About weight loss from the point of view of a chemist. How I reprogrammed my body

Annotation: A story about how I approached the process of healing my body from the “chemist's point of view” and what came of it. In short: - I lost a lot of weight while at 28kg (the process was very slow and quite manageable), many elements of the physical condition improved greatly. In general, there are a lot of advantages, especially when sitting down, as it happens when working with computers. Suddenly - that I managed to do without depressing and unacceptable for me diets. Cons - for this process, I had to allocate a lot of time. Especially in the beginning, when the body is not properly tuned. It can be hard to fall asleep, However, I got what I did and it turned out to be much better than what I expected.

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Purpose of writing: Among acquaintances, the emotional impact of my example diverges in circles, naturally, everyone wants to know the Secret (an open secret actually). Unfortunately, if you briefly explain the essence of my actions - walking and eating, although full, but not often, this only leads to misunderstanding and denial. - "For me, this is impossible." It was also impossible for me, which is why I decided to write this article, in which I will try to explain my reasoning, the actions taken and the ways to facilitate the processes of splitting the body's accumulated fats, while not suffering from hunger and with minimal risk to health.

If it is interesting to you - please come under the cat, I promise a lot of letters and few pictures

I do not intend to propagate some kind of methodology, I want to review my experience, give more information, draw some conclusions, and you will try to apply this experience and ideas to your circumstances. Yes, and in itself, dropping weight does not solve anything - good health and well-being are much healthier, it usually just happens that less weight means better health.

For myself, I formulate my actions as reprogramming the body's dopamine stimulation from food to movement. Maybe this does not sound right from a medical point of view; let the medical comrades correct me. However, especially the first few months, I was in a state of constant excitement, of such activity, I will not be afraid of this word, even of mild euphoria, but without stimulants and any additional medication, which, as it were, confirms my assumptions.

Baseline: I am 55+. Artificial heart valve, so that my physical form has never been good. He was always inclined to fatness. Once, in my youth, I had the experience of losing a kilogram on 15 with the help of Herbalife. It worked, but ... it is a very tough and rude decision, I was lucky that I did not significantly hurt myself.

So, when I was diagnosed with a defect in the aortic valve of the heart and underwent surgery for its prosthetics, even though everything went well, it was so coincidental that I had problems with my work. Well, how to say the problem - it was gone. Crisis-shmizis. And I, respectively, have a Depression - different in depth and sharpness, but constant (I now understood that she was, I was just thinking my health was bad and I was getting old). In winter, very bad, in the summer - better. And so years 6. Difficulties began with the lungs, legs began to swell and hurt. About the growing belly and say no. And now, after a long-term and well-cured bronchitis (and he was after a long and not very well cured inflammation of the lungs), I decided that I was tired of it and had to fight at least with the problems of the lungs.

Theory, beginning: Began to think. When doctors were in the hospital with their hearts, all the ears buzzed about the fact that with a lack of movement there is a stagnation of fluid in the lungs and their cleaning is difficult. This leads to bronchitis and pneumonia. With circulatory disorders in the legs, their compartments and pain is the same - with prolonged sitting hydrostatic pressure gradually disrupts the functioning of the legs' vessels. As I understand it, normally, in the vessels there are valves that allow blood to pass through, but which restrain the constant pressure component. When walking, they work well due to movement and good blood circulation. Due to the coherence of these problems - legs and lungs - with insufficient movement, it was possible to try to heal three birds with one stone: - also losing weight into the bargain.

Somehow, to the place and time, my mother made me think of buying a “pedometer”. In order not to be accused of advertising, I’m keeping silence, and sneakers in it - painfully primitive. I am not rich and for many this thing for an amount of less than 30 euros will seem miserable.

But I have enough of the fact that she works for a long time with one charge and measures my physical activity. The strap is comfortable - good plastic, put on the arm and do not remove even under the shower and at night. It is important to leave for the night - in the morning, to look and calm down that you didn’t sleep very little, since by pulse and movement in a dream, Sh distinguishes between deep, shallow sleep and wakefulness. Measures steps - the algorithm is probably imperfect; steps can turn out to be noticeably energetically different. Communication with the smartphone and pulsomer. That initially interested me. After all, based on the conditions of the problem, I have a pulse limit of 120. This is due to the fact that the efficiency of the artificial heart valve with a pulse of more than 120 drops sharply. In practice, it turned out that this pulsomer is like a bunny to me. If the pulse is too fast - the valve starts to bleed back, the efficiency of the blood supply drops, I weaken and wait until the heart calms down. Bioautomatics!

