Miracle contained in you

It is human nature to dream of a miracle! Not having experienced the real achievements of natural nutrition, exercise and starvation, which are amazing themselves, he is looking for miracles in areas that he cannot understand.

To follow the great laws of nature is quite simple. People suffering from diseases, aging prematurely, dream of a quick and easy way to health and youth. Remember: health must be earned! It can not be bought. No one will sell it to you.

I am full of health and energy precisely because I study the laws of nature and follow them. The laws of natural nutrition, the laws of self-purification by starvation, exercise – this is what leads to a life without old age.

Do you have bad habits? Do you eat salt or salty foods? Do you drink coffee? Do you smoke?

Do you drink alcoholic beverages? Do you use refined white sugar or other products with this lifeless substance? What devitaminised and demineralized food is poisoning your body? Do you have a strong will? What controls your body? Bad habits?

Or the mind controls your desires? Remember: the flesh is stupid.

The body cannot think for you. Only by the effort of the mind will you overcome your bad habits, which the wordless body holds on to.

If you really want to have super energy , glorious health, rare strength and strong nerves – all you can be proud of – today begin to work together with nature, and not against it! 

Starvation is the key to the pantry, where nature stores energy.

Fasting reaches every cell, every organ and generates vitality. No one will do it for you!

Only you should do this. No one can eat in your place. And I believe that 99 percent of all diseases come from improper and unnatural nutrition.

The performance of any machine depends on the quantity and quality of the energy it consumes. The same applies to the human body.

People blame their diseases and premature aging for anything but food. Therefore, the cause of all suffering remains a mystery to them.

Usually, a person does not know how terribly dirty his body is due to many years of overeating, due to the lack of cleansing fasting, and the use of lifeless food. All of this, taken together, accumulates toxic substances in the body.

If a person who brags about his health is put on a five-six-day fasting regime with distilled water, his body will begin to remove poisons from the breath and urine, which will acquire a dark color and a terrible smell.

This definitely proves that the body is overflowing with decomposed unreleased substances, which got into it only with food.

These are constantly accumulating poisons fraught with future human diseases. And when nature wants to spew out these poisons, it chooses an “explosion”, which is called a disease.

In this case, the person feverishly looks for ways to recover quickly and easily. The only thing he does not recall is starvation. 

Fasting – Natural Instinct 

Disease is the way nature shows that your body is overflowing with toxic substances and internal poisons. There are no diseases of the dead.

Problems arise only if you are alive. When you are hungry, you help nature remove decomposition products and poisons that have accumulated in your body. This is known to every wild animal.

Fasting is the only way that helps an animal overcome physical ailments that overcome it. This is purely animal instinct. We, people, lived in civilization for so long that we lost the instinct: to starve in case of illness.

You have probably noticed that with a serious illness you do not feel any appetite. You are even disgusted with food. And caring, but incompetent relatives and friends say: “Eat to support the forces.”

At that moment you least needed food, because the subconscious mind signaled you to stop eating. Nature wanted you to starve so that she could safely spend energy to cleanse the body.

The quiet voice of mother nature is hard to hear and understand. When fasting, your feelings become very sharp. Fasting sharpens the mind, adjusts to the sensitive voice of nature. I know well how much better the head begins to work after each period of fasting.

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