Acquire equipment and develop skills.

Cooking is like love.

It is necessary or surrender to her with all the passion

or not to proceed at all.

/ Harriet Van Horne /

If you seriously decide to take a raw diet as ­ The basic method of nutrition, the acquisition of raw food preparation skills is crucial. Nor does it matter whether there is a restaurant for raw foodists near you or your spouse is a certified chef ­ Var specializing in the preparation of dishes from raw foods. After many years of observation, I came to the conclusion that, as a rule, depending on ­ in their daily diet, raw food eaters are more exposed ­ the temptation to break their diet by fighting many ­ the temptations with which our life is full. I trained thousands of people to cook delicious de ­ raw dishes from raw foods and know that ab ­ A solut majority of people are able to quickly and easily master the basic skills of preparing raw foods.

First of all, I would like to explain why it is important to have these skills. Common people ­ Noah diet, every day, eat about the same thing. For example, whether it’s a steak, goulash, burger or barbecue, it’s still beef, although it looks different every time. Even if you replace beef with poultry or pork, still all types of meat are about the same ­ naky taste, structure and set of nutrients (except for the amount of fat, which depends on quality). I’m sure most buyers will not be able to distinguish the flavor of a hotdog made from chicken, pork or beef, and even distinguish a chicken burger from a tofu burger, if you add the same seasoning to them. Used as a side dish for meat products ­ Kie as fried potatoes, mashed potatoes, rice, pasta, as well as bread, mainly consist of carbon ­ dov and fats and also very similar in taste and composition of pi ­ substances. Of course, adding raw vegetables significantly improves nutrition, but, unfortunately, the pain ­ Most people still rarely use this medium. ­ “When Americans ate out in 2005, their choice was still mostly limited to ­ burgers, french fries and pizza. According to ­ following the eating habits, in the list of the most frequently chosen dishes a much more healthy salad took the 4th place among women and 5th among men. ” At the same time, in our country there is a wide choice of cheese. ­ ry products. Every supermarket in the US is running.The year’s offer offers customers 130 types of fruit and 196 types of vegetables. Each type of raw, heat-treated vegetables, nuts and grains has its own unique taste.

In order to cook an unusual interesting dish of such monotonous products as meat and potatoes, you need to be an experienced and talented chef. Exquisite ­ taste of traditional dishes usually reaches ­ This is due to the use of complex combinations of herbs and spices in recipes, without which the dish would be bland. For the convenience of buyers who, as a rule, do not have ­ vyka cooking such dishes in supermarkets sold ­ A large number of already prepared products and semi-finished products are available. To reduce the price of them, use ­ seasonings used in their preparation limit ­ mainly salt and pepper. And to increase their shelf life used preservatives. The usual diet of a resident of industrial countries consists of a set of packaged ­ prepared food products and semi-finished products. At the same time, “less than 1/3 of home prepared dishes ­ It comes from simple ingredients. ”

In contrast, the preparation of dishes from raw foods requires only basic skills, and their taste is determined not by the taste of seasoning, but by the richness of the natural flavors of vegetables, greens, fruits, nuts, herbs, etc. Take, for example, the recipe given in Part 4 of this book Incredible, but this is just ka ­ empty! ”There are only 3 ingredients: cabbage, oil and salt. And , nevertheless , I with great success served this dish on the table for guests with different eating habits, and even treated them to my relatives who prefer delicious meat dishes. Everyone likes this dish. I constantly see people unexpectedly from ­ Cover the exquisite taste of raw cuisine. Tired of a rather monotonous taste in advance ­ tattered dishes, people miss the tasty, I remind ­ about childhood, home and real food, and increasingly dine outside the home: “In 2005, there were 925,000 res ­ Toranov, which was prepared 70 billion main dishes and snacks.This industry, I count ­ “With 12.5 million workers, it’s the second largest employer after the government.” According to the message ABC News , “Americans are increasingly eating in restaurants. Statistics show that the average family spends 40% of the money allocated to food for eating out. ”

However, the food offered by most restaurants is far from being “reminiscent of childhood, home and present”. Due to the soaring prices of you ­ high quality ingredients, high cost mustache ­ a meadow of professional chefs and tough competition in the restaurant business; more and more restaurants are moving to work with fast food. Below are statistics on only three chains of popular fast food restaurants:

*        In July 2006, the total number of Subway restaurants in the United States was 20,000.

*        In 2005, 12,658 McDonalds restaurants operated in the United States .

*        Total number of restaurants Wendy in the United States in 2005 was 5840.

