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Every woman needs the attention of men and their compliments. They give the woman self-confidence and help to manifest individuality. However, smart women appreciate only those compliments that actually correspond to reality. But in order to always be worthy of compliments, you need to constantly work on yourself, monitor your appearance. Every woman dreams to keep youth and beauty as long as possible.

The desire of any woman to have a beautiful figure is understandable. The problem is that many people underestimate or overestimate their bar in the pursuit of the ideal. Make the confusion of the notorious parameters 90-60-90, firmly entrenched in the pages of women’s magazines. This is the standard that most women try to match. And not everyone knows where this concept about the “standard of beauty” originated. And this is the standard – otherwise you will not say. The standard that models must match, so that when they come to a show in any country in the world, the girl-model could showcase a collection that she had never even tried on before.

A woman with a non-standard figure is afraid that no young man will pay attention to her. A full-grown wife is afraid that her husband will change her. However, often the completeness turns out to be far-fetched. How to distinguish between the fullness of the real and imaginary?
Calculating the ideal weight using formulas is not the best option, since weight is the sum of several components: the weight of the skeleton, musculature, veins, water and fat. For example, due to the developed musculature, the weight of a female athlete is greater than that of an ordinary fair sex. But she does not have extra pounds.

If we take into account the fact that 2/3 of the body’s mass is water, and its amount (and, consequently, the mass of the body) can vary, it can be concluded that weight changes and weight loss are completely different concepts. Weight loss is a change in body shape, and weight loss is a change in body weight.

The actual volume of fat can only be measured with a special apparatus, similar to an electrocardiograph. It shows data on the mass of water, fat and muscles in your body. But such devices, unfortunately, you rarely see even in the office of a nutritionist, not to mention the gyms. And the device itself determines only the mass of fat, but not the place of its accumulation in the body. However, this can be done by measuring the ratio of the waist and hips. In any case, it should not be more than 0.85.

Sometimes in the newspapers you can see ads: “I’m looking for a beautiful girl …” We will not talk about men who want to bring beauty to their lives, although this topic is infinitely interesting. This is mainly about women, their physical beauty, which probably requires precise parameters. What parameters of female beauty dominate the world today? The ancient parameters 94-64-94 fell first to 92-62-92, and then fell another 2 centimeters on each level and amounted to 90-60-90. However, today, more often you can find small discrepancies in figures, for example, 90-58-88, in which the proportionality of shoulders, hips and waist is preserved. This includes the skinny girls who have “thin” bones of the body.

By the way, in recent years, the coming changes on the whole Earth are beginning to manifest themselves more and more in the appearance of people. Gradually activated layers of DNA, dozing in humanity since the death of Atlantis. Changes occur both in the new generation of men and in women. However, in the guise of young girls and women, these changes are particularly noticeable today. The average growth of their body is rapidly increasing, and its proportions are also changing. Already today we meet in the streets of cities and villages prototypes of the future of mankind. From the female side it will be high, up to two meters or more girls with narrow hips and small breasts, in 50-60 years it will be a mass phenomenon on the whole Earth. Accordingly, the parameters of physical beauty of women will change.

Today, periodically slightly popular women are becoming popular and even just full. Previously, they were not considered the standard bulk of the human society. For lush women were not sewed in large numbers of good beautiful clothes and shoes, there was no fashion. Today, full and lush women beautifully represent clothes and ornaments of famous fashion houses, in no way inferior to thin beauties. Some men like full women, they are warm and caressing from them. However, psychologists noticed that full-grown women are loved mostly by infantile men, those who seek a warm shoulder and strong support. In Russia there are not a few full women, who gradually turn into draymen, carrying a house, children and husband. Excess weight does not decorate any woman.

She can only seem so, for she does not know herself elegantly, or does not want to know. Female fullness leads to premature aging and illness. From obese women often leave husbands. Obese women are more often denied prestigious work, where external data are valued. A full woman experiences stress and humiliation most of all, which inevitably leads to severe complexes and mental trauma.

To summarize, one can say that a good female figure is for one the limit of dreams, for others it is carefully protected wealth, for others it is a happy gift of fate. But for all women without exception, a good figure is a source of self-confidence, success in life and the ability to please others.

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