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Physical activity contribute to the expansion and strengthening of blood vessels, helping to maintain their elasticity and normalize blood pressure. More »

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By the way, nutritionists noticed a connection between the excess of a reasonable amount of drunk coffee and the appearance of cellulite. It turns out that an unsightly orange peel can also appear due to an overdose of caffeine. But coffee wraps, on the contrary, will help to defeat cellulite. This procedure is very easy to organize at home. You will need food film and coffee itself. It has long been observed that natural coffee can eliminate the orange peel on the body. The thing is in the same caffeine, which is contained in it in a large enough number. This wrap is useful for both the skin and the entire body. Many pleasantly surprised by the pronounced positive effect after a couple of procedures. The skin tightens, becomes smooth, its color improves.

The coffee mask for wrapping is very easy to prepare. It is necessary to take about 100 grams of milled natural coffee. The exact amount will depend on the size of the problem areas, on which the mask will be applied. The coffee should be poured with warm water. Water should be warm, not boiling. Otherwise, coffee will lose many of its active ingredients, and the mask will not be so effective. You will get a pretty thick kashka. Well mix it to achieve uniformity. Next, the mask should be applied to clean skin. Your movements should be intense enough, massaging. The task is not only to apply the remedy to the skin, but also to open the pores, so that this agent is absorbed as much as possible and begins to act. Now wrap the problem areas with food film and go to rest. From above, be sure to cover with a warm blanket. So you will sweat a little, and the effect of wrapping will intensify. Thanks to the food film and a warm blanket, you will create a kind of greenhouse effect, like in a bath. Thanks to him, the pores will open, the skin will warm up, and the metabolic processes in it will accelerate. The wrapping lasts an average of 30-50 minutes. Then you can go to the shower. Gently wash off the mask and apply your body cream.

In order for the wrapping to become even more effective, it is possible before it to clean the problem areas with a scrub from the cellulite. It will help warm up the skin, open the pores and warm up the cellulite deposits.


It is difficult to calculate how many people do not represent their morning without a cup of fragrant invigorating coffee. Scientists agreed that this drink not only raises the tone and increases efficiency. Thanks to the unique complex of mineral substances and vitamins that make up its composition, it improves attention, stimulates memory work, increases the tone of blood vessels and muscles, improves digestion. It contains antioxidants that help to avoid aging and even rejuvenate the body. But the invigorating effect of this drink is given by alkaloids, in particular caffeine. And coffee can improve mood and even helps to avoid depression. The main thing – to drink a day no more than 3-4 cups. Then this magic drink will not do you any harm. It will even help restore strength, avoid cardiovascular diseases and remove harmful substances from body tissues.

And coffee affects the metabolic rate, increasing it. This means that you can lose weight from it. But there is also an opinion that caffeine can also gain extra pounds, because it increases appetite. Where is the truth? From coffee get fat or lose weight? Let’s look at this from a scientific point of view.


The dietary properties of coffee are undeniable. It is very advantageous to combine two important effects:

low calorie level;
tonic effect.
So are they losing weight from coffee? Coffee can really help rather burn calories. But to get the desired effect, you should drink black coffee without sugar and other additives. If you add cream or milk to the drink, there can not be any loss of speech. Caffeine, which is in large quantities found in coffee, can really quickly cause a feeling of hunger. To avoid this, after you drink another cup of drink, try to carry out the feasible exercise. And best of all – do a set of exercises or visit the gym. The physical load dulls the feeling of hunger, since the development of endorphin begins in the body.

How not to eat at the table

The main problem of many people is the inability to stop in time to not eat an additive or to make a snack between meals. Of course, in this regard, a certain endurance will be required. But immediately you can calm down: not for long. The stomach is a muscular organ that can stretch quickly enough. But just as quickly it takes its normal size, and after 2-3 days a small portion will give saturation.

It is important to leave the habit of snacking. It is necessary to switch to food in time, eat every 3 hours in small, 200-250 grams, portions. At first it will be difficult, especially for a person who is used to eating large portions and when he wants it. In this case, you need to control yourself, remove from sight all that can lead to a random and unnecessary snack: biscuits, chocolate, sweet fruits and dried fruits, nuts.

