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Xenical Orlistat is a weight loss drug. It works on the body by preventing the fats absorption. In fact, the drug is a way to manage obesity with the help of medicinal products.

Xenical 120mg

Xenical 120mg Xenical 120mg

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Xenical 60mg Xenical 60mg

Description and Chemical Composition of Xenical Orlistat

Xenical Orlistat is a drug that works by inhibiting a fat, lipase. Apart from this, it also inhibits the absorption of dietary fats.

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As far as the appearance of Xenical Orlistat is considered, it looks as a white crystalline powder. Xenical Orlistat has got an affinity for organic compounds. It is not soluble in water but soluble in alcohols like ethanol and methanol.

Use of Xenical Orlistat

Xenical Orlistat is a drug which is associated with weight loss. The drug is said to offer a cure for obesity and related disorder. Xenical works best for shedding the weight when taken with low caloric diet. The drug is also said to prevent the regain of weight, after a person has succeeded in losing weight in an effective manner. There are various studies that have proved the effectiveness of Xenical in maintaining the weight according to desired BMI (Body Mass Index). Basically, body weight depends upon a height as well as mass. So, both these factors are taken into account while measuring the ideal weight.

Well, powdered crystalline form is something chemists deal in laboratories. As a drug, Xenical Orlistat is taken in the form of a 120mg capsule. Xenical capsule is a combination of active and inactive ingredients. The active ingredients include Orlistat. Other components include FD&C Blue. No. 2 , black iron oxide, propylene glycol, potassium hydroxide, pharmaceutical grade shellac and also ammonium solution.

Other ingredients are talc, sodium starch glycolate, povidone, microcrystalline cellulose and lauryl Sulphate.

How to use Xenical Orlistat

Xenical Orlistat offers a solution for weight loss. But it is a drug that constitutes a mix of chemical compounds in it. When considered the composition, Xenical Orlistat must be used with the prescription of the doctor.

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There are many dietary supplements, pills, medicines, tablets, etc. that people use for weight loss purpose. All these can have side effects. Certain weight loss drugs claim that they don’t need any side effects or they are the complete natural solution. There is no doubt that such solutions exist in the market. But, it is also a fact that Xenical Orlistat is not such solution, it is by no means free from any side effects. In this regard, it is necessary to adopt certain precautionary measures while taking Xenical capsule.

We would discuss the side effects of Xenical in a later section. First, let’s have an overview of how to use this medicine.

It is recommended to take one 120 mg capsule of Xenical Orlistat three times a day. The capsule should be taken during or after one hour of every meal that contains fats.

The most important factor that which one should keep in mind for taking XENICAL is to use the right amount of food. Each portion of a meal must contain carbohydrate, fats, and proteins in a well-balanced proportion. Further, keep in mind that including fats in your diet is necessary. As standard 30% of fats in each of your meal is enough. In case, there is no fat in your food then you can omit the use of Xenical for that particular diet.

Users should be careful that Xenical must be taken in conjugation with low caloric diet. Otherwise, its weight loss effects don’t show up at their best.

Do take some vitamins while using XENICAL

The fat inhibiting factor of XENICAL is a plus point; this is the function that makes it perfect weight loss solution. But, this fat inhibition has a draw back as well. There are many fat soluble vitamins that vanish from the body along with fats, after the use of XENICAL. So, it is necessary that users consider taking some vitamin supplements. It is better to use those supplements which are only recommended by the physicians. Make sure to take these vitamins, before 2-3 hours of every meal. Basically, the purpose of these vitamins is to keep the nutritional level up to the requirements.

Any nutritional deficiency, during the use of XENICAL, can definitely pose major health risks. Patients should also avoid the use of too many doses. For instance, three 120 mg capsules for one day remain the best dosage option. Taking extra does, doesn’t cause any benefit.

Usually, 24-48 hours are enough to observe the results of XENICAL capsule. Such results are evident from the change of composition in fecal fat. After patients stop using the capsules, fecal fats retain their normal content.

Side Effects of Xenical Orlistat

As mentioned above, Xenical Orlistat is a drug that has chemical content. It may not be appropriate for patients who are suffering from chronic diseases. Apart from this, the drug can cause certain complications in health adults as well.