So, in the program related to the pedometer, I saw a lot of moments helping a person to ignite his successes, to push him to fulfill his goals. I appreciated this approach and decided not to neglect it. Support for morale is an important factor, do not neglect them. If with the help of small tricks we can relieve ourselves of a difficult task, then I personally do not mind!

Now about the chemistry of this case. Based on the general laws of chemistry, look at the process of accumulation and splitting of fat in the body. Simplified. Highly.

Basically, the energy needs of the body are covered by glucose. Almost everything that we eat, one way or another turns into glucose and is spread throughout the body. If the simplification of "glucose" you do not like, you can substitute the "main energy carrier".

Carries glucose to consumer cells blood. When we eat something, it splits and an mass turns into glucose, so to speak. The level of glucose in the blood is growing.

If the blood glucose level falls below a certain threshold, we begin to feel hungry. By the way, we have, as it were, two sensors that trigger the feeling of hunger: - in terms of glucose and in the level of fullness in the stomach. The second one, albeit a backup one, but in practice, many of us use it too actively.

If the glucose level begins to exceed a certain threshold, the special cells begin to turn it into fat and make reserves on a rainy day and vice versa, when lowering below a certain level, these cells begin to break down fat from the reserves, turning it in some way (I'm not delved, the details here are not the essence) in glucose.

At the same time there are two types of adipose tissue: white and brown. White is the same one that makes us fat, in it the fat in the cell is concentrated in one big drop, taking up most of the cell volume, the speed of metabolic processes in it is low, because such adipose tissue, although it is quite easy to build up stocks, it hardly gives them away.

This is due to the fact that for heterophase reactions the reaction rate is determined by the area of ​​the reaction surface.

Do not worry, we explain easier. - Fat does not mix with water, but the dissolution of fat occurs from the surface of contact of the fat drop with the aqueous medium of the cell. It is in the aqueous intracellular environment that the appropriate enzymes work, which break down fat in case of need. It turns out a situation similar to the process of heat transfer - the larger the contact area, the easier the heat transfer goes. That is why radiators make ribbed. Chemists easier - in such cases, they can simply crush the drops. For many small drops, the total surface is much larger and it turns out that the reaction rate increases many times over.

Brown adipose tissue is the very thing - a lot of small droplets, there the cell itself is much better equipped with splitting mechanisms. In general - brown adipose tissue easily and quickly gives accumulated fat. Now, when I wrote this article, I learned that:

"Recent studies have shown that physical exercise entails secretion of the previously unknown hormone irisin, which causes white fat to turn brown and prevent obesity."

So even though I did not know this fact, my reasoning below is fully supported.

I reasoned as follows: - the concentration of glucose for the onset of fat deposition should obviously be higher than the concentration for the onset of fat splitting, and this difference is different for different people. Delta, hysteresis of obesity, so to speak. In fact, this is a very simplified approach. Chemical processes take place simultaneously in both directions, in chemistry it is almost always the case. The question is their speed. But the resultant is quite consistent with this simplification.

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This means that it is necessary to create conditions for the fat burning process to dominate the fat accumulation process: we are making a small but constant energy expenditure and a rather rare feeding. I chose walking as the burning process. This is the safest and most reliable way. Running - I do not advise, the opposite effect is obtained, you burn glucose too quickly and fat cells do not have time to deal with it. It turns out either a surge of hunger, or a sharp deterioration in health, as long as you do not eat, as I had. He limited the number of meals - first two meals per day, then being drawn in, one. And - no sweets, auditions, drinks in the breaks or from boredom.

For my reasons, movement should improve the circulation of biological fluids everywhere, including in fat cells. This means that metabolic processes in fat cells will accelerate and facilitate. Along the way, physical activity leads to an intensification of cleaning the lungs - the phenomena of stagnation disappear, the outflow of fluid in the legs improves. When sitting, swollen legs are a serious problem. Also improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. I did not think about it, but what is, that is, the theory predicts this.