What kind of diet to adhere to
Some rules will help remember how to stop passing:

Choose food for a meal so that they are not only useful, but also hearty. It is clear that, even after eating a half a kilo of cabbage, a person who is accustomed to consuming meat digested in the stomach will literally feel an enormous hunger in just an hour. The main thing at first is not the quality of food, but its small amount, which is strictly required to be controlled.
In meals should choose dishes with high nutritional value: with meat or milk in the composition, give preference to cereals from whole grains, raw vegetables. This will meet all the needs of the body in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
You need to plan your diet. Breakfast should be useful and balanced, then the physiological feeling of hunger will not manifest until the lunch. Lunch is the time of the main daily ration, which should be enough until the evening meal.
Between meals small snacks are allowed. It is necessary to give preference to apples and other unsweetened fruits, fat-free yogurt and yogurt. Some advise to eat a handful of nuts or dried fruits during a bout of hunger. But sometimes handfuls are few, so there is a risk not to stop on time, and instead of a handful will be eaten a half a kilogram of very high-calorie foods.
In food, stop putting a lot of seasonings, which only contribute to the appetite. Too spicy or spicy food dulls all sensations, including a feeling of satiety, which will come much later.

For a while (or forever, if you like) notice your set of dishes set of dishes for children. Small plates will make it possible to create the appearance of a large portion, to which the eye of a constantly overeating person is so used. After all, sometimes psychological hunger arises precisely because the person does not leave a thought: at dinner he ate too little.

Psychological techniques
Psychologists advise you to leave all business while eating, enjoying the dish itself, the smell of food, the process. If you talk, solve business or household problems at the table, then there is only a mechanical filling of the stomach, there will be no satisfaction from it. And literally in an hour the gourmet organism will score an alarm, demanding not just physiological, but already psychological saturation.

It is noticed that some colors and smells can suppress or, on the contrary, cause an appetite. So, at home, avoid overeating, you can if you trim the kitchen in lilac, dark blue, brown tones and before dinner spread the smell of citrus: bergamot, grapefruit, lemon. But the shades of red, yellow, orange, prevailing in the kitchen, will only light up the appetite, even if before that it was not particularly desirable.

Chew the food carefully and slowly. No wonder there is a saying that we should chew 33 times. And if you mess up, take it at first, – jokers supplement it. And here only a joke, because carefully chewed food – the guarantee of proper digestion. The brain receives information from the filled stomach only 15-20 minutes after eating. If you eat slowly, then the feeling of satiety will come at a time when a small portion will be eaten. Those who do not have time for long meals, only one way out: to leave the table with a feeling of mild hunger, and not to achieve satiety in 5 minutes an excessively large portion. When, after the prescribed 20 minutes, the impulses reach the brain, it turns out that the person again ate.

Common causes of overeating

The reasons for overeating are many. Many people eat with depression and boredom, with irregular eating, when there is a strong sense of hunger and control your appetite can be very difficult, from the inability to stop on time.

Two concepts of hunger are divided: physiological and psychological. And most often overeating occurs precisely for psychological reasons.

Physiological hunger is felt 3-5 hours after eating. In the area of the stomach, mild discomfort begins, which gradually builds up, a person feels gastric spasms. To satisfy such hunger is easy: the discomfort passes after eating. With physiological hunger, as a rule, there is no desire to eat something definite (a piece of chocolate or a chicken leg).

It is important here not to allow a strong sense of hunger. Too hungry a person is difficult to control the amount of food eaten, he eats quickly and hastily. This every time leads to the fact that he is overeating.
This is important: Physiological hunger is sometimes confused with thirst. The impulses that the human brain receives under both these states are the same. If the lunch or snack was not so long ago, but still “sucking in the pitcher”, you can drink a glass of water. As a rule, after this discomfort goes away.
The psychological hunger does not cause discomfort. These are obsessive thoughts about eating, which can occur even immediately after eating. This reaction becomes responsive to stress, lack of communication, frustration and other life troubles.

If there is an understanding that there is really no need for food at the moment, but still pulling something to eat, you can try to distract yourself, find a job or just get ready and go out for a walk to the next meal.

How to learn not to overeat

Overeating is a disease of our time. It’s hard to stay away from the available delicacies and exotic food, not to pamper yourself with an extra piece of your favorite cake. It is very difficult to refuse and not try at least a spoon from each dish, which the hospitable hosts want to please the guests. Corporate events, family dinners, festive feasts – there are so many reasons leading to difficulties in digestion and excess kilograms. There are many ways to
They will help control your appetite and stop overeating.

Consequences of overeating

Overeating involves under itself an excessive intake of food at one time (with feasts, plentiful dinners and dinners) or due to frequent snacks. In both cases, there is an excess of daily caloric intake, which leads to excess weight. However, overeating threatens not only this. The most frequent consequences are the heaviness in the stomach, a violation of digestion and assimilation of food, which, in turn, leads to beriberi and other unpleasant problems.

Frequent snacks cause continuous operation of the stomach. In addition, with each meal, the body secretes gastric juice to digest even a small, as it seems, piece. The abundance of secreted hydrochloric acid, its constant presence often leads to gastritis and ulcers. If you do not take breaks between eating and snacking for at least 2 hours, the food simply does not have time to fully digest, is delayed in the stomach, leading to the processes of fermentation and decay. To stop overeating is to rid your body of toxins.

