Plan your fasting program today

So, if you want to achieve all of this, be firm and consistent, plan a fasting program for yourself and follow it strictly.

You probably shouldn’t tell everyone that you are going to starve, because the average person is usually clueless in this area and is not able to properly evaluate your program.

I never discuss my fasting program with other people who have no idea about the wonders and benefits of fasting. Why should I discuss this with them?

They are still full of the idea that if they skip a few meals, they will be fatally exhausted. Therefore, be prudent enough not to tell even your family what you are going to do. You just get a bunch of useless tips.

Many times during my weekly fasting, I continued my usual activities. I lectured, and no one noticed that I was completely hungry.

Fasting is a very intimate affair; it is something that belongs only to you, and not to your friends or relatives. If you are firmly convinced that you are right, then that’s all you need. Believe in the proven wisdom of nature, its cleansing, renewing and rejuvenating power!

Mind must control your body if you want to starve successfully

Remember, I told you: the flesh is stupid . She has no mind and will. If, after reading this book, you are convinced that the starvation program will give your life a new quality, then your mind must dominate the flesh.

Your mind must be stronger than the desires of your flesh, because your body is accustomed to receiving food at certain intervals.

The average man wakes up and immediately has breakfast. The stomach is predominant, the mind must follow the desires of the stomach. As a result of the development of a conditioned reflex, the stomach always waits for breakfast. For me, breakfast is unnecessary food. The body rested all night, it did not waste energy.

Why does a person, after a long rest, have to load his stomach with a rich breakfast? Therefore, I repeat once again: “You must earn food by physical activity!”

Another reason why I am fighting for life without breakfast is because breakfast is depleting the energy that the body has accumulated during sleep. 

In the morning, your energy — physical, mental, and spiritual — must be at its highest level. It is she who makes you able to do a lot of creative and physical work.

I argued to schoolchildren and college students that it was best to study in the morning on an empty stomach. Most students eat well in the evening and then try to study. What is going on? They have to make great efforts to force themselves to concentrate on their studies.

Probably, after a dense meal, the brain can not work effectively. But give these same students a good night’s rest and let them have breakfast two or three hours after sleep, they will seem like geniuses. I told this to thousands of students, including art students, sculptors, musicians, and writers.

Now I understand why I am against a hearty breakfast. Heavy food requires a lot of energy, which is spent on digestion. The brain remains deprived, making people stupid, because the nervous energy is spent on low-lying targets.

Let’s look at it from a different point of view. For years, people have been told that “breakfast is the most important meal, it gives you the strength and energy to do heavy morning work, whether it is physical or mental.” All this is absolutely erroneous and not supported by scientific facts.

After a hearty breakfast reflexively you feel satiety and satisfaction, but you do not gain strength. It will take more than one hour before this food is absorbed by the digestive system and gives energy to your body.

Digestion is a very complex process. Each component of the breakfast should be processed and split into the smallest chemical fragments so that they can be absorbed by the cells.

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