I go hungry for seven to ten days, four times a year

And I believe in my fasting program. She has proven her worth on me, my family, my friends, and thousands of my students from around the world. Along with weekly starvation, my program includes four major starvation a year.

At the beginning of each year, I schedule days when it is more convenient for me to go hungry for seven to ten days. Why do I say seven to ten days? The reason why I sometimes go hungry for only seven days is because at that moment I feel that this period will be enough for a thorough cleaning of the whole organism.

I have been doing fasting for so many years, that I feel very subtly its effects on my body. A certain inner voice tells me when to stop fasting. So, I usually schedule fasting in early January. .

As I said, sometimes it lasts seven days, sometimes eight, sometimes nine or ten days. I plan the next fasting for early spring. My spring fasting always lasts ten days, since I want to “thoroughly clean out my house” after winter.

I often have to lecture in stuffy halls and auditoriums. Unfortunately, many do not tolerate coolness and avoid fresh air in well ventilated areas.

Therefore, I am forced, neglecting myself, to be in the stuffy halls, without which the children of the modern civilized world cannot do.

God gave light and air to his creatures

And the waters under heaven.

But people locked in stuffy lairs

And there they kill themselves.

I noticed that fasting cleanses the body so much, intensifies the activity of all its systems, that the thermo- regulating system of the body begins to work with ideal efficiency.

For example, I can leave my home near Palm Springs , California, in January, when the thermometer shows a plus of 27 ° C during the day and about 16 ° at night, and take a plane to the cities of the Midwest, such as Minneapolis, Minnesota, or Canada For example, in Toronto, where the temperature is 25-35 ° C below zero.

Thanks to regular fasting and proper nutrition, my body easily adapts to the brutal cold. I withstand adverse weather, sometimes better than the natives of these places, long accustomed to this climate.

The ability to easily adapt to the climate is just one of the miracles that occur with the body during fasting, which makes it possible to remove toxic substances and restore vitality.

But as I have already said, when I come to cities with a cold climate, I find that the halls and audiences there are overheated too much, and they are ventilated badly.

The air there is saturated with carbon dioxide exhaled by listeners. That is why my spring fasting is so important . For ten days I want to remove toxins and harmful substances from the body that in the winter were ingested.

The third fasting period occurs in mid-summer , usually the second half of July or August. This fasting is carried most easily, because in the summer I eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, one might say, straight from the garden. I get pleasure from this fasting more than from any other. During this period, I am usually still physically and intellectually active.

My autumn starvation usually falls on the end of October or November .

As I said, the effect of fasting usually accumulates. Just imagine what physiological rest I give my digestive system, starving a total of 75 days a year. Resting liver, gallbladder and hormonal system.

The physiological rest, which I give to the pancreas, allows it to produce insulin more abundantly. The same applies to the stomach, which, after starvation, produces a lot of juices, which help to digest food better.

More saliva is produced in the mouth. You can feel the sweet taste in your mouth, your breath becomes cleaner. The more you starve, the less odor comes from you.

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