Clarity of mind generates the purity of passion;

Here poche th great and clear mind

loves ardently and clearly sees what he loves.

Blaise Pascal /

I consider clarity of mind the greatest gift available to us. By “clear” I do not mean “the ability of neem meaning of the words or scientific definitions” or “big and rich vocabulary.” For me, “Yas Nosta” means “the ability to see things as ka Kie they are, on their own ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, and be aware of what I want and what I need.” An introduction to a raw diet has helped me gain jar Nost. As soon as I started eating raw food, I ceased to be a typical member of society because the majority GUSTs people unlike me believe that the past handling cooked food good for health. My habits and behavior began to change constantly. My lifestyle is different from how pain lives ­ most people. Often I have to make responsible decisions on my own. First constant naya need for self-acceptance solutions Nij was unusual and even frightened. I started to panic and rushed periodically in search of ready from the Councils to the “experts.” But in the world of raw food diet is not brew boiling experts. We are all pioneers. Gradually, I realized that making independent decisions was not so terrible and did not always lead to failures, as I was afraid of. On the contrary, it appears that received in May the decision on their own, you feel assured her, this process brings not only satisfaction, but also quite tangible results.

All my views on life began to change. Many of the truth in which I believe and which is considered Nepo greshimymi, began to seem false. Some of my beliefs have lost their meaning, and instead of my previous knowledge clarity hascome For example, I was convinced that you should always eat everything that lies on the plate, because children in China and Africa are dying of hunger. And suddenly I realized that the fact that I force myself to overeat, absolutely does not help these poor children. Other my firm, I thought, belief SFA silo, first I have to think about the comfort of others, and then itself. But once I discovered the EC mud that one of the main goals of my life – to be happy.

Now it is difficult for me to imagine how I lived until 38 years old, until I gained this clarity. I was convinced that it is not able to independently formulate a new idea or make a new conclusion. I believed that I should only read or listen to smart ideas and thoughts of the wise Liu dei. I tried to accumulate knowledge, literally count lektsionirovala different views of professionals, memorizing facts and quotes. I compiled my lectures and articles using lectures and books of other people. By “wisdom” and “intellect” I understood “storing as much information as possible in memory”. I believed in the phrase: “Knowledge is power.” And at the same time I could not understand why my lectures are not goodare popular, and articles seem boring even to me. Disappointed, I lost all inte res and for many years has ceased to write and teach. When the came to me clear, I decided to share with others their own discoveries and observations niyamiand was pleasantly surprised by the interest koto ing was first shown to my information. The listeners’ eyes sparkled, and they asked me more and more new questions. We all felt enthusiastic, and I literally fell in love with lecture work. I NAV stliva that I could clearly understand that knowledge can never replace clarity. Knowledge is not even information, it is just someone’s opinion. Clarity is the skill of wit ­ Make everything that happens in life as it really is, and not in a light distorted by knowledge. Very often accumulated knowledge does not allow us to gain standing straight. I am glad that I have now gained real clarity of thinking. Now, making decisions, I do not need to depend on the opinions of experts or authorities in a particular area. I know exactly what I nuzh but eat and drink, as I need to sleep, what to wear and what to read. And I know the answer to the most important question: “What do I want to do in my life?”

I do not think that if for us, someone will look and do the mother, it benefit us, but sometimes we can breath begin from scratch someone else’s ideas. For example, Einstein told the world: “Everything is relative.” When I reflect on this ide it, I begin to clearly understand that my point of view – it is only an idea of the surrounding reality, I, I can trust. Very often we confuse clarity with “smart words.” I want to clarify my point. If I, for example, memorize a textbook on anatomy and can freely tsiti Rowan it, it will not mean that I had on was a clarity in how the body functions Th ­ lovek. Most have extensive knowledge, but we lack clarity. Not understanding the difference IU forward to these two concepts, we prefer knowledge. Clarity also appears when we begin to pay close attention to the complex nuances Shih sensations and impressions in an objective of undistorted pleasant illusions of perception of the reality around us. Clarity allows us to see the essence of each phenomenon and develop opti mal approach to it.

Clarity helps us to see the spiritual essence of the forehead century. Having clarity, we feel our unity with all wildlife. Clarity allows us to feel a linnoe happiness. And when we are truly happy, we are not chasing after pleasures. Only unhappy stems people concerned about seeking pleasure. And happiness as the goal of human life is determined for natural Kohn (interpreted as a reflection of the eternal divine law in the thinking and activity chelove ka as a rational being E. 3. Also understood as a source of moral norms, its essence:. To do good and hut ­ harts evil. He determines what goals a person should set for himself so that they best harmonize with him and best contribute to the realization of his nature. In a meaningful sense of E. 3. Invites “science of happiness”, setting the path that will lead to a truly th thankfully).

To gain clarity, it should be overcome in themselves za- given behavior and reactions that we have formed under the influence of various factors and obst exists a clear, uncomplicated perception of life. ” Tasks ” means that a person forming shihsya last strong opinion on the subject or event. Overcoming the preconception suggests odds zoomed, new, fresh opinions on the subject, or by being every time a person is faced with it. In other words, “no predeterminationof behavior and reactions” refers to the life of the present, “here and now”. For example, if you live in a mountain paradise ­ ONET, first you will be constantly admired OPENING vayuschimisya before you mountain views. And after neko given period of time, you simply cease to notice the mountains. This is because you have formed a stable howling opinion familiarity lying in front of you seascape Ms. Visitors to the mountains notice their beauty because they look at everything with a fresh, “ unbroken habit” look. “What a wonderful place you live in!” They say to you. And you can again on the chat to see the beauty of the mountains, if you do every day smot Ret at them with fresh eyes.

In order to get rid of certain behaviors and reactions, you should learn to see as many of your beliefs and stereotypes as possible. By sharing with you some of the stereotypes about which of vorili listeners of my seminars.

* I thought animals do not feel pain.      

* I thought that failing is very bad.      

* I was ashamed of my poverty.      

* I was ashamed of the wealth of my parents.      

* I thought that men are smarter than women.      

* I thought that to maintain the level of calcium in the op -organisms should drink milk every day.      

* I believe that we should respond to each phone ny call.      

* I thought that to grow big you need to eat a lot.      

* I believed that in order to be successful, you need to make a career.      

* I thought that the place of a woman was in the kitchen.      

* I thought that the teacher should make me smart – he gets paid for it.      

* I thought that money would bring me happiness.      

* I thought that children should be seen, but not heard.      

* I believe that the top priority in my education SRI are good grades.      

* I thought that I should drink to maintain general Nia and social contacts.     

* Seeing saddened or upset people, I thought they needed my advice.     

When we begin to analyze our beliefs and stereotypes, we find that literally thousands of them no longer meet our present vzglya do for a living. And we begin to understand how they limited our perception of environmental actiontelnosti, reinforcing the feeling of helplessness and disappointments of Bani. What good is the fact that with the beliefs and ste stereotype of do not fight, they should be easy to understand. Once we start to analyze the erroneous UbeREPRESENTATIONS, it just disappears and it is replaced comes jar Nost. Clarity is a priceless gift that allows you to see reality in its true light, without any distortion.

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