellies, milk chocolate, sweet juices and soda, cocoa;

Beer, wine and other alcohol;

Conservation, sausages, pickles and smoked products - they increase appetite and detain excess water in the body;

Seeds, nuts and chips.

Fill the vacuum will help fresh vegetables, fruits (under the ban only melons, dates, grapes, bananas) or legumes. Allowed lean meat, low-fat cottage cheese and cheese, bran and bread from them, buckwheat, mushrooms or lean fish. Coffee should be replaced with green tea, and white rice - brown. In view of such limitations, it is possible to significantly improve its shape over a couple of months even without additional measures.

"Long" diets for a 100% result

To reduce weight by the New Year, you can go another way. Dietitians assure: food, eaten in the morning, gives energy and strength, and evening snacks are transformed into fatty deposits. The conclusion is simple: to refuse supper or at least not to eat after a certain time (before going to sleep the stomach should "rest" for a minimum of four hours).

Power system "Minus 60", or How to reduce weight without giving up delicacies

On this principle (refusal to eat for a certain time before sleep, you can eat everything, but at the "right" time) a popular diet "minus 60" is built. Its creator, Ekaterina Mirimanova, insists that there are absolutely no harmful products for the figure, the main thing is to eat them at the right time. Before noon, absolutely everything is allowed, even cakes and sweets (naturally, without fanaticism). In the afternoon it is worth noting excesses, preferring stew or cooked dishes, garnish instead of macaroni and potatoes to take buckwheat or brown rice, try not to mix proteins and carbohydrates in one dish. Supper (according to this diet) should be easy and not later than six in the evening.

What are the plus systems? Since you do not have to abandon your favorite tastes within months, it is unlikely that you will be able to break. The body quickly rebuilds to a new regime - the method is suitable for women who are struggling to withstand severe restrictions. Especially "Lark", accustomed to get up early and eat breakfast.

All "under the record", or Counting calories

But what do "owls" do that are physically unable to exist in such a mode? Ideal option - reduced caloric intake while maintaining normal physical activity. There is a law: if during the day we give the body more calories than we spend - fat reserves are formed, we want to lose weight - should consume less than burn.

The standard rate for a woman who leads a passive lifestyle is within 2000 kcal. At fitness lovers or sportswomen, it can be more for 200-400 calories. But how does it help to lose weight by the New Year? Elementary! We reduce the nutritional value of the daily ration by a quarter, arm ourselves with a calorie counter and begin to carefully think through the menu.

For example, 300 calories is a good portion of stewed cod with a side dish of buckwheat plus vegetable salad with a drop of vegetable oil. Or one sandwich with Doctor's sausage. A plate of semolina porridge is equivalent to a glass of champagne, a boiled chicken leg - a handful of peanuts or pistachios. And what is more important - we choose ourselves.

Diet by blood type

Another known "long-playing" diet is food by blood group. According to this technique, for each of the four types of people there is a list of "useful" and "harmful" products.

"Hunters" (Group I) can eat meat without restrictions, but should refrain from cereals (especially wheat), cabbage and legumes. Conversely, "Farmers" (group II) does not show meat, but plant food will go for good - up to absolute vegetarianism. "Nomads" (III group) do not benefit from pork and seafood, corn and tomatoes. Most of all, lucky for those who have IV blood group - this is a mixed type, omnivorous. Unfortunately, there are not many such people, only about 7% of the world's population.

How to lose weight by the New Year in the gym?

There is an opportunity to go the other way: do not reduce the number of calories, and increase physical activity. I ate a piece of chocolate - put on a tracksuit and trotted for a run. But this method is more suitable for those who try to keep the weight in the norm. Dreaming to lose weight, sports are shown in other volumes (preferably - without chocolate at all).

The first to think is the gym. But strength exercises carry a subtle danger in themselves - with their help you can not only drive away fat, but also build muscle mass. That's why the program for losing weight should be painted by an experienced instructor taking into account the existing physical form, the individual features of the constitution and predispositions.

The easiest way to get rid of extra pounds before the New Year with the help of cardio. Non-stop movement for a certain time (from thirty minutes to an hour) triggers a mechanism for burning fat stores. One approaches regular running with a periodic change in rhythm, others with pleasure and undoubted benefit pedal cycling.

Similar loads will be provided by yourself during fitness, dance or aerobics classes. It is important that you do not have to sign up for the gym - it's easy to do exercises at home. Training is forbidden to be carried out immediately before going to bed, within two hours after it it is possible (and necessary!) To drink, but nothing can be eaten.

