Avoiding temptations

We are not conquering mountains

we conquer ourselves.

Sir Edmund Hillary /

Explanatory Dictionary of the Merriam – Webster Online gives the following present interpretation of ‘temptation, the temptation to “concepts,” it means the desire to have or do anything, which, as you know, you should avoid ” .

The meaning of the word “temptations of temptation” is paradoxical: it is very much to be something that is certainly bad for us. How is it possible there was a novena of such a phenomenon?

Let’s talk about the temptation to eat inadequate, unhealthy food. Many people are well aware that as a result of poor nutrition can fuss Cach pain, it can lead to various Zabolev niyama and even premature death. It sounds horror but, is not it? Then what makes us constantly use various unhealthy foods? The secret is that their taste is a pleasure, albeit a short one, at the moment when we eat them, and the harmful effects come much later, often after many years.

Perhaps temptations are the main challenge that throws life to people. Despite its illusory Nost, the temptation to have enormous power over many people. It is not surprising that many religions consider temptations to be the product of the devil. Countless times I had seen only a small view of one ku Socko favorite goodies once crossed out the set Gia months of efforts to develop healthy eating habits.

Since the vast majority of people Preference melts mostly cooked food, the transition to sy roedenie always involves struggle with abandoned you call, based on a huge amount of okra zhayuschih temptations and temptations. If you do not develop the right approach, these baits can quickly negate the plans for the transition to a healthy diet. The results in the Tate of years of personal observation and assistance to people seeking to observe syroedcheskuyu diet, I came to the conclusion that it is impossible to resist the temptation just by willpower. So I developed a stratum Gia struggle, which was very helpful not only to me, but to many others.

Psychologists believe that the first and most important sha by God in overcoming temptation is the definition of the main long-term goal of any action. Therefore th you need to determine for itself the basic goal of transition to rawfoodist Cesky th diet. Perhaps these objectives much, for example, you want to lose weight, become more Ener -tech, recover from an illness, and so on. D. However, as clearly evidenced by the results carried to the investigation of, if one side main dol -term goal, a person concentrates all the attention it on it and therefore it becomes easier for him to refuse ­ surrender from momentary pleasures. In addition, I advise you to a deeper ana Rowan motives of his desire to move to a healthy diet, and to articulate the most important to you and the purpose for which you have decided to become raw foodists. In subsequent years, a clear understanding of the goals will strengthen your motivation and help overcoming Vat arise in your way of temptation. The problem with temptations is that they prevent us from living consciously. In life from all sides we are surrounded by powerful bait. Some of them are so strong that we begin to confuse temptations with the main goals in our lives. For example, I vstre chala many people who sincerely believed his tse ­ Pouring a good TV in life, visiting as many parties as possible and / or getting a lot of money. Personally, I think all this is just a strong -GOVERNMENTAL temptations, while the real purpose in life – a spiritual idea, is something that everyone has to find for himself. I believe that each of us has its own purpose in this life and that this purpose is connected with the help of other people. To me, the definition of the purpose of life – this is the most precious a gift to every person. When we have a goal, we know in which direction we should go through life, and when we move towards the main goal, we experience happiness and satisfaction. Conversely, if we have not found our goal in life, we are marking time, feeling a sense of depression and feeling our worthlessness. A healthy body helps to not only find their purpose in zhiz no, but to achieve it; Otherwise, instead of helping others you do find yourself in the place of those who need for power. Our body, our mind and our spirit – Unity nye tools that are given to us for life, without them we do not do and do not reach. Therefore, the stronger our health, the better we can work to achieve our life goal. Those who have a cart ­ possibility to improve their health with the help of the right of power, may get results, far beyond from the scope of just a good physical condition. Based on the above arguments, I recom blow you once again to consider all possible tasks, koto rye would you like to perform thanks to a healthy about once life, and choose the one, most important for you. I would like to clarify that “becoming a syroed” is not a goal, but rather a means to an end. Write the main goal that you define for yourself. ­ shared Read it out loud. Does what you read inspire you? I advise you to learn your main goal by heart and, repeating it, to strengthen your resolve in those moments when you will need support. I hope that this goal will be for many years to support and breathe lyat you and give you strength.

I want to share with you another tactical PRIE IOM helpful in dealing with temptation. The following exercise will help you identify the places and moments you, in that you have to be especially careful and prepared to fight temptations. Record column all possible temptations and temptations that may hinder you to achieve your main goal. Try to remember all occasions of temptation, that you triest the wali in the last couple weeks, and write them down, even if it takes a few pages. To help you determined to pour possible temptation, I suggest a few at mers listed listeners of my seminars:

* the smell of coffee in the bookstore;      

* lunch break at work;      

* vending machine in the lobby;      

* advertising;      

* the way my friends eat chocolate;      

* mom-cooked food;      

* feeling of hunger when returning from work at 5 pm;      

* offered for tasting free samples of products in the store;      

* free sweets in my bank;      

* auto cafe on the way home;      

* shops at gas stations;      

* participation in a party;      

* popcorn in cinemas;      

* that I am the only syroed in my family.      

Taking into account the enormous power that sweeps gives even the weakest temptation, you need at any time to be “ready to attack.” In any case, one hundred and Wright to avoid temptation as much as possibility but. Remove all the tempting finished products from your home, office and car. Take away from home all the stash of your favorite prepared foods, because the thought of them will haunt you as long as you do not get to them, not allowing you to relax and focus our ourselves to at work. When we are depressed, angry at something, suffer from hunger or loneliness, we often feel that favorite lakomst to allow stifle these feelings.

