Six ways to lose weight without dieting

Make healthy food available. Do you want to eat more fruit? Put a bowl of them on the table, clean, and divide into segments. Vegetables can be right in the shopping day to wash, peel, cut and put into the fridge - so that then it was possible to get and instantly mixed salad or put them in the pan, he writes "Orthodox."

Stay with vegetables alone. "We have repeatedly conducted similar experiments in the university laboratory Once students have included cartoons and offered as an appetizer chopped carrots and pellets M & Ms.", - Says Mann Director of One was given both at once, others - first, carrots, and after 5 minutes of pills. Those who first got carrots, eat it more than those who were given it with candy.

Eat those who prefer healthy food. If you sit at the table with people who impose themselves vegetable salad, imperceptibly you begin to do the same themselves. In the experiment, people were divided into groups of three and two in each group were asked for lunch eat only vegetables, or just cheese, or sweets. In the company of two "ovoscheedov" third also started to eat more vegetables; the principle was maintained and other products.

Change the attitude to treat. Imagine a colleague brought a box of donuts on the job. You do not want to eat them, but they stand in front of you. One way to give up the goodies - think about the future. The fact that next week will be a party in which you want to shine in a new dress. Or that three are now eaten donut in the morning will give an increase in weight. You can try to think about abstract delicacy: not as the air with sweetness melting in your mouth wonderful glaze and sugar crust, but as the universal form of the dessert round brown color with colored spots and a hole in the middle.

Do not Forbid Me. Never renounce that at a party or in the cafe will not "harmful". It is better to promise yourself that, among other things, eat the salad there. The particle "not" in general does not work well when it comes to attitudes. "If I get hungry, I will not eat chocolate" is not as effective as "if I get hungry, then eat an apple." Say "no" to chocolate, you end up thinking about it instead of finding him an alternative.

Enjoy the here and now. Eat delicacies slowly, savoring, enjoying them. And without remorse. Numerous studies show that the slower we eat, eat the smaller and faster load.