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When losing weight and beauty are incompatible

Promises of rapid weight loss looks very tempting. The prospect of time to say goodbye to overweight kopivshimsya years, seduces even the most prudent. But such a diet can cause serious damage to our health and appearance.

Scientists warn that "in a good" quick goodbye with pleats at the hips and stomach will not work. Fast weight loss is fraught with huge stress to the body. In addition, as a "free application" to the new figure you will get a deteriorated condition and color of the skin, brittle nails and hair loss.

Safe weight loss provides a "goodbye" with a maximum of 10-15 kilograms per year. At the same time, experts recommend not to use mono-diet, and limit yourself to the bakery products and sweets. It is also possible to reduce a portion, if necessary. However, the transition to any one product, such as cheese or bananas under the relevant monodiets be profitable.

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Traditionally, the focus on the foods and beverages that will help us to solve the difficult task of weight loss.

First of all, the scientists propose to draw attention to a familiar drink milk. It turns out that two glasses of milk a day can help to normalize the weight and build muscle.

This experiment clearly showed participants that offers daily drink low-fat version. Weight melted before our eyes, and increased muscle mass. According to experts, the result of this method of losing weight is fixed for a long time.

Also, all losing weight, look at the mint, the smell of which will not only help to settle down, but also to improve the figure. How does this happen? It's simple - mint reduces appetite. + a few drops of solution is enough to rub on your wrist and smell the grass during the day. This allows you to consume an average of 1,800 calories less than usual. But this is a direct path to losing weight!

Water - one light and undeservedly forgotten way to reduce weight. Scientists remind us that it is enough to drink one or two cups of warm water before your meal, and you will achieve a stunning effect. First, it normalizes the process of digestion and is recommended for all suffering from stomach problems.

Secondly, the water fills the space part in the stomach, allowing you to moderate appetite. You eat less and therefore lose weight. The experimental results clearly demonstrate this.

Subjects who drank the water before a meal consumed in a subsequent meal about 90 calories less. Due to the water program participants succeeded in the three months to lose 7 kilos.

Finally, the perfect companion on the way to a slim figure is a happy, hearty laugh, which is useful not less fitness. Good emotions will protect you from the blues, depression and related habit of "seizing the stress."

If you find a way to relax during the day and before going to bed, you do not have to absorb the candy and cookies. You will be happy and cheerful! Therefore, do not leave a bad mood no chance - read new stories, watch performances of comedians, enjoy comedies, communicate with optimistic!

Think of sweets, not eat them

American scientists have come to a curious conclusion. It turns out that the thought of eating partially offset our desire to eat any product. So if you enjoy the aroma of dishes and views for some time before a meal, during the meal, you will need a smaller amount of saturation.

Nutritionists conducted an experiment with a sweet tooth, which before eating sweets offered to admire the chocolate candy in glaze. As a result, sweet tooth ate much less than the second group of subjects who were allowed to eat sweets once.

Thus, scientists are calling is not suppress the thought of food as recommended by many experts, but rather to indulge in a visual delight, and inhale the fragrance of "sweets".

Perfect dinner

Many weight loss concept implies the rejection of dinner. However, it is wrong for the simple reason that painful, and many frustrated with such a diet, naedyatsya at night than it is necessary.

In fact, dinner will not hurt, but it must be correct - nutritionists say. First of all, the evening meal should be light. If you prefer meat or fish, they should be low-fat. It is best to boil or extinguish them. It is also a great option for dinner are vegetables as well as dairy products.

Supper recommend no later than 19 hours. Of course, overeating is not worth it.

Walking or fitness?

Fitness always seems to be more advantageous in comparison with the walks, because we have to strain much more than walking with friends through the streets of the city. Not a bit of it! American specialists have found that walking is more useful than exercises, including for those who want to lose weight.

According to experts, daily walks are on the body better than two or three sessions per week in the gym. They affect the body more smoothly and at the same time can achieve a stable result.

Besides, psychologically pleasant walk training in the gym, because it can be done unstressed, communicating with friends and friends, and not a "puffing" during push-ups or "pumping" of the press.

To walk in the park, you do not have to buy a gym membership, or to consult with a doctor. Doing this is useful at any age, and people of any build.