Here are few of the side effects of Xenical Orlistat that every consumer must keep in mind.

Also, immediately discontinue use if you face any of the following symptoms.

Users may see blood in the urine; it is not a good indication.

Pain in the lower back is another side effect.

Confusion, mood swings, and drowsiness are very normal side effects of certain pills. But, in the case of XENICAL Orlistat, these effects are not as such normal.

Short of breath is another, not a good effect of this supplement.

Users may feel swelling on different body parts; this is again not a healthy sign.

Weight gain is also something that can be counted as an adverse effect of XENICAL.

Another worse affect can be a disturbance in the stomach; this can include pain. Most severe complications can result in malfunction of the digestive system. Users can feel nausea or vomiting as well.

In many cases, side effects can lead to several heart-related complications as well.

It is highly advised that users should stop the usage of XENICAL, if they face any of such above-mentioned signs. Further, they should rush to the doctor for curing symptoms on early basis.

Storing thee XENICAL Orlistat

The user should make sure that bottle of capsules is tightly closed. The right temperature limit for XENICAL Orlistat is the 25 degree Celsius or 77 Fahrenheit. Or one can maintain it within 15 degrees to 37 degrees on Celsius scale.

Interaction of XENICAL with other drugs

XENICAL is a very strong drug. It can make other drugs either to underperform or over perform in many ways.

Here is how XENAL Orlistat interacts with whether other drugs. Patients undergoing different therapies must keep in account this factor as well.

Interaction with alcohol

Studies have revealed that XENAL does not impact much the effects of alcohol. A person taking three glass of wine doesn’t face any complications. Briefly, XENAL has not proven for altering the effects of alcohol.

Interaction with Cyclosporine

There is a considerable change on the effect of the Cyclosporine. For instance, there are certain studies that have shown the impact of two 50mg dosages of cyclosporine with three 120mg dosages of the XENICAL Orlistat. Results indicate that later decreases the functionality of former up to 30%. To be on the safe side, it is better to take cyclosporine, at least 4 hours before Xenical drug.


Glyburide is something associated with lowering of blood glucose. Research has indicated that XENICAL has not lowered the impact of glyburide.

Interaction with Amiodarone

Studies have also been conducted to gauge the effect off Amiodarone after co-administered with XENICAL. Results have indicated that exposure to Amiodarone, decreases considerably due to use of XENICAL.

Use in pregnancy

There is no use of XENICAL Orlistat in pregnancy. The reason is quite obvious. XENICAL is a weight loss drug. In pregnancy, there one can’t enter in a weight loss regime. During this period, patients are supposed to gain weight. Apart from this, XENAL Orlistat has a diverse effect on the fetus as well. It is better for pregnant women to not use this drug during the gestation period. Further people who have stomach issues should refrain from the use of Xenical Orlistat.

XENICAL is indeed effective in reducing weight. But it is a drug that has chemical compounds. It is better to keep into account side effects and other such things prior to use.

