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Satori is a glimpse of the enlightenment of the spirit. We reach it when we eat right, purify our thoughts and come to the normal movement of energy. This is a deep peace of mind, this is light and joy, this is illumination and inner enlightenment. This is a state of happiness.
Nature, music, movement, the beauty of the world – everything can be a source of satori. This is a higher take-off of the spirit, a sense of higher meaning and higher happiness. It is a bliss that comes by itself when you do not try to attain it and do not wait for it.

You can look at familiar things with an unusual look – a look of love and gratitude. You can see something new and unusual in what you have seen many times – in an ordinary flower, tree, splash of sea wave. And this experience can become so new and unusual that you will experience enlightenment, you will experience satori – a state where there are no thoughts, no feelings, but only delight and bliss.

Only one who has managed to bring his energy back to normal can achieve this: discover the unusualness of ordinary things and survive the satori. It is an important condition to be able to contemplate the world around with gratitude, not to make judgments and judgments, not to be captured by excessive feelings and anxiety. Try to learn this.

Exercise “Be Aware of Yourself and the Universe”
Starting position: sit down and watch your breathing. Do not change your breath, do not try to make it different – breathe the way you always breathe, simply and naturally.
Now try to breathe consciously – be aware of every breath and every breath. Imagine that it is your consciousness, your attention flows into the body with each breath and flows with each breath. Try to extend this state as long as possible, do not let yourself be distracted from the process of breathing. Do not be disturbed by what is happening around you; do not be disturbed by your thoughts. There is only your breathing, your conscious breathing – that’s all.

Imagine how the air along with your consciousness, your attention flows into the body and reaches the navel. THERE air enters, and from there it comes out. There you feel the very center of your being.

Focus on that center. Feel your whole body breathing, to every cell, and breathing comes from your center. Imagine that the whole Universe breathes in the same way. The universe also has a center from which the breath comes. Mentally align your own center with the center of the universe. Imagine that these two centers are connected at the same point. Now you breathe in unison with the Universe. Now you and her are one. Now you can feel the state of the Universe – and this state corresponds to satori: this state of delight, joy and bliss. Now you have discovered all this in yourself, in your own body.

Happiness is in us, you just need to find it.
This exercise is safe. Once you lose your concentration on breathing, you will get out of the state of union with the Universe. But your body will remember this condition. And you will be easier and easier to enter it. A true enlightened person is one who constantly lives in a state of breathing in unison with the Universe.


In search of a means of healing, I got acquainted with meditation quite early, but for a long time I did not understand its true meaning. The true meaning was revealed to me when I experienced satori. And then I realized that the state called meditation is the state of oneness with the Universe, with the world, with nature, the state in which healing comes, for when you merge with nature and the Universe, you yourself become the Universe – and the Universe can not be sick.
As a result of a long search, I found a wonderful state in which healing took place, in which I found happiness and joy of being. The day I first felt it became the best day of my life.
Before that, I was persistently engaged in meditation and thought about what I am, why I came to this world, where I am going. Then one day, while walking in the mountains, reflecting, as before, on the issues of life that concern me, I looked from the top to the landscape that opened before me. It was a clear day, the rocks were lit by the sun, and hid near the horizon in a faint haze. It was a great view. I could not tear myself away from contemplation. And he was so absorbed in him that his thoughts seemed to stop: I was and I and not me at the same time, I seemed to merge with the rocks, the sea and myself became part of the surrounding landscape.

A seemingly very simple thing happened: I just stopped thinking, my mind had disappeared somewhere, my words and thoughts had disappeared somewhere in my head. And then a miracle happened – I forgot myself, forgot my name, my body and my diseases, I forgot that I am a human being – I became a part of space, a part of the world, without a name, without a body, without many diseases and problems … There are no memories, no hopes, no past, no future. There was only one moment – there was only here and now. But how filled, saturated, how endless and infinitely deep was this moment! I felt what the true fullness of life means. It was like a new birth. Or as a sudden awakening from sleep. I found myself again, I found the whole world again, I found life again. I looked inward – and I saw the whole Universe there. I looked at the world – and in everything that surrounded me, I saw myself, I felt. The world was me, and I was the world, and there were no borders between us.
I realized that I had acquired the greatest of the treasures of the world, which in fact is so close that you don’t need to look for it – in yourself. The whole Universe is in us. And everyone can open it in themselves to become happy forever. Each of us is a whole world, a whole infinite Universe. How can the universe be unhappy?
In order to look into yourself, you do not need any preparation at all. Our true nature is with us all the time, and it is always ready to open up to us. And by discovering our true nature, we begin to see the true essence of all things. We begin to see the true essence of all the phenomena and events of the world, all the people around us. Only the vision turned inward is the true sight.
Only by looking inside yourself and discovering your identity with the Universe, you can enter into a state of perfect understanding of yourself and others, of eternal peace and harmony within yourself.
I have been in this state for more than twenty years – and I can say that it brings with it health. Proper nutrition and meditation are not always the keys that open the door to this state. But I can say with confidence that without proper nutrition and meditation it is impossible to maintain this state for as long as twenty years.

