Disabled person who brought himself back to life

I remember Mr. Evans, who came to me about 10 years ago. He entered the office, very lame. A renowned physician from California prescribed him physiotherapy. I am also a physiotherapist, licensed by the State Medical Commission of California.

The story of this man was similar to the stories of millions of people in the United States. He was never taught how to deal with his wonderful body, but was forced to eat regularly three times a day and eat whatever he wished.

And I have repeated several times in this book that the flesh is stupid . You can fill your stomach with anything at any time when you are awake.

You can get up in the morning and eat porridge, ham, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes and toast, drink it all with five cups of coffee, but you will need to taste all the consequences of this style of food.

First of all, you must earn your daily bread by the sweat of your face, which means that you must consume food in accordance with your level of physical activity.

But Mr. Evans and at a good age ate as he ate when he was young, when he was engaged in physical labor on the farm. Gradually, his joints were loaded with toxic crystals, which now began to put pressure on the nerves, causing unbearable pain.

He wanted an easy way to get rid of his misfortune, but I frankly told him that so many years of unhealthy diet and harmful lifestyle led him to such a state that fasting and a diet rich in alkaline foods are now required to reduce these pains. He was an intelligent man and recognized that there was a reason in my words.

We started with a three-day fast, consuming only distilled water. Coming out of fasting, he got only fresh vegetables for breakfast, for lunch he had a fresh vegetable salad and dishes of boiled vegetables.

For dinner – shredded carrots and shredded cabbage with one dish of boiled vegetables. We excluded meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

Refused salt, flour products, legumes. I prescribed him a daily hot bath for 10 minutes, bringing the water temperature to 40 degrees Celsius.

He was prescribed a walk, which began with a walk to a distance of three blocks on the first day, and every three days he was added a quarter a day until he began to walk five miles a day.

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