Weight loss

  1. Overweight as a serious problem:
    Nowadays, people are gaining weight in a much quicker manner. Our issue of overweight relates to self-image and self-esteem. Overeating along with other causes leads to weight gain. Furthermore, children and adults use much fast and junk food rather than healthy diet. They have no time to make healthy food at homes. Overweight affects your personality in the worst way. The diseases of overweight are strokes, blood pressure, heart diseases, blood pressure, and many types of cancer.
  2. Important tips for weight loss:
    If you want to lose weight and become a healthy, good looking person, then these tips are fruitful.
    1. Firstly, you should focus on your diet and must eat what is appropriate. This healthy diet includes vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and other such items. Try to avoid fast food as much as you can.
    2. Then, you must take healthy food in a limited quantity.
    3. Mindful eating is necessary for you. Mindful eating increases our knowledge about the ways and time of eating. In this way, this knowledge prevents further weight gain.
    4. Willpower and motivation are the significant factors in weight loss. In this way, you can remain steady and active. Everyone knows well, that slow and steady win the race.
    5. Furthermore, adoption of proper sleeping habits are beneficial.
    6. Try to cook food at home and avoid to take from restaurants. Drink more and more water to make your body smart and fresh.
    7. Exercise also plays a dominant role in the process of weight loss. You should do exercise daily, especially at morning time. You can also make a diet plan and follow it regularly.
    8. A survey reported another cause of overweight, and that is watching television. So, watch television infrequently.
  3. Main advantages of weight loss:
    There are many benefits of weight loss. Obese people can gain health benefits from losing some weight. When we lose weight up to 5% or 10%, then we can gain health benefits. Diseases are very much dangerous for our health. So, you can reduce the chances of many diseases through weight loss. You’ll look more beautiful and attractive. Appearance becomes much dominant. It is a way to gain much confidence and self-esteem. Through weight loss, there is a chance to get unbelievable rewards. Body feels much energy and strength. However, the mood becomes happy because of proper sleeping habit. The human body will become free from a large number of pains and aches. Our many abilities improve such as fast movement. Breathing process along with other processes become much relax. Weight loss helps you to improve the immune system. Our capacity of fighting with diseases becomes high. It assists in creating sustaining hormonal balance and improved memory.
  4. Role of exercise in the process of weight loss:
    The only caloric restriction is not sufficient for losing weight. A physically active person is able to get rid of extra calories instantly. Exercise helps to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. In this way, it prevents the harmful diseases like heart attack. The chances of developing breast and colon cancer also decrease due to the physical activity of the body. Doing work out is also makes us to manage stress and anxiety. It enhances blood circulation in the body, and hence nutrient supply to every single cell gets increased. Exercise increases the efficiency of the metabolic system. As a result of it, breakdown of heavy fat molecules becomes easy. There are so many types of exercises, but aerobics and other cardiovascular activities play an eminent role.
  5. Other significant ways of weight loss:
    In spite of the fact that exercises have a significant role in weight loss but, still, some other ways are also important. You can lose weight by dancing, running, walking, gardening, biking, jogging, skiing, and much more. Another way of losing weight can be the use of dietary supplements or certain drugs, then can speed up metabolism. Further, there are many super foods that help to maintain the body weight.

Precaution: Whether you choose, dieting, work outs or using supplements make sure you are working according to recommendations by your physician.


Michael O. 23:01:06 08/23/17

Having read and heard about the soiled linen and toilet bowls - I will say that this is true. This is the expected effect of xenical. And all is not so scary, because the oily liquid does not come out by itself, it happens in the proper place (in the toilet). And the laundry gets dirty, because the body gets dirty, and you need to bathe every day (in fact, without xenical it is desirable). Just do not forget that xenical - this is not a panacea for obesity, but an auxiliary drug. Xenical admission must be necessarily combine with proper nutrition. After all, as people think, I'll probably have fried potatoes with bacon and salted cucumber, but there's nothing to worry about from my gluttony, because I loan this whole thing to a ksenikalchik (I recall that usually xenical is taken with food). Nothing terrible, of course, will not happen, only you will not lose weight, but only a fat toilet "surprise". So, from the menu above, we leave potatoes, just boil or mash with water (without butter and milk). We replace the bacon with chicken breast without skin, and take the cucumber not salty, but fresh. That's all the wisdom, be beautiful and healthy, dear friends!

Helena Woods 08:56:17 08/27/17

I have no words, I could not even imagine that this is possible: 8 kg for 3 months! I was recommended to Xenical by a friend, I'm actually against such means, but I read infu on the Internet. I liked that Xenical is a registered medication, not a dietary supplement. I started to drink it, at first I had a fatty stool, I was shocked how much excess fat we consume. She began to eat less fat, the chair did not stop working. Little by little, weight began to fall. After three months I feel like a completely different person.

Melissa 00:29:58 09/07/17

I took these pills for about 5 days, once a day (I was afraid to get used, because such things were told, it happened). Really lost weight. Because once I drank 1 time per day, fat ate too, once a day (atoms and generally without it). In the evenings, I stopped eating. I go on a voyage .. Maybe I did not take the drug several kg, then in any case it became an incentive for a correct and reliable process of weight loss. I do not regret that I tried it. I drank it very carefully. Since among the side effects other than diarrhea, I was listed atypical ulcerative colitis (terrible constipation with ulcers in the rectum), panos (frequent phenomenon), addiction (one even told that it shook it without these pills). And as soon as I felt that I was losing weight I picked up the baton in normal ways, now I'm losing weight. For 20 days (of which 5 received xenical), she lost weight approximately 6-7 kg. And I feel great. I grow thin further ..