How to remove the problem zone - the stomach?

Sometimes excess wrinkles appear only on the waist, back, belly - these are problem areas for women. Fight them with massage and physical education (diet with such a local defect is powerless).

The most popular complexes:

Body turns from side to side (standing or sitting, hands behind head);

Slopes of the body to the right and left, back-forward (hands on the belt);

Lifting of the torso from a supine position with a torsion of the trunk (and all other exercises on the oblique muscles of the press).

The ideal assistant in the purchase of the aspen waist is the usual hula-hoop. You can spin it as much as you want, as long as the strength is enough (in parallel to watch the film on TV, talk on the phone so as not to be bored). Such a simple exercise is actually a tandem of massage and aerobic exercise. It drives fat from the abdomen, hips, back, and at the same time increases the tone of the skin and strengthens the muscles of the legs.

How to lose weight by the New Year for a month or less?

Two months - a decent life span, many things can be done in time. But here came December, before the holiday four weeks, and the appearance first made you think. How to lose weight in such a short time?

The only way is to collect the will in a fist and still revise the diet. Exclude all fried foods (only stewed and boiled foods are allowed). Reduce the intake of salt and sugar. Give up alcohol. Drink more liquid, but not tea or juice, and pure non-carbonated water (the usual daily rate within two liters - for the time of weight loss it is desirable to increase the times in one and a half).

There are special diets that suggest weight loss is just such (or even less) time. They are more strict, therefore can not be considered absolutely safe - it is advisable to consult your doctor beforehand for contraindications. Excellent result for the month - minus two or three kilograms. Is there a desire to achieve more? Then do not forget about sports, otherwise instead of cute wrinkles get saggy flabby skin.

Lose weight for a month

The method of Protasov is designed for five weeks. The first two are to "sit" on raw vegetables and apples, adding to the menu a little boiled eggs, low-fat cheese or homemade yogurt. Only after 14 days in the diet are introduced proteins - poultry, fish, boiled meat. The volume of portions is strictly limited. Then another five weeks will have to smoothly exit from this diet. But the result is worth it!

We lose weight in two weeks

Exactly so much continues the protein "New Year" diet. Its basis - meat, eggs, fish, sour-milk products with a little "impregnation" of fruits and vegetables. No potatoes, flour products, cereals. You can lose up to 8 kg, but "sitting out" is difficult technically. Within 14 days it is necessary not only to adhere to certain principles of nutrition, but to strictly comply with the requirements of the menu, without changing a single ingredient.

Lose weight in a week

The time is too short. To make the result noticeable, such a pre-New Year diet should be very harsh. It matters both the quality of food and quantity.

The "week" method is one of the oldest. Seven days - seven products (in fact - seven short mono diets, replacing each other). They are used in the following order: milk, cottage cheese with fruit juice, mineral still water, boiled unsalted potatoes, fresh apples, boiled meat with juice, kefir. The daily volume of food is 1 liter (kilogram).

Buckwheat diet - one of the most effective and most harmful to the body. For seven days to eat almost raw buckwheat (just boiled from the night with boiling water). Spice the croup only with kefir (without sugar, spices and salt). The volume is unlimited. The result is minus 5-8 kg and quite possible problems with the stomach (intestines).

Lose weight in three days

It's not even a diet - it's a tough days off. Suitable if you are too late to think about how quickly to lose weight by the New Year. In the basis - only one product allowed to quench hunger (most often - kefir, apples or boiled rice without spices). Water without restrictions. Three days - the maximum period for such a mono-diet, in the future, problems with health may begin.

How to lose weight by the New Year, if there is no time left?

Sometimes the mirror does not hurry to inform the landlady about adding a couple of kilograms - sad news becomes a thunder from the pure skies literally a day before the celebration. Usually this happens during the test fitting of the chosen outfit. Sports will not help, the diet will only spoil the mood.

What to do? Remove excess liquid! Our body is nourished with water, like a sponge, this is another "strategic stock" along with fat. True, getting rid of it is much easier. It is enough to take on the eve of a pill of a diuretic. If there are no chronic kidney diseases, such a method will not cause harm, but all swelling will fall off, the figure will appear to be more slender, the volumes will decrease by about a centimeter.

The effect will not last long. Most likely, by the end of the festive feast you want to loosen the waistband at the waist. But it will be later - in the coming year, which will open for you new ways and methods of losing weight!