Lyrica made to eliminate neuropathic pain in adults

Recently, such a new drug as Lyrica, intended to eliminate neuropathic pain in adults, has become known. It is more correct to think that they use it not strictly according to purpose. As a good painkiller, the lyrica have developed in the field of doctors, especially in the narcology. However, it was used in the circle of drug addicts for the relevant purposes. And not so long ago.

In narcology, the Lyrica plays the role of an auxiliary component to relieve discomfort during lumps, in addicts for pleasure. The lyrica addicts sit down quickly, jump off even with codeine tablets.

And the narcotic effect, about which will be described below, undoubtedly differs from the action of other narcotic drugs.

Most recently, it was sold, or rather, it was lured out without a prescription. Fortunately, now it is not so easy to get it. It is only by prescription. Perhaps the harsh conditions for the sale of such dangerous pills at least somehow, at least for a while, will calm the drug addicts. Now the pharmacy is represented as it was before, now pharmacies are more and more reminiscent of the point of baryg and drug couriers. Pharmacists, especially private clinics, do not want to part with their kush. It is deeply indifferent to them that a young man comes to his pharmacy for the poisoning of his own organism.

But back to Lyrica. The danger of it sometimes seems ghostly. People can not imagine how quickly it causes dependence. And worst of all, it causes dependence even in medical quantities. Those. It is not necessary to get drunk tablets before dumping to feel something. It happens that the patient turns to the chemist’s office already repeatedly, even when the pain is already passing, there is none, but I want to drink.

What a preparation Lyrica. Lyrica in pharmacology

A drug with analgesic effect in patients with diabetic neuropathy. It is used for epilepsy, since it has an anti-sagging effect, with partial epileptic attacks.

Lyrica – its active substance pregabalin. / Regregalin.

It is available in capsules – 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300 mg.

The Lyrica package contains 14, 56, 84 or 100 capsules.

Pregabalin is an analog of gamma-aminosalic acid. It is interesting to note that the effect of pregabalin is not fully understood until the end. Pregabalin binds to the subunit (a2-delta-protein) of voltage-dependent calcium channels in the central nervous system. There is an assumption that such binding can promote the manifestation of its analgesic and anticonvulsant effects.

Pharmacokinetics. Pregabalin is rapidly absorbed into the body, especially on an empty stomach. Like other medicines, it is poorly absorbed after a meal. Maximum absorption is achieved in an hour, after taking.

Pregabalin does not bind to plasma proteins and is almost not metabolized. It is excreted in particular by the kidneys found in urine unchanged.

Side effect

Clinical experience in the use of Lyrica has shown that the most common side effect from it is drowsiness and dizziness in an easy degree. These two phenomena and there are in some cases the reason for the withdrawal of the drug.

Headache, attention disturbance, coordination, memory impairment, tremor, visual field defects, nystagmus, speech disorders, myoclonic cramps, weakening of reflexes, psychomotor agitation, dizziness in the vertical position, loss of taste, stupor, coma, fainting may occur.

In the psychological aspect, the lyrica cause euphoria, can also cause confusion, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, even hallucinations. Either on the contrary, high spirits, excitement. In turn, these states alternate with each other.

Appears shortness of breath and rapid heart rate.
All these symptoms usually arise and are listed purely as an opportunity, but not necessarily a manifestation of them from the side effects of the Lyrica.


Overdose can occur when taking any medicines, as for the Lyrica, there were no cases of acute poisoning from it.

So, the main description was listed, which can be read in the instruction itself in the Lyrica package.

If you look at all of the above from the side of pharmacology in general, then this is not surprising. The usual drug produced in Germany. But they confuse the fact that Lyrica is being advertised with a positive attitude. On the idea of danger should bring symptoms of side effects. From it you get high. And that’s it. We need to describe this in more detail.

So to say in the treatment of drug addicts during the purification of the body it is given as an anesthetic. And all indiscriminately. Despite the fact that the treating drug addict is heroin or tablet. Although there is a difference, and not a small one. With heroin addiction, breakings are determined by severe pain throughout the body, but with codeine dependence, for example, or dependence on other drugs, the lesions are more worn out, and there may not be such macabre painful sensations in the patient. But he is still fed Lyrica.

