From thickly greased pans

I was brought up in the south, in Virginia. Ate terribly. Ninety percent of the food was cooked in a skillet: fried chicken, fried ham, bacon, potatoes, pork, and fried meat of every kind. I ate thick creamy gravy, cream, biscuits and a huge amount of pies, cakes and jam.

When I recall the past, I see that I have suffered from autointoxication for years and did not know it. In addition to any stimulants, I took a large amount of toxic substances. Most often, my condition was far from the good health that I inherited from my ancestors.

I usually slept ten hours instead of eight at a normal rate, and this was the result of autointoxication. Even after a long sleep, I woke up not fresh, but sluggish and sleepy. There was a disgusting taste in his mouth.

Most people do not live, but only exist. All of them are filled with toxic substances so that life becomes flour for them. Few people get up in the morning cheerfully with an impatient desire to continue the amazing adventures called life.

Let’s take a look at our bedrooms, like the places where we sleep, to recharge our energy batteries of life. Let’s make our bedrooms charming and full of peace, but let’s not let the beauty of this setting overshadow the beauty of dawn. We will not miss the golden clock when the sun begins its daytime journey across the sky, rising to the east.

In the early morning hours it seems to you that you will have time to do a lot. So try to cultivate early rising. If you make an effort, you can easily achieve it. And after dinner you will have time to sleep a bit – after rising early, you increase your day.

I understand why so many people use stimulants such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, pepsi-cola. They are trying to fight the deep melancholy and prostration caused by autointoxication.

I could continue to devote whole pages to the horrors of poisons. My blood was poisoned, the river of life was dammed at its very source. Nobody deliberately decides to poison a pure creek, but we constantly poison the most precious part of our life – blood.

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