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A few years ago, I watched the starvation program of a man who came to California from New York. He suffered from a terrifying smell that emanated from his body, especially from his legs, arms, even his palms.

It was a disgusting putrid smell, and the reason was not at all that this man had not washed for a long time.

He took warm baths three or four times a day, used all kinds of deodorants, but could not get rid of the terrible smell. This drove him to a neurotic state, as he felt like a social outcast. In addition, he suffered from severe halitosis , his stinking breath could kill a bull.

He used rinses, mint pills and chewing gum, but nothing helped.

Speaking with this person before starvation, I realized that he was exhausted by overwork, family difficulties and financial problems.

When a person is overworked, when he is wasting his nervous energy and depleting vitality, the excretory organs cannot effectively do their work.

I told him that he had spent years to bring himself to such a state, and that fasting and a healthy lifestyle program also take time to fulfill his mission.

He turned out to be an intelligent and logical person and asked me to control the process of his purification.

We started with a 36-hour fast, and between the fastings, I gradually added more and more fresh fruits and vegetables to his heavy ration of meat and refined carbohydrates. I believe that there should be a transitional period between the wrong diet and natural nutrition. .

You can not force the human body to change their habits instantly. Such changes should occur gradually. Instead of meat dishes three times a day, he now ate meat only once a day. White bread replaced toasts.

After a while I gave him a seven-day fast. The first three days were very difficult, because the body rapidly got rid of accumulated toxic substances. Four days he was very sick.

And on the fifth day the body was covered with a rash. The smell that emanated from his body and from his breath was completely intolerable.

Sometimes it seemed to me that in order to be close to him, you must wear a gas mask. Every morning I took a sample of his urine, the first crop of the day.

I tightly closed the jar, inscribed it and put it on the shelf for cooling and settling. After a few weeks, it seemed quite incredible how such dark, muddy urine could even come from a person.

After this fasting, I eliminated most of the unnatural food, added fresh vegetables and fruits, and a few weeks later I prescribed a ten-day fast.

This time, fasting was much easier for him, but toxins continued to be released. These were the so-called latent poisons, they accumulate in the cells of the body.

It takes a large program of fasting and alkaline nutrition to budge this accumulated dead material, fraught with great troubles.

For example, in clubs and at lectures, they often say to me: “Mr. Bragg, with all due respect to your theory, I am a completely healthy person. I eat everything my heart desires, drink as much coffee as I want, eat like any normal person eats. ”

They are trying to prove to me that they are healthy and strong. But I know more than they do. I know that poisons accumulate in their tissues and will one day be out of control.

Then the person is deadly sick.

Yes, many people inherit excellent health. They often laugh and mock the laws of nature, sometimes it even seems that these laws do not concern them. But payback necessarily comes.

It comes on the day when nature begins its purification process, removing harmful substances from the body.

Believe me, I have seen enough of these naturally healthy people who could eat and drink whatever they liked, smoke, stay awake and work 18 hours a day.

Then they twisted them so that they were sent to the hospital. I saw them writhing in pain, suffering so much that at the sight of their torment tears appeared in my eyes. It is sad for me to say, but I know that these strong people will face premature death.

Understanding all this, I treated my New York patient very carefully. I was quite pleased that he followed his program stubbornly and persistently.

It took almost a year of fasting and a natural lifestyle to defeat his stubborn enemies. Now this person has a clean, healthy breath. From his body does not emanate a terrible smell.

He became a completely different person. He not only defeated the enemies inside his body, he dropped almost 20 years from his age.

Now he is a cute, young-looking, strong, charming man. He became much calmer and more balanced.

Most people wait until something happens, then they begin to act. But I believe that an ounce of prevention is much better than a pound of cure.

You who read this book should not wait until nature hits you with its detoxification process .

It is much more logical and reasonable to promptly give the body physiological peace and the opportunity to cleanse itself. Give the body the opportunity to get rid of accumulated poisons. After all, a modern complex civilization constantly brings down a stream of poisonous substances on us.

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