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Unfortunately, a decrease in potency is an actual problem for many men. In today’s world, there are many factors that lead to erectile dysfunction. The category of men suffering from this problem include not only the elderly, but also young guys. This happens for various reasons, among which a special place is occupied by stressful situations, a wrong way of life, as well as chronic diseases of the reproductive system. You should know that potency is a healthy state of the male body, in which normal sexual contact is possible. With various violations, this mechanism fails or is completely lost. This condition is called erectile dysfunction or impotence. As a result, men experience not only physical weakness, but also psychological stress. But do not despair, because there are many ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction on

Potency is what?

Everyone knows that a healthy man is able to perform a normal sexual intercourse regardless of age. Potency is a term that, in Latin, means “opportunity.” By this is meant the ability to have a healthy sexual life. From this definition it follows that the potency in men implies a normal erection during the entire sexual intercourse. Under the influence of harmful influences, it can weaken. Sometimes its reduction is not dangerous, since there is no persistent cause of the development of erectile dysfunction. This happens, for example, with strong excitement during preparation for sexual intercourse. In this case, a man should not worry and just relax. If this phenomenon is repeated repeatedly, then you need to seek medical help. In a broader sense, potency is not only the ability to create and retain an erection, but also a normal libido, that is, the emergence of sexual desire at the sight of a person of the opposite sex.

Causes leading to decreased potency

Potency in men can be reduced due to various factors. They can be divided into psychoemotional, physiological and exogenous causes of erectile dysfunction. In most cases, there is a combination of these factors. The development of impotence due to psychoemotional stress. This reason is most often associated with problems in the family (misunderstanding between a man and a woman, scandals) or at work. In this type of impotence, libido is primarily reduced, which leads to erectile dysfunction. Physiological causes include vascular, neurogenic and endocrine disorders. Each of them has a certain mechanism of development and requires treatment by a specialist – a urologist. Exogenous factors of the development of impotence are bad habits and medicamentous effects. It should be remembered that the constant use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco leads to erectile dysfunction. Among drugs that reduce sexual power, isolated antiandrogens.

The mechanism of impotence development drugs to increase potency in men

There are several mechanisms that lead to sexual weakness. They depend on the immediate cause of impotence. The most common mechanisms are vascular and neurogenic. In the first case arterial blood comes in insufficient quantity to the penis, which provokes full, but more often partial, dysfunction. With a rapid venous outflow, on the contrary, an erection occurs quickly, but the sexual contact itself is short-lived. Reduction of potency in spinal cord injuries, as well as pelvic bones has a neurological mechanism. Unfortunately, in this case erectile dysfunction rarely gives in to treatment. The medicamentous and endocrine types of impotence develop due to the inhibitory effect exerted on male sex hormones. It should be remembered that regardless of the mechanism of appearance of erectile dysfunction in most cases it is curable. Folk remedies for increasing potency in men

Ways to increase potency

To raise or return the potency, you should seek medical help. After the doctor finds out the cause of erectile dysfunction, he will prescribe the necessary treatment. There are several ways to increase potency. Among them, the following are distinguished: folk remedies (decoctions of plants, consumption of certain food products), psychotherapy, surgical intervention and medication. All these methods are effective and are applied depending on the cause of impotence. In some cases, combined treatment is needed (most often – folk remedies and medications). How to increase potency at home

What are the popular means for increasing the potency of men?

One of the main ways to treat erectile dysfunction is unconventional therapy. Allocate the following folk remedies for increasing the potency of men: Infusion from the Kalgan. To make it, you need 200 g of roots of this plant to insist on 0.5 liters of vodka for 2 weeks. Then the infusion should be filtered. Take 2 times a day for 1 teaspoon for 3 weeks. Walnuts and honey. Mix the ingredients in approximately equal amounts and consume 1 tablespoon before bedtime. Infusion of leaves of St. John’s wort, mint and oregano. All chop and pour 100 ml of vodka. Insist in a dark place and take 3 times a day for 1 tablespoon. After using this mixture, you need to take a break – 1 month.

Medicines to increase potency

Drugs to increase potency in men should appoint a specialist. The mechanism of action of these drugs is based on increased blood flow to the penis. Thanks to this, the onset of an erection is provoked. In addition, some medicines further strengthen the body and the vascular system. Among the drugs for potency, there are tablets “Viagra”, “Cialis”, “Alicaps”, “Levitra”, etc. Unfortunately, these medications can not be used for chronic heart and kidney diseases. Besides them, there are drops of “El macho”, which are safe for health and have no contraindications. Drugs for increasing potency in men can be bought at pharmacies or ordered on the Internet. Before this, you need to get a urologist consultation. Means increasing potency

Increased potency at home

Means that increase potency, you can use both periodically (before sexual intercourse), and systematically for the complete restoration of sexual function. Before you start taking medication, you can try to restore your erection yourself. How to increase the potency in the home and without harm to the body? First of all, it is necessary to normalize the regime of the day and nutrition (to consume more meat products, vegetables and fruits). It is also important to give up bad habits and avoid stressful situations. If the problem arose against the background of a psychoemotional disruption, you need to discuss it with your partner and achieve mutual understanding in the family.

How to increase the power of men in the home quickly and for long?

With a certain age in the strong sex often have erection problems. The question is how to increase the power of men, excites a lot. Such a breach in the male body can be a real tragedy. The causes of erectile dysfunction can be stress, a sedentary lifestyle by taking drugs, alcohol, smoking, poor diet, hormonal imbalance. But do not panic. There are many different methods to increase power. To help solve the problem welcome modern means of last generation, as well as proven recipes of traditional medicine.
Many men in its mature years want to improve their efficiency. Modern life is an extremely negative effect on the health of men. The constant lack of sleep and fatigue can also cause the weakening of the erection and sexual desire. Stem Recovery takes time and specific measures.