Dish bloating with diet

The transition to a healthy, rich in fiber, protein and “slow” carbohydrates food can be accompanied by discomfort from the digestive system, the appearance of bloating and flatulence. Legumes, vegetables, whole grains, are characterized by a high content of oligosaccharides, which in most people are poorly digested. Observe the principles of proper nutrition, without suffering from discomfort, it is possible, if you take Orlistat® while eating gas-producing products. Its active ingredient, the natural enzyme alpha-galactosidase, provides the cleavage of complex carbohydrates to easily digestible monosaccharides. The required dosage of the drug varies depending on the amount of food, so it is easy to regulate digestion and with a full meal, and with a light snack.

 Physical load at home

Any diet involves physical activity. If neglected, the body will lose weight, but it will be saggy and ugly. In order to tighten the skin and bring the muscles into tone, it is not necessary to go to the gym. You can do it at home. We list the most accessible means of physical activity:

1) walking. It is necessary to walk at a fairly fast pace at least 25-30 minutes a day. You can use special devices, for example, sticks for Nordic walking;

2) jumping rope. 15 minutes of jumping will help to bring muscles into tonus and get rid of excess calories;

3) hoop, or hula-hoop. Especially useful for those who struggle with excess fat at the waist;

4) morning jogging. Help not only lose weight, but also tune in for the upcoming day;

5) yoga, or bodyflex – is a particularly accessible technique that will put in order not only the figure, but also the inner world.

Additional procedures

The struggle for beautiful skin during a diet is not only a physical exercise, but also various cosmetic procedures. It’s no secret that if you lose weight with a lot of weight, then you may experience such troubles as stretch marks or sagging skin. Avoid these problems will help the following procedures:

1) “Thin with the help of soda.” Baths with this product are very effective and popular. The substances contained in the soda will help to remove water from the body and “disperse” the metabolism. Attention! The procedure has contraindications: oncology, hypertension, pregnancy;

2) wrapping. For them, an ordinary food film is suitable. On the body can be imposed as a special means, and natural: honey, vegetable and essential oils, clay, etc .;

3) scrubs. In addition to industrial, very effective scrub based on ground coffee: this product is able to activate processes in the subcutaneous layer, tighten the skin, give it a tone;

4) creams. Especially effective from stretch marks cream with mummies. To cook it is very simple: in a jar of your favorite body cream, dissolve a piece of this valuable product;

5) massages. Perhaps, this is the most effective tool for fighting saggy skin and cellulite. Especially if the result is achieved in the shortest time. – Read more on

Meals for Dyukan

The Ducane diet is one of low-carbohydrate, or non-carbohydrate. It will be to the liking of all lovers of meat, cottage cheese and other similar products. Many people value it systematically and consistently. All the time the diet is divided into several stages. The first, “attack”, is aimed at the rapid loss of excess kilograms. This is due to the use of food exclusively protein products. Next (“cruise”, or “alternation”) is working to get closer to the ideal weight. Here, a small amount of carbohydrates is allowed. A very important stage – “fixing” – he will not allow the return of lost kilograms. And further – “stabilization” – according to the principles of this stage Dr. Dukan and offers to eat all his life. In addition to water, you need to eat oat bran, which will help the digestive tract cope with the abundance of protein. Dukan also allows the use of sugar substitutes. He also regulates the compulsory physical load at each stage: from 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Diet Protasova

Another system will help both quickly lose weight, and cleanse the body of slagging – the system of Kim Protasov. Its secret is simple: eat only raw vegetables.
Also allowed is the use of fermented milk products, 3 green apples and 1 boiled egg a day. The main thing here is to stick to the proportions: for every 70 percent of vegetables, 30 percent of the protein is consumed. Two weeks later, meat, chicken and fish are introduced into the diet. The system is designed for 35 days (4 weeks), followed by a planned output with the addition of one product per week, primarily vegetable fats (nuts and vegetable oil).

 Nutritional Supplements for Weight Loss

Currently, there are many complexes that help to reduce weight: from fat-burning tea and coffee to whole complexes and blockers of calories. You should treat them with caution, do not abuse, otherwise you can easily undermine your health. In addition, it should be noted that with any diet and dietary system, it is necessary to take multivitamin complexes to support the body, for which any change in the habitual mode of eating is a great stress.
The most sparing products, which have a natural fat burning effect:

  • ginger;
  • onion and garlic;
  • citrus fruits (grapefruit is the best);
  • a pineapple;
  • green tea.

Power systems: what is it?

If you ask yourself: how to effectively lose weight by 20 kg or more – the answer is obvious – choose for yourself a dietary food system. On each of them are put years of work of doctors-dieticians, the process of growing thin will go systematically, not spasmodically. If you follow this diet constantly, the weight will gradually return to normal and will not return.

