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Doctor Pure Water is a good doctor and a great friend. I have already told you about the importance of drinking distilled water. Water makes up about 70 percent of your body.

To maintain a normal level of water in the body, you need to constantly replenish it. Adding to the diet a lot of fruits and vegetables, you enter into the body a large amount of distilled water.

A warm bath is a tonic and relaxing remedy.
Every day, many people enjoy water on the seashore, in lakes, rivers, swimming pools. Swimming is one of the best exercises. It does not overstretch the muscles and the heart. If you can not swim, then go to a professional who will train you.

You will never regret it, because swimming gives you wonderful relaxation and pleasure. It gives joy regardless of your age. Do not be afraid of him and learn to love him.
Water has been used to treat many diseases since ancient times. And during my travels around the world, I saw many different types of hydrotherapy.

It is known that in ancient times the Egyptians, Assyrians, Jews, Persians, Greeks, Indians, Chinese and American Indians used all types of hydrotherapy to fight against ailments.

The father of medicine Hippocrates 400 years BC e. used a hydrotherapy system. His main method was based on the change of cold and hot water, followed by rubbing the body, which led to increased blood circulation. This method is used today.

My house is located in the area of ​​mineral springs. So I can enjoy their healing waters. People from all over the world come here to swim in these soothing waters.

I do not think that mineral water is a means of treating human ailments; rather, it is a purifier and detoxicator, as well as an accelerator of blood circulation in the body.

That is why I recommend taking hot baths for cleaning, detoxification and relaxation for several weeks.
It is best to use water from hot springs. In parallel with the fasting program, hot baths can become part of your natural lifestyle. But do not take these hot baths during fasting.

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