Since I had eaten for many years ­ Noah diet, and then raw, I had the opportunity to compare these two ways of eating. I noticed that on ka ­ Each of them, my body reacted differently. I doo ­ May, that when I ate mostly cooked food, I almost never managed to meet the needs of my body in the necessary nutrient ­ substances. Therefore, the amount I take in one meal was not determined by the amount of content ­ nutrients that feed on it, but rather a feeling of fullness of the stomach and, perhaps, satisfaction of dependence on certain products. After I went on a raw diet, to satisfy my hunger, I often missed only half of a serving and at the same time I felt quite full and satisfied with food, despite the absence of heaviness in my stomach. There is also a significant difference in motives, defined ­ culinary preferences of supporters of tra ­ dietary diet and syroedov. I discovered this difference ­ zu, conducting an experiment in which she interviewed about 40 participants in one of my seminars. Among the participants were both raw foodists and people who consumed ­ cooked food. I asked everyone about ­ Wait a question: “What is your favorite dish?” Bolshin ­The supporters of the traditional diet knew exactly their favorite dish and provided many details, such as with which sauce and in which restaurant it was served. Those who followed a raw diet, unexpectedly on ­ They called for a dozen of their favorite recipes, fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, etc. Moreover, many of them said that their favorite dishes are constantly changing, some noted that they like dishes from seasonal foods. I came to the conclusion that culinary preferences ­ Those who take cooked food are mainly determined by the taste of food, the possible dependence on specific foods, and very rarely the body’s need for nutrients. In contrast, the choice of raw foodists is determined by the presence in the product defined ­ nutrients. That is why their preferences change, adapting to the needs of the body for nutrients.

I hope that after you have read ­ data facts and observations, you will understand why it is vital for each syroeda to be able to ­ poke your food.

As far as I noticed, everyone sticking to a raw diet

People go through three main stages:

1. Transition stage. During this period, which ­ It lasts from a couple of months to a couple of years, a person usually consumes a lot of so-called “raw delicacy food”, which includes a lot of nuts, oils and seasonings, and is prepared without following the rules of separate feeding (Separate meals were first described at the beginning of the 20th century by ­ Tor William Howard Hay. His principles suggest a time ­ efficient consumption of some products and a combination of others, and only in certain combinations). Raw delicacy dishes, as a rule, have names and appearance, like ­ mined popular dishes of traditional cuisine, such as “non-burrito”, “niss-cream” (“tasty cream”, similar to the English “ ice – cream ”, ice-cream, i.e. ice cream) and “roSij” ( by analogy with the English ” sausage “, “sausage”, i.e. sausage, count ­ bass). You will meet many similar dishes in res ­ raw food festivals and raw food festivals. Such food is suitable for this stage, because it is quite heavy and has a refined taste and therefore helps to overcome the dependence on food. ­ prepared food. During this period, many have cravings for flaxseed crackers or other dry foods.You do not need to learn many recipes for “raw delicacy food” (if there is no desire), but I advise you to learn 3-4 basic recipes.

2. Salad stage. At a certain point in your raw material life, you suddenly want to move from ­ yellow delicacies to simpler foods. From now on, salads will gradually become your main dish for a long time (possibly for years). Countless fruit and nut salads ­ MI and grains will not only fully satisfy your need for calories and nutrients, but also will suit your taste.

3. Stage whole foods. Usually this stage before ­ after years of eating a raw diet. At this point, you move on imperceptibly and naturally. ­ those from salads to eating natural whole foods. You will develop a desire to eat fruits and vegetables that ripen in this particular season. You will most likely refuse the oil, under ­ sweeteners and dry products. You will want ­ by eating exactly what is required for the health of your body, and you will eat these foods with the greatest pleasure.

At the moment I do not know if there are any after ­ the next stages.

Do not hurry and do not try to force yourself to go faster. ­ ti all stages. Try to follow the same intuitive ­ laniyam your body. This will allow you to feel great, adhering to a raw diet. Below are the 9 major benefits of your mind. ­ self-cooking dishes from raw foods ­ Comrade:

 1     Wherever you are, you will always eat well.

2      You can choose your own food based on the needs of your body.

3      You will always eat delicious food at your choice. ­ RU.

5      You can quickly change your diet as you go ­ progress from one stage syroedeniya to another.

6      Your masterly cooking skills in at least a few delicious delicacies from cheese ­ These products will help you to pleasantly surprise guests and expand your social circle due to the involvement of friends who share your views.

7      You will always be appreciated and respected on vegetarian and raw food potlaks (a dinner for which everyone ­ Sith cooked them a dish. The name comes from ang ­ Liu’s words “ potluck ” (“luck in the pot”) is a dinner for the unexpected guest who was fed with what the owners had “in the pot”, i.e. at hand. Recently potlaks are becoming popular in Russia).

8      You can eat sparingly.

eight.      Your nutrition will not depend on others.

9.      You will be able to teach the raw food culinary skills of your friends.

Start by buying kitchen appliances, ­ used to prepare dishes from raw foods.

