My personal fasting program

I am aware of the tremendous benefits that I get from fasting, the same can be said about my whole family.

Every week without a single pass, I spend a 24 – or 36-hour fast. In addition, I go hungry for 7 to 10 days four times a year. For many years, when I follow this schedule and keep myself in excellent condition, I live like a revived dynamo

My day is saturated more than a year with another person. I have unlimited energy for work and play. I never get tired, I am not sleepy.

I am constantly active both mentally and physically. I have to read a lot of lectures, travel around the world, write and perform many other duties. But I have enough time and energy for everything.

I spend all my free time with young men and women or with children who treat me as a person of my own age and are as young in body and soul as I am. But from prematurely aged people I stay away because they negatively affect me.

They had so long convinced themselves that they were old and goner people, that it really aged them. Many of them spiritually died already thirty years ago and walk the earth only to save on funeral expenses.

I am engaged in sports, tennis, water, climbing, dance clubs. And always there, where vigorous activity. I like temperamental dances, such as a twist, which give me the opportunity to be physically active and keep a good mood.

I love to dance to Hawaiian music. When I lecture in the Hawaiian Islands, I often participate in dance parties there.

When your body is cleansed by starvation and you lead a natural healthy lifestyle, you constantly feel wonderful. Because nature has created man for happiness, has created him balanced, free from fear, stress and overload.

The best service a book can do for you is not only to tell the truth, but to make you think about it.

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