Meditation begins with relaxation (the exercise “complete relaxation”). But meditation is much more than just relaxation. It is such a concentrated mind on its body or on objects of the surrounding world, when the mind itself simply ceases to exist, as it stops and allows us to perceive the world not through the mind, but with all our true being, which is part of the Universe. Only this perception is true.
I want to offer you several ways of meditation.


Concentration of the mind can be easily achieved simply during ordinary sitting. It is only necessary to find a quiet, quiet place where there will be no obstacles for practicing. Let it be a quiet room without unnecessary things so that the mind is not distracted by them. Let it be light and spacious in this room. It will clarify and purify the mind. A dark, gloomy room with a lot of things just makes the mind and deprive it of its freedom. It is necessary that at this time you are in no hurry and your thoughts are not burdened by the work ahead or something that you need to do immediately. It is better to do it early in the morning or in the evening, after work.

Take a position in which the back is straightened, but there is no tension in it. It is best to sit on a chair with a straight back. Make sure that the chin is only slightly tilted forward, but the head does not hang on his chest. Put your hands on your knees, palms up. Find a position in which you will be comfortable, in which you will feel a state of internal balance.
Now direct your attention to the face area. Notice what voltage there is, remove them. Start moving attention down through the body. Notice sensations, relax any tension, especially on the face, neck and hands. Allow the eyelids to close completely or half.
Notice how you feel. Are there any expectations? Take them off. You are not waiting for anything. You just sit.

Relax your attention to the body. Notice how thoughts, memories, fantasies, doubts float through your mind … Watch how they float by, pass through you and go. Imagine all these thoughts in the form of a stream that flows by. Realize that this flow is not you. He comes and goes, and you stay. Do not fight with this stream, but do not cling to it, do not flow with it, just watch how it flows past. So you calm the mind.
Again, turn to the body and notice what sensations are there – warmth, pulsation, coolness, tingling, numbness … Note in which areas of the body there are sensations and which are not – Examine your body carefully with your mind’s eye, mark all What do you feel. In the end, the mind will calm down completely.
Practice every day just to watch your mind from the outside, not to engage in mental conversation, not to struggle with thoughts, but to let them through you and let them go.
If you feel sleepy or, on the contrary, agitation and tension, then with more attention, immerse yourself in the study of your body. Do this until you reach tranquility.


You can dive into the meditative state even during normal walking. If you have the opportunity to go out into the open air, find a flat platform or just a path, the length of which is approximately 25 to 30 steps.
Stand at one end of the walkway and focus on your body. Let the body be straightened, arms loosely hanging along the body.

Now gently fold your palms in front of you or behind your back. Direct your gaze to a point at ground level, which is about three meters ahead of you. It is necessary to look only at the ground in front of you, so that the gaze will not be distracted by any visual impressions.
Now start calm, gentle walking. Walk at an arbitrary pace to the end of the track.
At the end of the path, stop and inhale and exhale several times, following the process of inhalation and exhalation, concentrating on them.

Now turn around and go back. When walking, watch the sensations in the body. But pay special attention to the sensations in the feet. Feel how the soles touch the ground, how the feet push off the ground, how they smoothly move through the air and touch the earth again. All attention should be taken feeling in the feet.

If you get stuck in obsessive thoughts again and again, begin to focus more and more deeply on the sensations in your feet. Stopping at the end of the walkway, discard any anxiety, anxiety, exhale it all with the exhaled air. Be sure to come a moment when thoughts go. Let it be just a moment for a start. But you will feel it. And this is a lot.
If you can not walk on the air, you can walk around the room in a circle, make a stop after each lap.
Everything that you see, everything that you feel, imagine in the same flow as the flow of thoughts; let this flow pass through you without hurting you. Realize that your thoughts, feelings, perception, your mood is not you. All this passes and leaves, and you stay. Gradually, a feeling of lightness and tranquility arises, allowing the mind to clear.