First, in the fight against erectile dysfunction are basic rules must be respected:

Sex life. Male reproductive organs require constant training. For every man is important to avoid long periods of sexual abstinence. It provides health throughout the body, improves the quality of the sperm and increases its number. Regular sex to prevent the development of impotence. According to research in 2003, weekly orgasms dramatically decreases the risk of developing prostate cancer.
Prevention of diseases that are sexually transmitted. These infections develop suddenly and quickly. Their presence in the male body will help to identify appropriate tests. However, all sex representatives strongly routinely screen for genital infections. Any discomfort should be a reason to see a doctor and be diagnosed. After the defeat exposed not only to the sexual organs, but the entire male body.
Proper nutrition should be one of the main methods in the fight against erectile dysfunction. A balanced diet improves power and provides libido. The products used must contain a large amount of phosphorus – this element has a direct impact on human health and potency. You need to eat food that promotes the development of the necessary male hormones. After micronutrient main phosphorus for men is zinc. He was involved in the synthesis of testosterone. The zinc deficiency in the body leads to a deterioration in quality and deterioration of the power of the ejaculate. Also eat foods should contain vitamin E. It also provides the high power of man and prevent negative changes in the genitalia cells. Good nutrition helps to get rid of erection problems quickly, restores the hormonal balance helps to recover in a short period of time. How to improve low power through power? You must eat protein foods, honey with nuts, spices, vegetables and fruits.
Avoid alcohol. The little man drank the liquor, the better his power. Many believe that a glass of wine will provide the necessary impetus for sex. However, it is not. For example, prostate alcohol is absolutely contraindicated. In a situation where the exact cause of impaired power is not known, alcohol is necessary to completely eliminate your life.
Get rid of extra pounds. Obesity can also cause a decrease in power. For, to lose weight slowly, start each morning with a load. Do sports and exercise during the day, poseschaote gym.
A restful sleep helps the body recover. Lack of chronic sleep, fatigue, weakness, an extremely negative effect on erectile function in humans. It is extremely important to always get enough sleep and rest after work.

How to increase the power of men in a natural way

Natural means to increase the power to focus not only on the excellent work of sexual function but also to general improvement and strengthening of the male body. Assist in dealing with the problem of a specially designed set of exercises. In the practice of the pubic muscle process, which has a direct impact on erection. Daily need to perform these simple exercises:
1. The rotation of the basin. Set apart your feet shoulder width, hands resting on the belt. Rotate the basin should be 10 minutes in one direction and then in another.
2. step on the spot, raising the knees and very pressed to his stomach;
3. knees slightly bent, hands resting on the belt. Then bend your knees more, it is necessary to exercise a maximum and relax the muscles of the buttocks several times;
4. the lifting basin, lying on its back;
5. rotation of the kicks, lying on the back, – exercising a “bicycle”;
6. several times to stretch and relax the muscle pubococcygeus.
In addition to exercise, it is important to eat certain foods. They increase the power to provide persistent penile erection. Men need to eat regularly:
Unwrought garlic;
Carrots steamed in milk;
Water – as a means to increase power
Well help restore contrast baths per day of Potence at night. They are very beneficial effect on the blood circulation in the pelvis and strengthen the entire body. For the procedure, a tub filled with cold water and the other warm. Each container should be soaked for one minute.
Gradually increase the temperature difference. It is important to know that the initially strong temperature difference can only hurt. It can also be used as an alternative to vaginal douche baths. On the power of reconstitution, and has a beneficial effect of the sauna. The bath is best to go twice a week, and make sure to use a birch broom.
Sufficiently effective method using ice. In the classic gauze need to wrap the ice. The question must first be folded several times. Such a cold pack is necessary to require one to two minutes to different parts of the body. Start with the head – apply ice on the skull, then on the heart, then – on the scrotum.
How To Increase The Power Of Popular Remedies
Traditional medicine is rich in a variety of effective recipes that help restore erectile function quickly. The best known methods:
Every day, eat a feast – honey with chopped walnuts. The components are mixed in equal parts. The means required to apply at least 1 month. For the best effect, you can wash down with delicate milk.
Good helps solve the problem of carrot cocktail with the addition of honey. Bee products and vegetables such as carrots, have long been considered an excellent remedy for the restoration of human health. Drink a cocktail needed for ΒΌ cup three times a day.
Prepare the garlic infusion and be taken daily for 20 drops.
Significantly improves the power of cabbage juice. It must be consumed daily in small quantities.
Decoction of medicinal herbs will help to strengthen the erection. Take the basilisk inflorescence, walnut leaves, rhizome horseradish. Then you need to boil 1 liter of red wine and pour them grass. Ready broth is wrapped in a warm cloth and insist. Then filtered and taken before a 100 ml meal.
It is very effective in dealing with drug lungwort impotence. The plant should be regularly added to salads and other dishes. In addition to lungwort infusion take – dry grass pour boiling water and take the means.
Asparagus, infusions and decoctions of maple branches, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds require constant use for men who have problems with power. These tools help to get rid of this problem.

Healthy lifestyle

The rule of thumb when dealing with impotence – is to observe healthy lifestyle. It is important to take various preventative measures, so that more elderly people do not think about the intimate nature of the problem. Older men often think about how to increase the power of 60 years.
To solve, you can use a variety of methods, ranging from exercise, and end the use of special tools. An integrated approach to help eliminate erectile dysfunction and quickly restore the health of men.
It is necessary to apply special massages, do sports, take long walks in the fresh air. You can use the best traditional medicine recipes and modern trends, developed by experts to increase power.

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