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Every woman dreams of having a proud posture, a flying gait, a slender figure and good health. These values always remain relevant. This chapter looks at what a slender figure is, how age affects the appearance of a woman. How to “measure” the harmony of the figure and what needs to be done to improve your posture.

What is a slim figure of a woman? There is no universal assessment for all women. For some, this is the limit of dreams, for others – carefully protected wealth, for others – a happy gift from above. But for all, without exception, a slim figure is a source of self-confidence and an opportunity to please others. A slender figure is an integral element of a youthful appearance, and an essential element of a slim figure is a beautiful waist. Of course, there are certain features that almost everyone likes: a narrow waist, slender hips, graceful legs, firm breasts.

Nevertheless, the slender and beautiful figure for each woman is different. Remember the period in your life when you felt happiest. Your eyes were shining, people around you were saying compliments to you. You felt like an energetic woman, able to cope with any problem. You had bright plans for life, you were the happiest person. You literally radiated happiness, beauty and health. You were not at all interested in the time, how many kilograms you weigh.

Time imperceptibly flies forward and, looking at its reflection in the mirror, most women have a desire to turn back time and regain a slim figure and former health. If finding a slender figure for you really is the goal, then clarify to yourself why you need it so much. Ask yourself the question: “What will really change in my life when I’m a slender woman?” If you do not know a clear answer, do not know what will really change for you when you have a slender figure, then your desire turns into an ephemeral dream, But not in the goal.

And so, you decided to find a slim figure and know exactly why you need it. We take the next step, draw our attention to food, what, when and how we eat. Food, this is what ultimately shapes our body, the shape of our figure. People’s desires and requests are often judged using external information about him, including how he satisfies his food needs. Look at your food as information from the outside world. Have you ever thought about why in different periods of your life you have changed tastes and habits in food? Often this is due to the fact that the circumstances and conditions of your life change, your desires, friends, etc. change.

Over time, we all change, and with it our needs change, some disappear, others appear. For example, a woman loves milk, yogurt, cheese. At the same time, she may not be very confident in herself and needs care and participation from her surroundings. In the life of women there are periods when they need to change, travel, interesting meetings. At this time they often prefer fruits to all other products. There are times when a woman eats more meat. She thinks that without everything you can do without, not without meat. At the subconscious level, excess meat helps a woman to suppress her feelings of anger and aggression.

Eating can be turned into a pleasant ritual. To do this, you need to show great desire, intelligence and flexibility in thinking and in your actions. Remember, for example, how the home cat starts eating, which loves and values itself. She will never touch food until she smells, slightly tries and does not understand that this meal will not do her harm. The cat eats slowly, with pleasure, listening to satiety, so as not to overeat. Most cats are wise, and very fond of themselves. And you are a wise woman, do you love yourself?

If a woman is physically or psychologically stressed and constantly experiencing internal discomfort, then food can turn into a kind of “drug” for her. Escaping from the realities of life, such a woman finds them a replacement, for example, often and uncontrollably eating something tasty.

Return to the reality of the life of your life, raise the bar of your self-esteem, love yourself, and your world will immediately change. Out of love and care of yourself, that magical sense of beauty that grows like a great guard guard your feminine charm and health grows. Today many women want to have such a figure, which would be envied by the most charming and radiant actress or fashion model. What is a beautiful figure, what are its proportions? Not every woman can tell herself and others what the criteria of female beauty is. One woman seems to be beautiful – it means being slim, the other wants to get better – and then, she thinks, she will be simply irresistible. The third is sure that for complete happiness she lacks slender legs, etc. Each era offers its standards of female beauty. Let us turn to history and see how the canons of beauty historically developed from ancient times.

Beauty in history

Ancient Greece left us a model of beauty and grandeur – the sculpture of Aphrodite. The Greeks always appreciated the proportional and harmonious forms. In their opinion, a woman should have been slender, but not too slim, with rounded forms. Aphrodite had a height of 164 cm, waist circumference – 69 cm, chest – 86 cm, hips – 93 cm.

If your figure has such proportions, then you can be proud of yourself, your body is the ideal of ancient female beauty.

If you have a straight narrow nose on an elegant face, large eyes and a clear line of eyebrows, a small chin and a low forehead, you could become a true beauty of Ancient Greece. Ancient Rome adopted almost all the traditions of Greece. The Romans also valued women’s beauty and the standard was considered slim, but not thin women, stately, but at the same time graceful.
Big eyes have always been considered a sign of beauty, so women in ancient Rome tried to emphasize their expressiveness with a special eyeliner that started from the corner of the eyes and ended at the temple. Eyes, however, like hair, should have been light, it was considered a sign of the attractiveness of a woman.

Considering the paintings of Rubens, Goya, Raphael and Renoir, we can assume what the ideal of beauty of that time was. All the women depicted on canvases are well-built and well-fed. How to know, perhaps, the masters depicted their contemporaries, or sought to embody a personal vision of female beauty. Our future descendants will be able to get an idea of our contemporary female figure, considering the glossy magazines of our days, dotted with numerous photos of top and photo models. However, women’s magazines today are trying to show not the typical image of a woman, but only the dream of their readers.

In life, the ideals of beauty often become images of rare and exceptional. In the past, completeness was perceived as a sign of wealth and prosperity. The most magnificent figures were considered the standard of beauty. And they were a minority. In those days, the opportunity to eat daily and in sufficient quantities was an inaccessible luxury because of the irregular supply of food. Wars, peasant riots and poor harvests were the cause of the constant shortage of food and hunger. Therefore, people tried to store fat in reserve. Excess weight was a guarantee of survival in lean years, for this reason the attitude towards completeness was positive. Lush women willingly took in wives, as it was believed that they can endure a child without experiencing special difficulties during pregnancy. A similar picture has survived to the present day in developing countries.

Time passed, and the criteria for female beauty changed significantly. At the beginning of the 20th century, Paul Poyrets proposed to abandon the corsets. This innovation was very much liked by women, and they changed lush outfits to clothes, which emphasized the slenderness of the figure and the curves of its lines. Accordingly, the attention of society turned to a slim figure, doctors began to recognize that excess weight is dangerous to health and a number of developed countries embraced a massive fight against excess kilograms.

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