Being engaged in meditation regularly, you will begin to live in a completely new way – to live, penetrating into the essence of the phenomena and things of the world. You will notice how the pain itself goes away and the illness disappears. You will see that you have become calmer and more peaceful, and the world is good to you, and you have no reason to be angry and annoyed. Your mind will become sincere and clear, more focused and more aware. Therefore, it will acquire the ability to more accurately and quickly respond to everything that happens around you, and more harmony will appear in your life. You can calmly accept the most diverse feelings arising in your mind. You can sincerely, openly and freely accept the world and yourself as they are.
You will get rid of dissatisfaction with yourself and others. You will be able to come to terms with yourself and become more confident. You will find yourself the way the Creator intended you to be.


According to the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, gardens are not intended for idle walks. Contemplation, concentration, reflection – this is the main thing that should occupy us in the garden. A garden is a space for imagination, a window to another world, an eternal and beautiful world. Sad is the kingdom of order. When order is around us, order is in our soul. When we litter the space around us with disorder, we litter the entire universe …

Ode to Immobile Stone
Fifteen stones in front of my house … Fifteen stones of bizarre shapes and different sizes on pure white sand, arranged in random order, with islands of moss between them. Oh, HOW MUCH time I spent here, contemplating, thinking, learning about life and myself …
Stone lives much longer than man. Stone versus man is eternal. But in vain they think that the stone is inanimate. He is also alive, as if everything is alive in our world. Just his life is slow and invisible to the human eye. He lives slowly and thoughtfully. He lives wisely, without poisoning himself with man’s passions and sufferings. How much wisdom has a stone accumulated in its life! How much life force lurks in his motionless body! This comprehends only contemplating a rock garden.

The stones taught me silence. Stones taught me patience. Stones taught me calm. The stones taught me to contemplate.
The stones in the garden are arranged so that they cannot be seen all at the same time. no matter where you are located, it is still one stone that escapes your gaze. This creates the feeling that the garden is infinite, that it has no boundaries. Just as there are no limits to the universe.
Stones taught me the infinity of the universe. The stones taught me that I, like them, is also an island in the ocean of the universe. So, I am as eternal and infinite as it is.

I spent many hours of meditation in the rock garden. In peace and quiet, the contemplation of the stones soothed my mind. And the garden of stones was transformed and reincarnated before my eyes, then into an endless water surface with ice tops, now into a plain with protruding peaks of rocks, now into the sky with mountains of clouds … open it and enter it to become part of it. Focusing on the stationary, I felt the movement of higher rhythms, I heard the melodies of the Universe and contemplated the entire boundless Universe at once.

I learned the harmony of the Universe and the health of nature from stones, from gardens, from flowers, from all of nature. I saw how the nature around me gives me healing energy. And this energy is no less important than the one we get from food.

Food – one way to get ki our body. Vision, hearing, other feelings and sensations are another way of getting ki from space. One without the other is incomplete. If we eat healthy natural food, but our eyes and ears at this time suffer from disorder and cacophony, then even the best food under the influence of bad energy can deteriorate and not be so useful.
Garden art I think is very important. Garden – the Universe in miniature, where all forces and energies are in harmony. Be it a rock garden or a plant garden. If you have a garden, it brings you its strength and harmony. If you cook your food in the kitchen overlooking the garden, then your food will be much more useful.

Water, stones, trees, bushes, mosses, flowers, grasses – all this is not just the material from which the garden was created, these are particles of the Universe, in which, like a drop of water, the Universe is reflected. It is not by chance that the word “garden” once meant a space intended for the worship of gods.

Water and stones – the main thing that should be in the garden. Why the main thing? Because water and stones create harmony of yang and yin. Water – yin, stones – yang. Contemplate water and stones if you want to maintain the balance of yang and yin in your body. Getting in balance yang and yin with food, we must also get yang and yin in balance from the surrounding space with the help of our sensory organs and nervous system. The sand is also yin. Therefore, in the garden of stones water replaces the sand.


