The sun is not joking, or a couple of well-known, but, non-obvious facts

Like many other freelancers, there was a time in my life when I literally lived at night.

And what, it would seem, the advantages of this activity are mass:

  • Quiet and grace;
  • Thinks better;
  • Nobody distracts;
  • Etc.

But, as it turned out, not everything is so well in the “kingdom of Danish” …

Why is the sun not joking under the cut?

America, in fact, I will not open here. It is enough just to put together a few well-known, but non-obvious facts, so that the picture is formed for any person who has, at least, a full secondary education.

So, I’ll start with a banal truth that everyone knows, but no one takes it seriously – being awake in the dark is often harmful. Rather, it is not so much harmful as it is an irresponsible waste of the most valuable resource of the body’s health, often irreplaceable or very difficult to replace.

I will quote a small piece of the article from Wikipedia about Melatonin:

Side effects

Experiments on laboratory animals have shown that with a lack of melatonin caused by the removal of receptors, animals began to age faster: menopause began earlier, free radical damage to cells accumulated, insulin sensitivity decreased, obesity and cancer developed.

According to rumors, melatonin is produced not just in the dark, but in the complete absence of lighting. In other words, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is – the amount of lighting is important. There is light – there will be no melatonin. Even the slightest light (to the question that it is desirable to sleep in pitch darkness) prevents the full production of melatonin. But that’s not all. The fact is that the dark time of the day is not only the absence of the light of the Sun, it is also the absence of other radiation from the Sun, “which number is a thousand”, because they are screened by the entire body of the Earth and by the earth’s EM-field. The surface of the Earth from the night side is the quietest place in terms of EM vibrations. In other words, night is the best time to take a break from the day. The only way to get a short respite from the impact, from which you cannot hide, from which you cannot escape. 

It would seem, well, you think, it’s far away. Far away, it turns out, the concept is relative. The distance from the Sun to the Earth is covered by EM radiation in some 8.5 minutes (rounded up the number for convenience and a word of mouth).

The picture clearly shows how the size of the solar prominence relates to the size of the Earth. Impressive, isn’t it?

And that’s not all. With sufficiently powerful flares (the number of which in the next 2 years will only increase, up to several pieces per day), concentric waves diverge along the surface of the star, akin to a tsunami. I think it is obvious what a colossal scale of action takes place in such situations. According to some reports, the height of these waves more than exceeds the diameter of the Earth.

And all would be fine, but there are also powerful oscillations of the most powerful EM fields in the solar system (the sun’s plasma is electrically conductive, where currents flow, EM fields arise), and this is no joke.

Let us remember to the heap, purely according to the theory of probability, that one of several such solar “shots” falls straight into our mother Earth. In such cases, the Earth flies through the plasma cloud for several days. These cases are recorded by ground-based equipment and are designated as magnetic storms of varying strength.

But you need to understand that in general, any flare in the sun generates some fluctuations of the EM-field of the Earth, and everything that is within its limits, and is capable of interacting with EM-fields. Not an exception to the human central nervous system, as well as its cardiovascular system.

People who lead a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle, as a rule, practically do not notice anything. Another thing is we, IT specialists, whose lifestyle can hardly be called healthy and active. Physical inactivity is the least that threatens the average IT specialist. I do not consider it appropriate to delve into pathological conditions and diagnoses within the framework of this article, I will only say that, according to my personal, empirical research, a very large percentage of people feel when the Sun “banged”, although they do not suspect what exactly they feel, perceiving their state just as a given, a coincidence. Observations show that in a serious number of cases, after all, people feel exactly the consequences of solar activity. It manifests itself in people in different ways. Someone out of the blue suddenly loses the ability to concentrate, someone tends to sleep, someone, on the contrary, has an overexcitation of the NS, and he does not know what to do with himself, his heart is naughty, thoughts scatter. It is clear that healthy sleep is not even discussed in such cases, which only aggravates the situation. What to do? Everything is quite simple and not simple at the same time. Nevertheless, “cure” is available to everyone. 1) Healthy sleep, as much as possible coinciding with sunset, especially on days of increased solar activity (remember about the saving thin strip of relative EM-calm in the night zone of terrestrial habitation); 2) An active lifestyle, bathhouse, swimming pool, walking, jogging, bicycle, skiing, etc., regular sex life, healthy eating; 3) Massage-yoga-manual and other therapy; 4) If it is very tight – melatonin in capsule tablets according to the instructions, and other useful, restorative procedures.

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