So, how to burn fat is understandable. Walking - but it is better to modify a bit, more about that later. The question remains with the frequency of meals. Should I want to eat, what to do with it? In fact, not everything is so terrible, very often we want to eat from nothing to do and in the habit. Let's see the daily routine and the desire to eat: Morning - overnight the level of glucose in the blood rises slightly, because fat cells live and function even at night, and muscular cells, for the most part, consume little energy at night. There is some excess energy in the system. Do not confuse sugar with low blood pressure! Although the symptoms seem to be - weakness, lethargy. When we sleep, normal blood pressure should decrease. There is simply no need to pump blood so high - we are lying, the head is low. When we get up, the pressure in the system at some point will remain nocturnal - low and this pressure will not be enough for a good blood supply and well-being. This is one of the reasons why people drink coffee in the morning. But it is absolutely not necessary! You can get by with a glass of water - they say, I have high blood pressure for a long time, so I don’t feel it. Another option is moderate exercise aka charging. Yes, exercise increases not only the pulse, but also pressure.

If you start to move / do exercises, not only pressure will return to normal, but movement will facilitate the splitting of fats, there will be no need to eat.

Closer to the point: In the morning, right after the toilet procedures, I start charging. I call it so. It looks like a dance in freestyle, with elements of rukomashstva and yogodryzhestva to music that captures me / really like / immerses in a trance. It is important that the dance / gymnastics be done with pleasure, flexing all possible muscle groups as much as possible. Usually it is 4000 to 8000 steps along Sh. In the beginning it was 30 minutes, now it's an hour and a half. Up to 8000 steps on the pedometer. Of course, such a load is not established immediately, but gradually. The process should be like. Sometimes I even used Indian stinkers for stinkers to heighten the color - in general, try to make it a ritual and a habit that is a joy.

Chemical layer number 2. For such actions as hours of work and the ability to forget about food, you need strong tools. Those people who have enough willpower to stay in food and move as much as you need do not get fat and are unlikely to read this article. So, let's look for what we have in our body such a chemical that can convince us to refuse - completely voluntarily! - from a rich, tasty breakfast and instead of dancing for a few hours to the music, even if it is popular. Yeah! This is probably called drugs. In the sense of - substances that are naturally produced in our body. In general, the body produces a lot of interesting things in this regard. Even opiates and endorphins. However, according to my feelings, we should speak here more about dopamine.

For the first time tightly with a pronounced process of isolating something like that, I ran into when, after graduate school, I came to work at the IHPF. There I had a very interesting task - the development of the junction of the old X-ray diffractometer DRON-2 with the Pravets PC - this was an IBM PC XT clone. So, after spending 10 hours at the computer, I returned home, albeit with a aching head, but in a state of euphoria. Until the headache began to be perceived as something pleasant. I understand that this is the action of the hormone dopamine, a factor in the system of internal remuneration. Often people use it mainly in the process of eating or in the appearance of love, the joy of physical exertion / sports - this also results in a similar effect. Shopaholics, alcoholics - probably too? It happens so obsession in different areas. If it so happened that the process of eating took too important place in our life (do not scold for a new word, I want to fool around), then you can and should try to switch from one to another - to the joy of exercise.

It is precisely in order for the charging process to be a joy, I immediately, in the morning, begin charging with (fast, dance) music that captures and dances me, because it’s nice and you can get into a trance quite easily - something like meditation, when you do not notice the time. During charging and for some time afterwards, one does not want to eat - movement facilitates the bioavailability of fats in fatty tissues.

But what about the empty stomach, which, as they say, will eat itself? I do not know, it seems to me that a healthy stomach can stay without food for a reasonable time. However, because of the not very good condition of the stomach and while taking anticoagulants (the valve is worth it), I am prescribed to drink Lanzul - a medicine that reduces acidity (not advertising! - whoever, they are different, this one suits me by any name, but with the same substance) . Then I had breakfast ... Yes, 2-3 spoonfuls of cod liver oil (we only have Norwegian and it is very good) eating it sprinkled with salt on black bread.

Imagine how a moan will start here that is tasteless. If you do not taste delicious fish oil with bread, then you do not want to eat. If you cannot convince yourself to eat IT, then the ability to convince yourself and the plasticity of your psyche are insufficient and you are unlikely to manage to use my experience. I guess so, although fish oil is not a panacea, but a good indicator of your real desire. At the same time, fish oil is an important component of nutrition. I wrote an article about fats, there is a little to understand it. In short, there is nothing to replace the fish oil, and it is highly desirable to use it. This is based on modern ideas about nutrition.

