Satori is a glimpse of the enlightenment of the spirit. We reach it when we eat right, purify our thoughts and come to the normal movement of energy. This is a deep peace of mind, this is light and joy, this is illumination and inner enlightenment. This is a state of happiness.
Nature, music, movement, the beauty of the world – everything can be a source of satori. This is a higher take-off of the spirit, a sense of higher meaning and higher happiness. It is a bliss that comes by itself when you do not try to attain it and do not wait for it.

You can look at familiar things with an unusual look – a look of love and gratitude. You can see something new and unusual in what you have seen many times – in an ordinary flower, tree, splash of sea wave. And this experience can become so new and unusual that you will experience enlightenment, you will experience satori – a state where there are no thoughts, no feelings, but only delight and bliss.

Only one who has managed to bring his energy back to normal can achieve this: discover the unusualness of ordinary things and survive the satori. It is an important condition to be able to contemplate the world around with gratitude, not to make judgments and judgments, not to be captured by excessive feelings and anxiety. Try to learn this.

Exercise “Be Aware of Yourself and the Universe”
Starting position: sit down and watch your breathing. Do not change your breath, do not try to make it different – breathe the way you always breathe, simply and naturally.
Now try to breathe consciously – be aware of every breath and every breath. Imagine that it is your consciousness, your attention flows into the body with each breath and flows with each breath. Try to extend this state as long as possible, do not let yourself be distracted from the process of breathing. Do not be disturbed by what is happening around you; do not be disturbed by your thoughts. There is only your breathing, your conscious breathing – that’s all.

Imagine how the air along with your consciousness, your attention flows into the body and reaches the navel. THERE air enters, and from there it comes out. There you feel the very center of your being.

Focus on that center. Feel your whole body breathing, to every cell, and breathing comes from your center. Imagine that the whole Universe breathes in the same way. The universe also has a center from which the breath comes. Mentally align your own center with the center of the universe. Imagine that these two centers are connected at the same point. Now you breathe in unison with the Universe. Now you and her are one. Now you can feel the state of the Universe – and this state corresponds to satori: this state of delight, joy and bliss. Now you have discovered all this in yourself, in your own body.

Happiness is in us, you just need to find it.
This exercise is safe. Once you lose your concentration on breathing, you will get out of the state of union with the Universe. But your body will remember this condition. And you will be easier and easier to enter it. A true enlightened person is one who constantly lives in a state of breathing in unison with the Universe.

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