Harmony of yin and yang around us create stones and water. If there is no garden or you can not contemplate it, you can hang at least a picture of the garden. Although, of course, it will not radiate the energy that radiates from a living real garden.
In addition to harmony, yin and yang need harmony of the five elements in the surrounding space. This harmony is needed where we live. The ancient art of ikebana allows you to create harmony even in the smallest space. You do not need the pomp and elegance of the bouquet, so that it is beautiful and carries the harmony of energies. The ultimate severity, two or three branches, simple and modest plants – this is enough to see in a small – large, in modest branches – the whole harmony of the Universe.
Five elements, five elements, which means that the whole force of nature can be reflected in the composition of ikebana.
Green is the color of the Tree. He personifies spring and symbolizes the east, where day and spring are born.
Red is the color of Fire. It is the color of summer and south.
White is the color of Metal. This is the color of autumn, when white rice matures. This is the color of the west.
Black is the color of Water. This is the color of the darkest, deafest season – winter. This is the color of the north.
Yellow is the color of Earth. This is the color of the end of summer, when all the life-giving forces of the Earth are strongest. This is the color of the center, where all sides of the world meet.
Triangular shapes are required in ikebana. The triangle is a symbol of the unity of yin and yang, earthly and heavenly. A triangular vessel and a combination of five colors in the composition – what could be better for feeling the harmony of the world?
Let the composition of several branches unite the past, present and future, so that we can experience life as an eternal, eternal moment, fully saturated and lived to the very end. The past is fully bloomed flowers, pods, dried leaves. The present are flowers that are just starting to bloom, and fresh green shoots. The future is buds and swollen buds.
Let the composition bring us the energy of eternal youth, joy and peace. Eternal youth and longevity – it is a pine and a rose. Youth and eternity are a combination of pine and rhode. Youth and prosperity are pine and peony. Prosperity and peace are peony and bamboo. Joy – these are flowers of cabbage, chrysanthemum and orchid.
Bamboo and pine – evergreens, and therefore they carry the strength of longevity and youth. Add bamboo sprouts to your food if you want to prolong youth. Bring it to your home to make plant compositions. So you will bring eternal youth into your home. It is also very durable. Your health will be just as durable if you eat bamboo and contemplate it in your home.
A branch of apricot tree will bring beauty and grace to a woman. A flowering apple tree will give peace and quiet to the family. Jasmine will help to experience the enjoyment of life, its fullness and strength. The whiteness and perfection of its colors are as beautiful as the true essence of being.


