How to form crystals of toxic acids in our body

In the body there are four main excretory systems that relieve it from poisons formed during normal everyday life. According to nature, we eat food, drink liquid, breathe air. Most people eat too much food, eat more out of habit than because of hunger. For many years they were inspired to take food by the hour.

I know from a great deal of medical experience that such people cannot assimilate this regularly consumed food. They are accustomed to have a good breakfast, regardless of whether they are hungry or not, while absorbing ham, bacon, eggs, hot buns, cakes, jellies, marmalades, fried potatoes, waffles, pork sausage, coffee, tea, chocolate.

The body does not have enough vitality to chew, digest, absorb these heavy breakfasts and remove unwanted residues. In such cases, toxic products are deposited in the body. They crystallize and concentrate in the mobile joints of the body.

This is a slow process that few people feel until the joints begin to cause trouble. This happens over the long years of malnutrition, which creates high concentrations of acid crystals in the joints, but when these calcium-saturated substances replace synovial fluid, pain and decreased mobility in the joints begin to be felt.

The first object of attack is the legs. They have more mobile bones than any other part of the body. There are 26 mobile bones in the foot. Here toxic crystals have more possibilities. Gradually, the joints lose their flexibility. Mobility gives way to stiffness, the joints are cemented. From the foot, crystals of toxic acids rise upward, causing them to suffer from pain in the knees. Then they move to the movable joints of the thighs.

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