It’s impossible to become a master of raw food preparation just by watching the work of a qualified chef, just as it’s impossible to become a good swimmer watching the athletes participating in the Olympics. Choose 1-2 re ­ chain, buy ingredients and start practicing. If your creation does not have a pleasant taste, you can simply use it for fertilizer. All the surrounding earthworms will gather in your garden, attracted by your kitchen.

I remember how I could not convince my husband to help me ­ poking burgers. Igor was afraid to spoil the products. He argued the refusal as follows: “From the present ­ It is easy to cook this meat – cut a piece and fry it in butter. And here I have to create “meat” from carrots, and without any cow? ”He saw how I cook raw burgers many times, but I was sure that it was too difficult for him. Once we had a steaming, because it came too much people at the raw food lunch we served. I was busy cooking ­ eat soup. Someone had to cook burgers, and Igor simply had no choice. And he did it! He finished even before I cooked the soup. From that day on, I never cooked burgers again, because Igor took it upon himself. Now in our family this dish is called “Igorburger”.

Igor more and more liked to cook dishes from raw foods. He invented many of his own ­ recipes. His “Russian Borodino crackers” by ­ are popular all over the world (they are also called “Igor’s Crackers”, their recipe is given in the book under this name ­ by nie). In Iceland, Igor demonstrated the preparation ­ raw sandwich. He put the burgers on the crackers and decorated them with green leaves and tomatoes. When those present tried these sandwiches, they were amazed by their taste. One woman even exclaim ­ la: “To try such a sandwich, it was worth living!” In this chapter, I will share important information about how to prepare delicious dishes during the transitional stage ­ necks raw food life. I do not think that someone is ­ I recommend my recommendations in the following stages, because after a few months of living on a raw diet, the pain ­ Most people cope with the preparation of raw dishes on their own.

Many ingredients of cooked dishes have the same standard flavor. For example, sugar always has ­ em tastes sugar, flour – flour, and salt – salt. In the raw kitchen there are not even two lemons of similar taste. One of them is bigger and therefore juicier, the other has more thickness. ­ stale peel and therefore less sour. Cooked Cookies ­ Ruza, zucchini, peas and other vegetables have about the same taste and need to be seasoned as a mini ­ mum oil and salt. In contrast, raw corn ­ for, zucchini, peas and other vegetables have their own unique ­ ny taste that can not be confused with anything. Therefore, if you cook raw dishes only with a recipe, a tasty result is not guaranteed at all! Follows ­ constantly control the dish, achieving the desired taste ­ sa When I cook raw dishes, I use recipes only as an idea or general instructions. In order to achieve the desired result, I use “Me ­ Tod five tastes. The rule is that each dish should have shades of each of the following five flavors. ­ owls: sweetness, acid, salinity, sharpness and bitterness. To ­ Where you learn how to achieve the right combination, your food will stimulate different groups of food. ­ owl receptors that will make the dish tasty.

In nature, all fruits and vegetables are already balanced. ­ ny taste bouquet. However, the taste buds in our mouth have changed over the years of consumption of flavored ­ rights of prepared food. Therefore, we are not able to feel ­Pour thin natural flavors of raw fruits and vegetables when we eat cooked food. But to the extent that during the transition to raw food, our taste ­ Our receptors regain their sensitivity, we begin to enjoy simple food.

When you are trying to create a tasty dish, try to have all the shades present in its flavor bouquet. ­ ki – no one should be missed. Those who cook raw delicacies daily for several ­ months, can accurately determine the absence of 1-2 taste ­ owl shades, having tried a dish only 1-2 times. And some ­ Some have to try fresh fruits and vegetables 5 times, each time asking the same simple question: “Is it sharp enough? Is it salty enough? Is it sweet enough? Is it enough sour? Is it bitter enough? »These 5 tastes should not be strong, each of them should be sufficient for this particular dish. For example, in the basics burger ­ should be sweet, spicy and salty flavors, and the acid and bitterness should be only slightly ­ all should be present, but all should be present in the flavor bouquet 5. Otherwise, the burger will be bland. Usually, when you create a dish, try it for the first time, you feel the absence of two or three flavors from ­ tenkov.Add ingredients with no taste. ­ catfish, mix everything, and taste the dish ­ va. Continue testing until you get the desired exquisite bouquet of 5 flavors. I call this process “taste adjustment”. First, it takes a lot of time ­ meni Do not despair: with practice, the pace of your work will accelerate. At the same time, you are creating sy ­ Paradise food will become incomparable.

Below is a list of ingredients, divided by taste into 5 groups. Approach this creatively, because this is not all that can be found on planet Earth. ­ for Many plants have several tastes, but 1-2 of them are dominant. And of course, the manifestation ­ Use common sense: do not add vanilla to soup or garlic to the cake.

Acid: lemon, cranberry, rhubarb, sorrel, kitty face, sauerkraut, nut or grain yogurt, apple cider vinegar.