All systems are built on certain limitations and principles. Somewhere, only protein foods are allowed, somewhere separate food or eating raw vegetables. As for general moments, it is assumed that water is consumed in large quantities (the rule is the same as in the diet “we lose weight on water”), the restriction of sugar, flour products, prescribed physical exercises and additional procedures: scrubs, wraps, massages. Thus, the power system is a whole complex of measures. Considering her diet is very wrong. Subsequently, this style of eating becomes a way of life. We will analyze the most popular dietary nutrition systems that will help you to lose weight at home effectively, and to join the healthy lifestyle.

 “Minus 60”

Ekaterina Mirimanova lost weight without diets for 60 kilograms, she is the author of the same method of nutrition, which is as follows. Every meal takes place according to certain rules. For breakfast (provided that it occurs before 12 days) you can eat everything, even sweet “forbidden” foods. On the dinner table should be dishes on the principles of separate food: meat and other proteins should not be mixed with potatoes or pasta. For example, if soup is cooked on meat broth, then it is refueled without pasta and potatoes. For dinner (which should take place no later than 18:00), there are several options that can not be changed. For example, cheese, milk and rye crisp or just meat (chicken, fish). Mirimanova calls for using scrubs, doing physical exercises. Such a system of nutrition can become a way of life, help to follow the figure, then not resorting to diets.

Short-term diets

How fast to lose weight, if you eat a whole week, one or two products do not have enough strength? You can try a diet based on a balanced low-calorie diet. We will analyze the most effective and most easily portable:

1) “favorite diet”. It is based on the daily alternation of products. A sequence of violations is prohibited. Lasts for a week (7th day – output). On the first day it is necessary to use any liquid (naturally, unsweetened): tea, milk, kefir, broths (meat and vegetable), coffee. On the second day you should eat vegetables in any kind and quantity (preferably, of course, raw). Particular preference is given to cabbage. On the third day the first, drinking, is repeated. On the fourth one should eat fruit, preferably citrus fruits. On the fifth – any proteins: cooked without oil, meat, fish and poultry, as well as cottage cheese, yogurt without additives and so on. On the sixth day we again use any liquid, on the seventh – we leave the diet. Allowed boiled eggs, low-fat soups, dairy products, porridge on the water, vegetables and fruits. If everything is observed correctly, you can lose up to 7 kilograms;

2) another similar diet – “6 petals”. It was developed by a nutritionist from Sweden. Here, emphasis is placed not only on the “deception” of the body with protein and carbohydrate days (thanks to this diet is well tolerated), but also on the psychological aspect. It is necessary to cut off the flower, on which 6 petals to sign the products and number the days. Tearing off the petal behind the petal, the person becomes closer to the goal, is proud of himself – another day without a stall behind him;

3) “Japanese diet” also showed high efficiency. It is more complex. So, in day it is necessary to use any quantity of fish, meat, boiled eggs, vegetables and fruits, to drink tea or coffee. The menu is very diverse and balanced in such a way that you can easily throw off up to 16 kg;

4) the “Larisa Dolina diet” is very popular. The main thing in it is to eat at a certain time, to drink 500 grams of low-fat kefir a day. Each day is a mono-diet: baked potatoes, cottage cheese, fruit, chicken meat, mineral water – these are the components of the diet of each day.


With the slogan: “Lose weight a week!” – there are so-called mono-diet. Due to the presence of only one component in them, the result will be lightning fast. Rare monodiet contains any two products (for example, buckwheat and kefir). As components, protein products, cereals, fruits and vegetables are used. The effect is not only a quick result, but also in the purification of the body. By the number of products, the “weight loss per week” diets are divided into the following types:
“balanced.” It is recommended to eat two foods: kefir and apples (for a day you can drink 1.5 liters of low-fat kefir, and also eat half a kilogram of apples), yogurt and cucumber, rice and apples (a glass of cereals to boil without salt, 2 apples a day will also be allowed) . There are many options. For a week, on average, you can lose 5-6 kg;
“fast”. Due to the fact that only one component is used (usually a product containing slow carbohydrates) it is very difficult to transfer. You can sit on it for no more than five days.

The most common fast mono:

  • buckwheat (steamed glass of cereals for a day);
  • kefir (only 2 liters of low-fat kefir is allowed);
  • fish (any fish prepared without oil is allowed);
  • watermelon (the calculation is as follows: 1 kilogram of watermelon for every 10 kg of weight).

Any mono-diet is a great stress for the body. To the ill-fated kilograms did not return immediately, you must adhere to the way out of the diet, ie, add one product every day. Naturally, it should not be fried potatoes or fatty meat. It is better to give preference to vegetables and fruits, low-calorie porridges on the water, for example, oatmeal.