Harmony of yin and yang and the five elements can be brought to your home not only with ikebana. Let’s look at our house. What is more in it – yin or yang?
If there is a lot of light in the house, very bright lighting, if there are a lot of brightly blooming plants with pointed leaves or leaves of complex bizarre shape, if it is always noisy, if bright and bright colors prevail in the setting, if there are a lot of silk and shiny fabrics, bright, warm or bright colors of wallpaper, curtains, furniture, silk and satin shiny fabrics, large windows with curtains drawn back, if there are moving objects, then there is a lot of yang in such a house.
If the house is always twilight, if the situation is dominated by dim, cold, muted and dark colors, if there are a lot of fabrics that absorb light, velvet and plush, if the windows are draped, if there are pictures of water, if there are many dimly blooming flowers with round leaves if the house is always quiet – there is a lot of yin in it.
If we want to be healthy, we need to bring into the surrounding space the kind of energy that it lacks. Balance yin and yang around you. And it will be easier for you to balance the yin and yang within yourself. It is necessary to balance the energy of the five elements.
Let’s look again at our house .. Which element is greater in it, and which is less?
If the house faces the north – it is to the elements of Water.
If the house faces the south – it is to the elements of Fire.
If the house faces south-west or north-east, it will fall to the elements of the Earth.
If the house faces west or north-west, it tends to the elements of Metal.
If the house faces east or southeast, it will fall to the elements of the Tree.
If the house has too many blue, gray and black colors in the setting, if it has an abundance of mirrors and glass objects, if there are undulating forms in the pattern of fabrics and objects, if there are paintings of water, fish and seascapes, if you have a lot of visible dishes for liquids – in such a house an excessive amount of water energy. It is not surprising that in such a house you seem to be afraid of something all the time, you are afraid – the energy of Water is associated with fear.
If the house has a lot of green color, a large number of pieces of furniture made of wood and wicker, if there are a lot of mats, bamboo curtains, wooden figurines, paintings of trees and plants – in such a house there is too much energy of the Tree. The one who lives in it is often angry – the energy of the Tree is associated with anger.
If there is an abundance of red and orange in the house in the interior decoration, if there are a lot of lamps and other sources of light, if candles are lit all the time, if there are many paintings of the Sun and fire, there is too much Fire energy in such a house. The energy of Fire is associated with joy and love, but these feelings can become excessive and turn into their opposite: from joy to nervous excitement and a painful overactive state that is destructive. Any excessive feelings are bad, they become a disease that needs to be treated.
If the house has a lot of brown and yellow shades, if there are a lot of square objects, if there are a lot of objects from ceramics, stones and crystals and paintings depicting landscapes, there is too much energy of the Earth in such a house. The owner of such a house is often worried – anxiety is associated with the energy of the Earth.
If there are a lot of metal objects in the house, if it is dominated by metalware, metal furniture, if there is a lot of white color, silver shades in the design, if there are a lot of round objects and paintings depicting metal objects (knives or coins), then in such a house is too A lot of Metal energy. In this house mourn and grieve – the energy of the Metal is associated with sadness.
In order to harmonize our feelings, so that there is no preference for any of the senses – neither sadness, nor anxiety, nor anger, nor fear, nor excessive joy – you need to put your house in order. And then all the feelings that visit us will not be excessive – they will be quiet and calm, and the joy will be as clear as the sun, and not as destructive as a fire. And all feelings will visit us, come and go without becoming a part of us, which will allow us to keep our true essence – the pure and wise enlightened children of the Universe.
What element to your home? Is there any one energy in your house to the detriment of others? It means that it is necessary to weaken the prevailing element and strengthen the missing ones.
All energies in the world interact with each other, affect each other. The energy of the five elements influences each other: Fire nourishes the Earth, Earth nourishes the Metal, Metal nourishes the Water, Water nourishes the Tree, the Tree nourishes the Fire. In other combinations, energy depletes each other: Metal depletes Wood, Wood depletes Earth, Earth depletes Water, Water depletes Fire, Fire depletes Metal. Using this knowledge, you can weaken or strengthen the actions of the elements.
If there is not enough Water, you need to add blue, dark colors. Water in the house will be enhanced by shells, corals, sea stones, glass objects, fish-shaped ornaments, and other items with water,fish, sea animals and plants. Strengthens Water Metal: silvery and golden shades, metallic objects. If there is a lot of Water and it is impossible to remove its signs, use the Tree to loosen it: add shades of yellow, wooden objects. This will calm the fear that comes from the elements of Water, but it will not allow anger to develop, the Tree in combination with Water does not cause anger, but acts soothingly. If there is not enough Tree, it can be strengthened with the help of Water. The anger of the Tree and the fear of Water will neutralize each other and go out of your life. The tree will be strengthened by dried plants, pieces of wood, bark, small twigs, as well as any wooden objects. If there is a lot of Wood, you can loosen it with Metal, while avoiding silvery shades that can kill the Tree. Bronze shades of Metal will lead the Tree to harmony and deprive it of the tone of anxiety. If there are no elements of Fire in the house, then it is necessary to introduce it, but in very small quantities. They will bring in the Fire house precious stones of red color, a candle, a small lamp, and a small lamp. Strengthening the other elements of the fire will be redundant. But this energy can be given a creative character with the help of the Tree, adding green shades to the design of the house. The tree will remove the unnecessarily exciting effect of Fire. If there is a lot of Fire, Water will cope with it. Gray, blue, a little black – and the Fire will be curbed, the joy will cease to be destructive, it will acquire a calm character, but the presence of Fire will not let Water envelop you with fear. If there is little Earth, it will be revived by the elements of Fire. Add bright red spots to the yellow and beige tones of the Earth – and anxiety will leave your life and joy will come. Strengthen the Earth any ceramic objects, clay figures, crystals. If there is a lot of Earth, soften it with Metal. Anxiety and anger will destroy each other, and peace and tranquility will come to the house. If there is a lot of Metal, Fire can weaken it, but Fire needs very little, otherwise it can completely destroy Metal. Water can also soften Metal – blue, gray and even black elements will very well complement the silver-white colors of Metal. If there is not enough Metal – Earth will feed it, especially beige and brown colors. Any metal objects, gold and silver jewelry will strengthen the metal.