The chemical layer is number 3. The fact is that when we switch to such rather large loads and small food intake — one / two times a day, there is not too much food at once, it is very important to ensure the supply of necessary vitamins and minerals. I take a pill of good multivitamins and a pill calcium / magnesium / zinc + D3. In the morning, vitamins, minerals at night. And if I forget to take minerals - the next day my arms and legs slightly twitches. Large loads, lack of magnesium. This is because under heavy loads, the minerals are intensively washed out. This is more likely to concern magnesium. With potassium, everything is not easy, but I think if you avoid shock loads, potassium should not be washed out, although I do salt some salt with 70% KCl + 30% NaCl. I use magnesium with calcium, because if you take only magnesium, because of their close biochemical properties, calcium will begin to leach out (magnesium will try to climb instead, and you can't make a bone out of it). Bones can begin to lose strength. So polyminerals.

Continuing the day: every little fuss, home affairs, trying not to sit and move more. Then lunch. As I already wrote above, large loads lead to great needs for various nutrients, therefore, especially the first time I cooked dinner myself, in line with what I want today. He began to think about dinner a few hours before, cooked slowly, set the table more elegantly. In the process of cooking did not try anything! Interestingly varied tastes and body reactions to food. I really liked just boiled vegetables: boiled cabbage is such in the form of turnip and cauliflower, even simple cabbage - quite, boiled carrots, turnips, beets, Brussels sprouts. Lean meat and not small. Apple is perceived as a complete meal. Salads all sorts. The vinaigrette. Cabbage soup made of sauerkraut is the hit of the season! Probably, soup contributes to leaching of products of physical activity, and that is why it is pleasant. After all, they used to treat hangovers before, though they were boiled without potatoes.

Immediately after lunch - such an easy charge for 3000-4000 steps.

In the evening, walking with a dog, at a fast pace, is also accompanied by music on headphones. There is generally easy to fall into a trance and it does not bother. I try to load both as charging and as walking. The fact is that, when walking, not all muscle groups are strained equally. In general, the back gradually starts to hurt. From walking and charging. I found ways to solve 2. The first is to do several times a day by several touches of the floor with your hands, bent over. Such simple exercises to stretch the spine. The second way to lie down for a day is 15-30 minutes. It works well too. Actually, there was an article about proprioception on Giktayms, maybe if we set up movements correctly ...

I must report that such a regime, according to my feelings, leads to exceptional vigor and activity, on the verge of adequacy. It looks like a lot of dopamine is actually being produced. True in such cases it is difficult to sleep. No, in terms of peace, everything is fine, everything is very good, even fine 8)), but it is difficult to fall asleep — lay down and lie down. Good, but you don't feel tired. So drink a sleeping pill. Not every day, but often. (I admit it, and sometimes I used it in my life) I sleep well. In fact, if you do not drink sleeping pills, according to Sh, you sleep normally, but sleep time is about 6 hours and just lie down is boring, and 6 hours of horizontal position is not enough - the spine does not like it, the back hurts.

Naturally, over time, the load, sensation, condition, and weight changed. I will try to describe it.

At first, I just tried a pedometer for a few days. Measured the distance in steps to objects on the ground, and ordered the same for myself. That time that the goods went, I walked the recommended 8000-10000 steps according to my calculations. Felt a significant improvement in health and for some time did not even stand on the scales - the Plan has not yet matured. But when I weighed - I was surprised, the weight dropped by almost 4 kilos. I did weigh in the beginning. Electronic scales - quite accurate. So, having seen the result, a picture took shape in my head and the process of the Experiment itself began.

Do not expect that the change in weight will be uniform and monotonous. For a person who is motivated solely by weight loss, this is simply a disaster. Weight can suddenly add a kilogram and a half. On the graph, the weight data is reduced to a weekly interval, and then there are several peaks, and if weighed every day, then just a disaster.

As I understand the reason for the accumulation of water. She, as it is easily delayed, so easily and leaves. Another oddity: for a week's trip (physically non-burdensome), 2.5kg of weight lost somewhere in Belarus ... A jump like that. There may be a question about the danger of the transition process in unmanaged anorexia indignantly dismiss. Anorexia occurs when a person is on a diet, struggling with food. In my case, there are obvious elements of gourmet, although the feeling of hunger, as such, disappears. But it is completely replaced by the expressed desire of the body to get food.

At the very beginning, it was practically impossible to allocate strength and time for work. Everything went to the procedures of personal care, loved ones. Gradually, with the improvement of strength and health, it became possible to allocate strength and time to work, to break the regime. Somehow the body was involved. Changed tastes. Increased resistance to physical exertion. The state of health is very happy. For example, colds from the very beginning of the experiment was never. Digestion is also good, the flight is normal. What you want. On this I finish the allowed speeches.

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