Water – lubricant

The body is lubricated in its own way, and the basis of the lubricant is water. It allows the organs not to rub against each other. It helps bones move freely in the joints. You will not bend your knee or elbow without lubrication. Being the basis of the body’s hydraulic system, it creates and maintains various pressures in it.
Muscular tone can not be maintained without water, as the muscles 3/4 consist of water. This is the cause of our fatigue with water deficiency in the body.

Three water sources

Your body must extract water for yourself. The first path is known. This is the consumption of products containing water such as fruits, juices, soups, drinks, etc. Regular food intake is also a source of water.
An egg is 70 percent water, a peach 80 percent. Everything that we know is dry and hard contains up to 25 percent water.

And the third important source of water is metabolism, the so-called metabolic water produced by the body as a result of chemical reactions. This happens when cells absorb food that has entered the body.
The best example of such water production is the camel. A camel creates the amount of water he would have received if he drank it. Some insects are also capable of doing this, even if they feed on dry, low-water food.
On average, a person consumes only about 2.5 liters of water per day, and up to 5 liters circulate in his body. The difference is the metabolic water.

Lack of water in the body

When there is not enough water in the body, he protests. First, the secretion of glands decreases, the amount of saliva decreases, the membranes dry up, we feel thirsty. This feeling signals us that we must immediately introduce water into the body.
If the loss of water increases, then other symptoms may also develop: headaches, nervous symptoms, inability to concentrate, indigestion and much more. Water quickly relieves these symptoms.

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