Try , at least , a few months do not pay attention to advertising. Offering Prep -hand food advertising plots show smiles smiling people, leaving behind the scenes the harmful effects of unhealthy eating habits, such as disease, obesity, and depression. Most commercials associate ready-made food with a celebration of joyful events. Advertising campaigns strive to give us the impression that by consuming an advertised product, we will become as happy and contented as those shown in the video. And although we are fine by ­ We understand that the demonstrated plot is staged and professional actors participate in it, we still have a desire to try this product and experience the feelings demonstrated by the advertising participants .

Now write in front of every temptation that you have revealed, a strategy to overcome it. Try not just to remove all temptations from your life (which, of course, is not always possible), but to replace them with something pleasant.Develop a strategy for their behavior Niya in those cases when you can not avoid stolk novena with temptations. Be realistic and do not pin all hopes on your willpower. Here, for example, which lines of behavior were chosen by some students of my seminars:

* smell of coffee in a bookstore: I will order books online;       

* Lunch break at work: I will always take with you to fight to work a hearty delicious meal of raw foods;      

* Vending machine in the lobby, I will remember STI hi in passing;      

* Advertising on television, I will watch movies roofing to for pay channels;       

* advertising in magazines: I will ask someone to snatch an advertisement from a magazine before watching it, or I will read a book instead of a magazine;      

* How my friends eating chocolate: I will at this time to eat fruit, or try to find the words, I strengthen boiling my determination not to break the diet;      

* food prepared by mom: i will buy a blender for mom and teach her how to make dishes from raw foods;       

* feeling of hunger when returning from work at 5 o’clock in the evening: I will put on pleasant music in the car;      

* free samples of products offered for tasting in the store: put raisins in your mouth;       

* free sweets in my bank: I will use the services of the branches where you can perform operations without leaving your car;      

* car cafe on the way home: choose a different route;      

* Shops at petrol stations:’ll be paid for Vat gasoline credit card, without going inside;       

* Participate in the party: this time, I apologize, and about the forest party. When I feel that my resolutely bridges strengthened enough, when I come to the party with his raw dish;      

* popcorn in cinemas: I bring with me a bag with pieces of fruit and vegetables;      

* The fact that I’m the only rawfoodist in his family: Select Statement of the kitchen and are equipped with “free zone EC Kushenov”.      

Rejecting little pleasures can be discouraging, especially at the beginning. Lent Wright’s focus on the positive transition to a raw food diet. Remind yourself that every time you give up a party, you get something much more valuable than fleeting pleasures of food. Eating full, you constantly get the demon precious gift of health in many different ways: it zhiz nennaya strength and energy, mental clarity, good healthy skin, clear breathing, improved vision, and much, much more. And most importantly, you are getting closer and Blee also move towards its main goal. Research results showed that if we constantly avoid everyday temptations, we develop an automatic (subconscious) reaction to them , and we simply stop noticing them .

When you work out some resistance to temptation, you can visit the restaurant self parking tion, or, even better, with a friend. You can bring with you made the sauce and some raw credit Kery, or sprouts to decorate their salad. In order to make a visit to a restaurant or cafe more easy and enjoyable, I advise you to use the “restaurant card”. This card has long been a friend of mine came up with Jonathan Weber, and since then she has faith and rights Doi serves thousands of raw foodists. You can make your own “restaurant card” the size of a business card. Give her to the waitress when she takes your order. When I eat out, this card helps me avoid unnecessary talk. Instead dale ­ go and explain in detail to the waitress what I eat and what I do not eat, I just give her my card. In my experience, most cooks consider this approach is very convenient nym and appreciate the opportunity to be creative in their work. Because of my “restaurant map” for it seemed I always look attractive dishes and cooked very tasty. Print the more that the FIR cards and distribute them to all your friends. The more orders will come in the meals of raw food, the faster the waiters informed about their Menage frames and the sooner such dishes appear on the menu of many restaurants.



I would like to order a salad or vegetable dish only from the following ingredients not cooked :

•                   salad;

•                    tomatoes;

•                   avocado;

•                    carrot;

•                    squash;

•                    seedlings or legumes;

•                   cucumbers;

•                   celery;

•                   broccoli;

•                   spring onions;

•                    radish;

•                    onion;

•                    cauliflower;

•                    parsley;

•                    cabbage;

•                    cale;

•                   spinach;

•                   cilantro;

•                   pepper;

•                   beet;

•                   mushrooms;

•                   Chinese cabbage;

•                   arugula;

•                   leaf beets.

Thank you for your creativity!

A couple of months syroedcheskoy compliance with diet and constant conscious struggle with the temptations you replaced Titus, which stopped paying attention to the restaurants and cooked food in general. You can even singing curlfalse feeling that you got rid of the craving for the food ready, and you will feel tempted to eat or just try sometimes a little piece at gotovlennoy food. Of all the threats you this shake lui, the most insidious lure. I knew many people who just such a small piece led to the involuntary refusal of raw food. I advise you to try to completely forget about the traditional cooked delica ­ tesah and instead constantly remember your main goal and move steadily towards it.

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