Age and figure

Age plays an important role in what kind of figure you have. However, it’s not so much at the age as in the way of life. The more woman of years, the less she tries to move. Muscles of the body begin to weaken, “cringe.” Muscle tissue is gradually replaced with fat tissue. The skin of the body loses its elasticity and elasticity. Part of the dead cells of the body is not outward, etc. If such a woman raises her physical activity within reasonable limits, the external picture changes for the better at any age. The muscles of the body are restored, the skin regains its elasticity.

Scientists explain this by the fact that muscle tissue with age does not experience irreversible degenerative changes. The main thing is that the muscles of the body with age, leaving the water. This is due to a decrease in the level of secretion of sex hormones and in elderly women the desire to consume liquid in the amount necessary for the body disappears. Such hormones are responsible for water retention in muscle tissues, since water in the muscle is the main condition for its efficiency. I remind you that for the normal functioning of a physical body you need to consume daily the amount of liquid equal to the product of your weight by 30 ml. For example, your weight is 60 kg. Multiply by 30 and get 1.80 liters of fluid per day.

Performing a variety of exercises (for older women walking walks are good at an average pace of up to four kilometers per day), you force the muscles of your body to work. Well suited for rejuvenating the physical body are any dances available to you, which, in addition to physical exertion, cause women a tide of positive emotions. There would be a desire, and a place for dancing you will always find, including at home. When physical activity is restored, the level of secretion of sex hormones increases and the body muscles “ask” to fill them with water. In such a situation, the phenomenon of youth of a woman who leads an active lifestyle is preserved until old age, up to 90 years or more.

As for women aged 35-40, their muscular system is, as they say, in the juice itself. The main thing is desire and methodically correct physical loads within reasonable limits.

In recent years, the number of smoking women and adolescent girls has risen sharply in Russia. According to research, women who smoke, much earlier appear premature wrinkles on the skin of the face. Nicotine destroys the elastic layer of the skin and reduces the amount of collagen. In addition, the skin loses a huge amount of vitamins, that is why metabolic processes and oxygen supply are disturbed in it. The result waiting for any smoking woman in a few years is simply disappointing: premature wrinkles, dryness and yellow shade of the skin. The first wrinkles in active smokers appear after 10-15 years and are firmly located around the eyes and mouth. The author of this book was repeatedly approached by young, smoking women with a request to “remove” small wrinkles near the eyes and mouth. You can certainly remove them, of course, for example, several “soft” laser sessions help smooth out the surface layer of the skin. However, this does not eliminate the main reason for the appearance of these wrinkles – the desire of women to smoke, and wrinkles will return to their seats again.

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