Eva Black 21:29:05 09/18/17

Hi girls! I accept xenical from 10 July. I do not know how much I lost in kg. Weighed at the mark 140 years ago. I started to take it when the body protested. And I'll tell you something cool. A week ago weighed. 130. But the volumes went off great. Wore 64. Now I'm falling out. I climbed into the blouse 58 from the bonpriksa. But there is often the size of more sewn, so that 60 exactly. Literally September 9 bought pants and did not wear - pruned. When my hands reached them, there was no limit to my joy: I took them off without undoing them. It was a pill. Then everything settled. But only when you eat something fat, then the body takes revenge. I take 1-2 tablets a day, three are expensive, and to nothing. All the luck, who dared, and who else thinks - decide to lose weight or not lose weight!

Julia 21:14:53 10/21/17

And I Xenical bought after I stopped breastfeeding. After childbirth put 8 kg left immediately, but the rest I dialed 12 kg, well, neither did they want to leave. I'm not a glutton, I try to eat right, but the weight was practically standing still. I drank two courses, the weight decreased by 7 kg. I was inspired and happy. Together with the drug, then began to drink vitamins. My conclusion, the drug is good, it's worth its money. And it is necessary to drink vitamins during the application.

Tamara1985 11:31:46 11/24/17

I started taking Xenical about six months ago, because I started to get better after the hormonal drugs that I had taken about a year ago. So I decided to lose my extra pounds, no matter what, because by nature I was always slender and thin. I finished receiving them on February 25, 2017 and now I can tell you about my impressions of him. Due to the fact that I had +18 kilos, I was given the same endocrinologist that I prescribed hormonal medications, I prescribed Xenical reception, advising that the reception period would be long and slow, so that my body would not be stressed. So, as it is not a biologically active additive, namely a medicinal product, I would not take it without the doctor's appointment. The doctor explained to me exactly how to take the drug and I combined it with proper nutrition, namely one capsule with meals and three times a day. I did not do much sports, gymnastics, and household chores. Right now I dropped -15 kg, and I continue to fight with +3 kg already without the drug. So the effect is, and it will be even better if you strengthen it with physical exertion.

denissasha999 11:02:59 01/31/18

Xenical "leaves after itself reviews from enthusiastic to extremely negative, that is - the drug makes it possible to really achieve the result, but there are complications and misunderstandings that not all can overcome. First of all, one should bear in mind - if you are struggling with excess weight - you are guaranteed to lose, excess weight is a merciless killer, every 3 - 4 supernormal kilograms deprive you of a year of life, and if these kilograms are 20 to 30 or more, the quality of the remaining life is greatly reduced, that is, excess weight leads to war on you and it is necessary to give him an adequate response.We need weapons and Xenical for the war, the only thing that we have is really effective. How does Xenical work? In the annotation to the drug it is written: It prevents the absorption of fats, and forms the correct eating habits. After reading the first paragraph fat people and bbw are enthusiastically beginning to take medicine waiting for the speedy miracles and miracles happen !!! After all, if you think, fats that are not absorbed in the stomach do not go anywhere, they perfectly lubricate the content, which accelerates quickly to freedom naturally. Far not always manage to be kept within the bounds of decency. Here, many people come to understand how the second point is realized. Xenical, being accepted, puts a person in front of the choice - to carefully monitor their diet so that the inside gets a minimum of fat or risk passing to the skin (I do not even know if I will pass the moderation with such words). Most people do not understand, and doctors can not always explain to them what type of problem the Xenical's reception is for the patient, but there is nowhere to retreat - behind a full kaput, one must learn to control nutrition or admit to myself = (that very word). When I saw and fully felt the uncompromising choice I took time out, I'm not ready yet for full-scale hostilities, but I respected the developers of the medicine, their fantasy, sense of humor and the fact that they successfully sell their product, for which they all must be killed !!! So! starting to take Xenical - you know, you are entering the warpath, but in war it is not easy and pleasant !!! but the more pleasant the victory.