Natural nutrition

Our body is the most perfect instrument in the whole Universe. If you supply him with good fuel, clean air, temper him with exercises, sunbathing and keep him in inner purity with the help of starvation, the tool will perfectly fulfill its functions.

A healthy body is the ultimate chemical factory. By supplying her with benign raw materials, we will make her able to create excellent fabrics and have good resistance against most bacteria, viruses, and other adverse environmental factors.

The human body – the most beautiful car of all. It has its own repair shop, which can work fine if you create normal conditions for it. The body is constantly working for you. His cells are destroyed and updated every second.

Biologically, he has no age limit and in reality there are no biological reasons as a result of which a person would age.
The body contains the seed of eternal life. The man does not die, he commits a slow suicide with his unnatural habits. Scientists say that every cell of our body is updated in 11 months. Then why are we getting older?

Do not believe that a person must grow old, wear out, become decrepit and finally die. If a person leads a natural lifestyle, eats what he wants, then time will work for him, not against him.

People age from mineral and vitamin deficiency. Studies show that thousands of people are victims of overeating. Millions of red blood balls of the body are constantly dying and being reborn, some of them every second. But they cannot resume without certain substances.

These essential substances are extracted from high-grade natural food. What you are today, tomorrow, next week, next month and ten years later, depends only on what you eat.

You are the sum of the food you eat. How you feel, how you look, how you feel your years, depends on what you eat.
Every part of your body is made up of food — hair on your head, eyes, teeth, bones, blood, and flesh. Even the expression on your face is made up of what you eat, because a healthy person is a happy person.
We often say: “How beautiful you look!”, Referring to the face, although by this we mean good condition, the health of the whole organism.
We can start from anywhere in the body, but perhaps it’s most logical to start from the skeleton, which is the basis on which all other tissues are located. Our bones are the biggest consumers of minerals – calcium and phosphorus.

Sometimes it is believed that as soon as the skeleton is formed, the nutrition of the bones ceases. This is not true.
With the introduction of isotopes into research practice, biochemists have discovered that even in a fully formed organism, minerals constantly enter bones. This means that the bones live and consume: the situation is more dynamic than static.
Bones are made up of living bone cells, which require not only minerals for their construction, but also all the other nutrients that any living cells need. The needs of these cells increase significantly when a bone fracture occurs.

If the cells stopped living and functioning when the formation of the skeleton is already completed, the broken bone would remain broken for the rest of life. When a bone is broken, the nutrition of its cells is extremely important. At this time, the cells need not only the minerals necessary to eliminate the dangerous situation, but also the normal diet for self-preservation.
Bone tissue, like all other cells, can be fed differently. This is the decisive factor that allows the bones to grow together.

The nutritional factor is the main factor in the regenerative work of cells, in other words, the regenerative work can be intensified by proper nutrition. A good doctor who specializes in bone fractures knows that nutrition is very important when they grow together.

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