Next, drug addicts are different. Each in its own drugs. The question arises: why do they stuff everyone in a row?
The most comical in this situation, as the doctors themselves say and speak about this drug are all the most positive. Is it not advertising. Go through the heads of people with broken fates, but only advertise any “rubbish”.

Lyrica for drug addicts.

Probably, Lyrica is not for narcology. Her place is where people really suffer from physical pain, and not from lumps. But in narcology, it helps the addict only as they themselves call it to overdo it.
Everyone is peredumarivayutsya: heroin, methanol addicts. It is forgotten, however, that the Lyrica is possible and helps to overcome the craving for another drug, but then develops addiction itself.

Although there to say, probably not about anything.

It’s strange, but heroics addicted to Lyrica more often, you can just say opium. As describe themselves “opium”: “All the same, but livelier.” There is an opinion that pregabalin indirectly binds to opioid receptors.

That’s it, Lyrica, she’s “alive.” Something like a screw. The truth is weaker, in the sense that it does not work for days. And the appetite does not weaken.

Although not all drug addicts understand her high, and subsequently no longer try Lyrica. Some stop at least the price.

It interferes with anything, before or after, or immediately. The lyrica strengthen the effect of opiates, and not only. For example, if you inject heroin, then you can overdose on it only from a certain increased dose. But if, for all that, drink Lyrica, and even not in therapeutic doses, the effect of opium, even in the usual dosage, may be akin to an overdose. The action of the Lyrica also prolongs the effects of opium.

The lyrica reinforce some other substances, for example ethanol.

In fairness, you can add, there are really drug addicts, which it helps to remove the breakdown. But in this case, they drink it, in principle on capsules 2-3, maybe 5 times a day (although this is too much). But others do it differently. They drink 300 mg a day in packets. How can we talk about treatment here?

And many of those that maintain a normal dose to eliminate lumps are subsequently planted. Here it is not said already about the drug addicts who really treat the pain.

The lyrica are very misleading.

It begs a little temka about the manipulation of the addict. After all, as a matter of fact the addict passing on Lyrica remains to the same addicts. But the manipulations change their direction a little. They ask relatives to buy them Lyrica, otherwise they will not stand to break into heroin. The relatives run to the pharmacy. This is a convincing proof of the new dependence.

In the beginning, when dependence on the lyrica is not evident, you can not recognize it. And the main pregabalin by any test you will not reveal. This has not yet been developed, which aggravates the situation. But, thank God, they started talking about it as a drug.

It is possible to see this, but to know from what, in the family initially navryatli can. It gives a staggering gait, the addict tends to sidestep, he can not stand in one place.

Pupils, though slightly enlarged, but not much, glass. In the eyes flashed excitability and a kind of rabies.
You can not ascribe this excitement to everyone who drinks Lyrica, but it is this excitability that gives similarity to ephedrine dependence. Moreover, at the beginning of the use of Lyrica, the excitation is not very noticeable.

Mental disorders when taking Lyrica are rare, rather than from ephedrine. But if you do not want to interfere with such pharmacies like Tropicamide or other psychostimulants, you can earn an anxiety disorder for a while, without persecution and other paranoia, but in extreme cases, panic disorders and tantrums occur.

Usually Lyrica is just the same and interferes with anything stimulating: from coffee and finishing with other drugs.

In preference for Pregabalin, the role of his similarity with known drugs primarily plays a role. Therefore, dependence on him can be divided into two cases: break on the lyrica and go back to the old drug, or stay to take it.

In fact, it’s not a matter of drugs that help to heal, but that there are drugs that help develop a new addiction.

Overdoses from Lyrica have not yet been studied, since the drug is new. Now it is clear only what causes the dependence.

The action from Pregabalin is mild. Some drug addicts complain that the effect of buzz itself does not reach the required heights.

Here still it is necessary to notice that to receive an unforgettable pleasure can most likely not be a drug addict in the former, i.e. A person who drinks Lyrica as an anesthetic. As for drug addicts, they have tried heavy drugs in some cases do not find this pleasure in Lyrica. And removing the effect of breaking, get used anyway.

It turns out that Lyrica – this is a new hassle for narcologists, and an excuse for finding ways to treat a new addiction.

Here it is worth noting that there is no new dependence. Dependence is still the same – drugs are different. And it says first of all that the matter is not in drugs, not in pharmaceutical preparations, but in the person who decides to take the path of dependence.

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