Sweetness: dry fruits such as figs, dates, Jun monolayer, raisins; Fresh fruits such as ripe bananas us, mangoes, peaches, pears; apple juice, orange juice, fresh honey.

Acuity: sprouts garlic or onion, garlic cloves or bulbs, leaves or grains mustard, radish, horseradish, kai Yonsky pepper, wasabi (Japanese horseradish), algae; The direct nye herbs (fresh or dried), such as basil, MC ROP, coriander, rosemary, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and mint.

Salinity: celery, cilantro, dill, parsley; seaweed, such as red or brown seaweed, nori, aram; sea ​​salt.

Bitterness: parsley, celery leaves, lettuce, chicory, garlic, onions, dandelion, bay leaf, sage, while the rights for the birds, cayenne pepper.

I believe that skillfully cooked raw food in box can not compete with the most refined recipe with a traditional cuisine, and often surpass their liking. Personally, I have long been no one say that Prigov tovlennaya me food created from raw foods. This is chalos after I was once invited obsl alive wedding ceremony. Future newlyweds did not order a specially raw syroedny table, and since I really wanted to get that order, I did not specifically clarify this issue. I was sure I could satisfies create any request, whether it is wet or traditional cuisine. I gladly made and decorated three ­ storey wedding cake from raw foods, cooki villa beautiful dishes for buffet, colorful snacks, large salad platter with various sauces and seasoning E and nut cutlets. I remember that my daughter and I spent several hours putting lines on these burgers to make them look like real barbecue burgers. And so began the wedding reception. It prisutstvova was about 50 guests, and during the first hour, none of them did not notice anything unusual. Then some of them had questions, and the chef (me) asked ­ came to the hall. When I came out, the first questions were: “Is this Russian cuisine? What herbs do you use when cooking? The dishes are great, but we have never tried anything like this before! ”I glanced at the 50 people standing in front of me and suddenly realized that if they knew that all the dishes were made from raw foods, it would be a real shock for them. They continued to look at me inquiringly. Then I said: “Do you want to go with me to the kitchen? I’ll show you how I cooked it all. ”

The kitchen was filled with visitors intrigued and The direct mo before their eyes, I quickly prepared 2 dishes: walnut pate (pate nut weight) and dessert. The guests were surprised by the speed and ease of preparation, and by the pleasant taste of the dishes themselves. They forgot about the newlyweds and literally bombarded me with questions. Women snatched the handle from the pockets of their mu ments and wrote down my answers on napkins, using the support shoulders of each other and peresprashivaya: “How ? To lemons, you said” One complete gentleman even asked: “Could you teach the art prigotov Lenia such dishes my wife? ”A few days later I gave a lesson on this topic, in which the presence There were many listeners, including guests from this wedding.

After many years of following a raw diet all the members of my ce Mga learned how to quickly and efficiently create delicious raw food. Based on our experience, we have developed simple efficient technologies that we successfully train thousands of other raw foodists. Here are five amazingly simple, even primitive, Ba vopolagayuschih recipes that allow anyone to quickly and easily prepare delicious and inexpensive gourmet raw dishes.

B Azov SOUP RECIPE gourmet

* basis;      

* 5 seasonings (5 tastes);      

* Dressing (eg, sliced carrots and other root vegetables, slices of avocado or some veg soup, chopped parsley or other herbs).      

The basis of the soup always remains the same:

* 1 cup of water;      

* 1 celery stalk;      

* 1 tablespoon of olive oil.      

All (except for refueling) mixed in a blender, then Doba build refueling. I use this simple recipe to make any delicacy soup. The recipe is designed for cooking 2 cups of soup.


* 1 cup of any nuts;      

* 1 cup of any vegetables;      

* 1 tablespoon of oil in order to make a homogeneous mixture out of all this;       

* 5 seasonings (5 tastes).       

Mix everything in a food processor.

Note: if you want to make more nutritious burgers, put more nuts in the mix. For light burgers, add more vegetables.

The recipe is designed for the preparation of 2 cups of burgers pâté.


* 1 cup of any nuts;       

* 1 cup of any dried fruit;       

* 1 tablespoon of oil in order to make a homogeneous mixture out of all this;      

* spices (optional).      

Mix everything in a food processor. Roll into shari ki (candies) or shortcakes roll cake. The recipe is designed for the preparation of 2 cups of delicious dough.


* 1/2 cup water;       

* 2 tablespoons of olive oil;       

* 5 strong flavors.       

Mix the ingredients well in a blender. The recipe is designed to prepare 3/4 cup Delica close salad dressing.


* 1/2 cup of any nuts or grains, soaked overnight and dried;      

* 1 cup of water;       

* 1 tablespoon sweetener (optional). Mix the ingredients in a blender and proce dit mixture through a bag for cooking nut of milk. To get the “removed” milk, add more water.       

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