Proper nutrition

What kind of food gets fat

Eating high-calorie foods is one of the main reasons for weight gain. They get fat from flour products, sweet, drinks with gas, which teenagers, sausages, fat meat, mayonnaise, ketchup, alcohol, fried foods love so much. These products not only help the person grow fat, but also create an additional strain on the digestive tract.

What to eat to avoid getting fat

  1. There are many products that you can eat in almost unlimited quantities. If you do not know what you can eat and not get fat, pay attention to the list below:
  2. Low-calorie fruits, vegetables, berries. The content of fiber helps to easily saturate the body, prevents calories from spoiling the slim figure.
  3. Cereals. If you eat in the morning porridge, then until lunchtime there will be no feeling of hunger.
  4. Low-fat varieties of meat and fish. It is believed that these products are ideal for dinner, so as not to get fat.
  5. Dairy products. Kefir, yoghurt, cottage cheese are rich in a group of B vitamins and useful microorganisms that help to normalize the digestive system.

Beans. Quickly saturate the body, accelerate metabolism.

How not to get fat

If you are trying to lose weight and keep the result for a long time, it is necessary to abandon diets. The body, which is constantly in a state of stress due to lack of energy, begins to store fat deposits. Eat enough protein, complex carbohydrates, fats. For weight loss you need to create conditions for a small calorie deficit. Remember the dream. An adult needs about 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Accumulation of fatigue leads to a slowing of metabolism in the body.

Proper nutrition

How to eat and not get fat you can tell people who adhere to proper nutrition:

  • Always have breakfast. The first meal starts the work of your body. For breakfast, the perfect porridge, eggs and a sandwich of whole wheat bread.
  • They feed on fractional, so the body always feels saturated.
    A well-fed person will not eat superfluous.
  •  Follow the compliance with the drinking regime. Without water, you can not stay in good shape.
  • Substitute sweets for fruits, dried fruits, nuts, desserts from natural yogurt that will not allow your body to get fat.
  • Observe the balance between proteins, fats, carbohydrates in the diet, use in small amounts salt, sugar.
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