Local fat burning: is it possible?

“I’m losing weight by the summer – I started to rock the press.” Surely you have often heard, or even say this phrase. Coaches do not stop repeating that this simply does not happen, because it can not be. But, nevertheless, the pumping press does not become less – as well as confident that they managed to achieve the goal.

At once we will say: we are not going to doubt that someone has turned out. Because they are sure: the one who shook the press, surely measured only the waist, not all the parameters of the body. And the load, albeit small, still speeds up the metabolism, the energy costs are rising, the person, without paying attention to it, refuses the buns and biscuits (and, really, does he shake the press?), Etc.

In short, it loses weight, but not only in the waist, but everywhere. And a flatter belly does not mean that all fat has melted on it – taut muscles do wonders! In short, we readily believe that the tummy has become flat. But the fact that fat burned only on it, and in the rest of the places everything remained as it was, – no. And that’s why.

How do we grow thin?

Before proceeding to the arguments as to why this is not possible, let’s remember how weight loss generally occurs. So, what does the fatty layer consist of? This is the tissue of the body, the bulk of which are fat cells – lipocytes.

The presence of a fat layer in a person is normal. It protects the body from the cold and creates an “untapped reserve” in case of cold snap (therefore, by the way, we are getting fat by the winter, and by the spring we are losing weight), hunger or nuclear winter. The layer is the result of evolution, an archaic mechanism for protecting the body, so important that for thousands of years that have passed since the construction of the first dwelling and the manufacture of first clothes, it has not died out yet.

That’s why the body continues to store even now, when it is not necessary. People move little, they are warmed, there is a lot of food and it is available. But the body is a super efficient system, aimed at preserving and multiplying the received wealth. Therefore, excess energy is not utilized, but packed in lipocytes and sent to warehouses, the locations of which are familiar to everyone – in the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, etc. – wait for the nuclear winter.

And since it has not, fortunately, come yet, stocks from warehouses are not used, and their volumes are growing. The only way to get rid of stocks is to finally spend them on something. There are two ways that you can take advantage of.

  • The first is to cut energy inputs from the outside and force the body to serve itself only from stocks. This is the wrong way. As we remember, the body is aimed at preserving and multiplying, so giving away the accumulated will be with a scratch and learn how to save literally on everything. So fast weight loss will stop just as quickly, and the first piece of food will be transformed into reserves – and so for a long time. As a result – the effect of yo-yo and a few kilograms in excess of the original weight. So, just in case.
  • The second way is to increase the energy consumption. That is, to begin to move more and to perform the most energy-intensive operations. At first, of course, the body will be greedy, but if you are eating normally, he will understand that you can and shell out – no threat from the outside is not expected. Increasing the expenditure of energy in combination with a reasonable reduction in the caloric content of the diet will eventually lead to the fact that a reserve from the warehouses will be left to cover the resulting energy deficit, and you will begin to lose weight.

Then everything is simple. Fat in the cell breaks down into fatty acids and glycerin. Acids along with blood are sent to muscle tissue, and there they are oxidized and converted into energy. Waste products are derived from the cell. This is how the process of losing weight looks from the point of view of physiology. Now let’s see why one can not become thinner only in one place.

Local weight loss: two arguments “against”

Argument number 1. Fat is covered with the whole human body. The division of it into zones is very conditional. Blood and lymph vessels, skin and all the same subcutaneous fat tissue are the same systems working on the entire area of the human body. It is impossible to lose weight only on the waist – because it simply does not exist, but there is all the fiber.

In addition, the key concept of weight loss is not “subcutaneous fatty tissue”, but “energy deficiency”. From what kind of warehouse the body will order to roll out the barrel with fat, it is not known. He has stock, distributed throughout the body. It is quite reasonable not to gut one store, but take a little from everywhere, so that in the event of an unforeseen situation, in each of them there would be something for a rainy day.

Argument number 2. By the way, about warehouses. Not all of them are equally expensive to the body. Among them there are no unimportant – there are important and very important. Take for example the female body – it is more indicative in this regard. Usually women are unhappy with the deposits on the hips and abdomen. Whatever it is done, these zones will still be wanted to improve, because bringing them to an ideal state is not so easy. And this is not accidental. From these warehouses the body takes fat very reluctantly.

The deposits in the abdomen and thighs are a strategic reserve aimed at preserving the ability to reproduce, protecting the fetus and maintaining the viability of the woman during the feeding of the baby, when she can not effectively extract food. To force the body to give the stock from this place is an attempt to outplay the evolution. But this is impossible. It’s easier to launch increased power consumption and begin to take out stocks from all warehouses – including strategically important ones.

Argument “for”

Nevertheless, there is an opinion that it is possible to lose weight only in one place. To do this, it is necessary to ensure two conditions – a high concentration of fat-destroying adrenaline in the blood and the influx of large amounts of blood to the zone, which is “dried”.

For example, you can begin training with interval cardio sessions, and then work with the right muscle: 30 seconds of intense exercise plus 30 seconds of rest. This is one series. In one set three series. For a day you should perform at least 10 sets, you can for several times. In general, this method is similar to the technique of pumping, which bodybuilders have been using for a long time and successfully.

This method has a significant drawback. To succeed, one should rigorously adhere to all the details (and there are a lot of them). A person who does not have special education, this is hardly possible. And because of the fact that in our country this approach is not very popular, the specifics of its application are not known to all coaches.

However, there is another way to get rid of fat in a certain area of the body. It involves training all muscles with a special focus on muscle development in the problem area. Shock loading on the press, performed on the background of working out the muscles of the whole body, will allow to get rid of fat on the stomach faster. Of course, this is not really a local fat burning. But if you do not be lazy and provide the muscles with a good load, the result will not take long.

So all those who are planning to rock the press to the summer and catch up, we wish good luck! Complete your press program with exercises for the remaining muscle groups, and, quite possibly, the result will exceed all your expectations.

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