Every person is born to be happy. Each of us from birth has everything for this. We are born with healing power inside our body — the force that the Creator put into us and that should come to our aid in difficult times when this help is needed.
But over the years, a person forgets that this divine spark is embedded in him by the Creator – healing power. A person ceases to trust this force, simply does not know about it. Moreover, a person by his behavior begins to interfere with the work of this healing power!
This healing power belongs to the energy nature of man. It can work only when the energy of a person is not distorted. A person distorts his energy by unhealthy diet, wrong lifestyle and wrong thoughts. And the healing power cannot begin its work in a distorted body.
When we begin to eat right and think correctly, the healing power is included in the work. A person must live to 200 years – if he learns to think correctly and eat right. In our century, this is still unattainable, but I believe that this will be achievable for the man of the future, who, of course, will be wiser than we are now. But now there are long-livers in the world who live for 120, 130 and even 140 years! So it is possible. And this is not the limit.
Human capabilities are sure to unfold in full. When a person becomes wiser, when he clears his thoughts and his body, when he discovers his true essence – the particles of the Universe, which cannot get sick when he stops poisoning himself with poisonous harmful products.
A person who has switched to proper nutrition easily strengthens his spirit. After all, healthy writing brings Yang and Yin into balance of energy, and a person becomes as much earthly as cosmic. The spirit enters the body, strengthening it from the inside. It becomes immediately noticeable – there is a rejuvenation of the body. Proper nutrition is not only health, it is a very real rejuvenation. The body becomes flexible, slim and young, regardless of your age.
To combine yang and yin in oneself, without distortions and the prevalence of one over the other, is to become young and healthy. We all came from the universe and go into it. We live on earth, and we live in the whole universe at once. We are all born of space and earth. Proper nutrition is only the restoration of our true essence, which we have forgotten, which we have betrayed, for which we have been punished with disease and suffering.
Returning your true nature is the most important task of every human being on Earth.

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