Exercises for the abdominal muscles

I consider the best exercises that stimulate all the muscles of the human body. Develop your back muscles, waist, chest and abdomen, making them stronger and more elastic. This will allow your lungs, liver, heart, stomach and kidneys to work more efficiently.
By increasing the excursion of the chest, you allow your lungs to move more freely. Your flexible diaphragm will allow the heart pump to function more vigorously. Your abdominal muscles will become strong and support the work of the stomach.

The development of the torso leads to the development of healthy internal organs, which will have the power to withstand the ravages of time.
The more you starve, the more poison is excreted from your body.
As a result of the fact that your body is constantly cleansed, and your muscles become more and more toned and strong, you will find that after fasting laziness left you, and in its place there was a passionate desire for even more activity.

Do exercise during fasting?

Only the starving person can answer this question. If during fasting there is no craving for physical activity, then you should not exercise. Fasting gives you rest, and if you do not feel the thirst for activity, then you should rest as much as possible.

Your body uses all its strength for internal cleansing. But if you feel that during a seven- or ten-day fasting you want to walk on foot, then you can do it without forcing yourself.

When people do not exercise, their legs are often swollen, because not enough blood circulates in them to clean the cells and remove toxins. There is no excuse for not exercising.
Whether a person is well enough physically or not is well developed, but f

or everyone, exercise should become an essential habit. Daily exercise prevents illness and premature old age, they increase stamina and body resistance.

Exercise helps to keep calm and clear mind.
An eight-kilometer walk in the fresh air can help extinguish any unhealthy emotions.
Exercises give a positive attitude. They bring up the will. By implementing a program of fasting and exercise, you will look and feel much better.

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