Is it ok to skip breakfast or is this meal a must? How to replace sweet cereals with milk, is it possible to eat eggs and bacon in the morning, or is it better to drink a smoothie made from herbs and berries? The most common myths about how to eat breakfast right in front of you.

Myth number 1 Lack of breakfast leads to a set of extra pounds


Many people believe that without breakfast, the metabolism slows down, and a person inevitably gains extra pounds. There is currently no scientific evidence that eating in the morning can help you lose weight. Australian and American scientists are sure that the lack of breakfast for healthy people is not something dangerous. Exactly, like its presence is not associated with an improvement in health. Breakfast does not increase or decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and hypertension.

Myth # 2 Those who play sports need a protein breakfast

Not really

If you exercise in the morning, be sure to have breakfast before class. Many people mistakenly believe that exercising on an empty stomach is healthier and burns more calories. This is not entirely true. For a high-quality training process, it is imperative to “refuel” with carbohydrates. Cereal porridge with blueberries, blueberries or raspberries is what you need. Such food provides the necessary energy. But after class, have a snack with something protein, such as low-fat yogurt or 1-2% cottage cheese, eat a piece of cheese. These foods contain not only protein, but also calcium and vitamin D, which are essential for strengthening and repairing muscles and bones.

Myth # 3 Pregnant women need to eat breakfast twice


Pregnancy is an energy-intensive state, therefore more food is required. The nature of the diet of the expectant mother is directly related to how the pregnancy will proceed and whether the baby is developing correctly – this has been proven. It is known that without a sufficient amount of proteins in the mother’s diet, the unborn child’s body, brain, liver, and heart weight decreases. In the mother, a protein deficiency leads to a change in the biochemical composition of the blood, anemia, and increases the risk of miscarriage.

The qualitative composition of proteins is important – the diet should contain not only vegetable proteins, but also animals. They contain the essential amino acids required for DNA synthesis.

Pregnant women are advised not to skip breakfast and opt for a balanced, low-fat diet. Cottage cheese, dairy products, lean turkey with salad or whole grain porridge – all of these foods are rich in proteins, healthy carbohydrates that provide energy, vitamins C and D, and folic acid. Coffee for pregnant women is allowed, but in limited quantities.

Myth No. 4 In case of Helicobacter pylori infection, it is not recommended to skip breakfast

Actually: YES

Against the background of antibacterial treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection, stomach ulcers, gastritis, which are provoked by a harmful bacterium, skipping meals is strictly not recommended. Let the breakfast be light and not plentiful: 100 g of low-fat “soft” cottage cheese with boiled vegetables or with mashed potatoes, for example, pumpkin; steamed omelet; yoghurts. Choose foods that are easy to digest. But it is better to refuse from scrambled eggs with fried slices of bacon, sausages, sandwiches with sausage, cheese, as well as coffee. A warm rosehip decoction is suitable as a tonic drink.

Myth No. 5 Muesli with milk is the healthiest breakfast for children

Not really

This breakfast is not good for either adults or children. Especially allergy sufferers. Stored breakfast cereals contain excessive amounts of sugar, salt, flavorings , emulsifiers, colors and calories. The same goes for muesli bars.

For something crunchy, make your own muesli. To do this, mix oven-dried oatmeal with nuts, raisins, or dried cherries. Or add fresh, non-allergic, well-tolerated fruit to the cereal.

Myth # 6 Smoothie is the perfect breakfast option for busy people


Frozen fruits whipped with the most delicate yoghurt or a cocktail of greens, spinach with an apple and invigorating ice mineral water – the perfect refreshing breakfast for a summer morning. Easy, satisfying and healthy. But not for everyone. For example, this option is not suitable for people with hypersensitivity of the teeth, since the cold has a destructive effect on the enamel, causing cracks.

For those who suffer from gastritis with high acidity, gastroesophageal reflux disease, gout, kidney disease – it is recommended to use smoothies with caution. Berries, vegetables and greens contain salts and acids that can irritate the stomach lining and affect purine metabolism and salt deposition in the body.

Myth # 7 Those who tend to be overweight cannot do without breakfast

Actually: YES

If you gain weight easily and get better even from vegetables, it is important to understand why this is happening. It is better to look for the cause in the doctor’s office, having previously passed tests. This condition is often associated with the development of insulin resistance and a predisposition to type II diabetes. As a rule, in such cases, it is important to control the amount of food eaten, eat fractionally, in small portions, and not skip breakfast.

Myth No. 8 Hypertensive patients and people with cardiovascular diseases should not drink coffee for breakfast

Actually: YES

Coffee and strong tea are contraindicated for people suffering from arterial hypertension – persistent high blood pressure, as well as from chronic ischemic heart disease. It has been proven that one to three servings of espresso a day can increase the risk of myocardial infarction threefold!

Fried, flour and at the same time sweet, for example, croissants will also have to be excluded, because they contribute to weight gain, which is dangerous with high blood pressure and heart problems.

In this case, choose a green salad with avocado or salmon bread instead of a fluffy muffin. These foods are rich in B vitamins and healthy omega-3 fatty acids for vascular and heart health.

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