Harmony of color in our house – how important it is for the harmony of our feelings. How important it is for the harmony of our health. Only one color can be cured. For color is also healing energy. Contemplating the right colors around you and at the same time eating the right colors in the right combinations, you can get rid of the disease.
When preparing food, you must remember that the color of food itself has energy. And this energy can carry healing powers, and can destroy, if we use the wrong product.
White color relieves tension, drives away anxiety, calms thoughts. White color enhances the function of the visual system and internal glands. But do not get involved in pure white color – use it only in combination with other colors.
Useful white foods – rice, white cabbage, sea salt (in small quantities), fish with white meat.
Harmful white foods – white flour, sugar, salt in large quantities, milk in excessive quantities, potatoes.
Red color awakens vitality. Increases body temperature, heals with anemia and loss of strength. It makes the muscles elastic and the joints moving.
Useful red foods – beets, pomegranate grains, radishes, cherries, strawberries, red cabbage, paprika.
Harmful red foods – large quantities of fish roe, tomatoes, tomato juice and tomato sauce.
Orange color allows you to awaken hidden strengths and abilities. This color adjusts to unprecedented generosity. He strengthens the will. It improves metabolism, increases blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on skin color and digestion, increases appetite and gives a feeling of joy. Restores balance, gives strength in grief.
Useful orange products – carrots, orange, apricot.
Harmful orange foods – some fish meat.
Yellow is the color of health, it gives vitality. Helps from melancholy. Infusion of yellow flowers treat jaundice.
Useful yellow foods – melon, pumpkin, millet.
Harmful yellow foods – bananas, egg yolks, cheese.
Green color gives confidence and improves heart function. It helps dispel negative emotions, gives tranquility, helps with shock and has a hypnotic effect.
Healthy green foods – all green vegetables, apples.
. Harmful green products – not detected.
Blue color brings clarity of thought, helps to restore nerves, heals with intense heartbeat, with intestinal upset, nervous overstrain, calms raging passions, extinguishes emotions, reduces blood pressure.
Useful blue foods – black currants, blue berries, some algae.
Harmful blue foods – eggplants.
Violet color allows you to get insights from above, helps to know the laws of the world. Light purple color calms when anxious, gently improves eyesight.
Useful purple foods – grapes, plum.
Harmful purple foods – jams and fruit jelly.


Creating a harmony of space with colors and shapes, we will create a harmony of sound. Let’s learn to sound harmoniously.
Every person has an energy that emits waves and vibrations. This is also a sound. Do we sound harmonious? Let’s try to create harmonious vibrations in ourselves and fill them with our living space.
Exercise “Cleansing and soothing sound”
Starting position: relax, take a comfortable position – better standing. Melodically, draw out the sound “Aaaa”. Feel the sound reflected in the body and the body begins to fill with vibrations from the inside. Sing “Aaaa” until you feel the vibrations that fill the whole body, especially in the lower part.
Now feel the vibrations emanating from the body, as if the whole body is sounding and filling the surrounding space with sound. With this sound you are purifying both your body and all the space around.
Also practice in the melody sound “oooo”. Feel again how the body vibrates, especially in its chest part. Fill the whole body with vibrations, let the vibrations radiate from the body and fill all the space around.
Now draw a lengthy “MM”. Feel how the body is filled with vibrations, and especially the head. Let the vibrations from the head area spread to the outer space.
Connect all three sounds into one: “AU-M”. Singing “AU-M” is a very good way to purify your energies, bring them to harmony and create harmony around you. You will feel cleared and calmed down.
However, this singing will only purify and calm you if you eat properly – macrobiotic food. Energy will not be able to flow through the body clogged with harmful food, it will stagnate, get stuck.
Eat right, cleanse your energies and the energies of the surrounding space – and you will live a long happy life. But a long life will not be just the extension of old age – you will save youth, vitality, you will always be vigorous, strong and healthy.


Every person is born to be happy. Each of us from birth has everything for this. We are born with healing power inside our body — the force that the Creator put into us and that should come to our aid in difficult times when this help is needed.
But over the years, a person forgets that this divine spark is embedded in him by the Creator – healing power. A person ceases to trust this force, simply does not know about it. Moreover, a person by his behavior begins to interfere with the work of this healing power!
This healing power belongs to the energy nature of man. It can work only when the energy of a person is not distorted. A person distorts his energy by unhealthy diet, wrong lifestyle and wrong thoughts. And the healing power cannot begin its work in a distorted body.
When we begin to eat right and think correctly, the healing power is included in the work. A person must live to 200 years – if he learns to think correctly and eat right. In our century, this is still unattainable, but I believe that this will be achievable for the man of the future, who, of course, will be wiser than we are now. But now there are long-livers in the world who live for 120, 130 and even 140 years! So it is possible. And this is not the limit.
Human capabilities are sure to unfold in full. When a person becomes wiser, when he clears his thoughts and his body, when he discovers his true essence – the particles of the Universe, which cannot get sick when he stops poisoning himself with poisonous harmful products.
A person who has switched to proper nutrition easily strengthens his spirit. After all, healthy writing brings Yang and Yin into balance of energy, and a person becomes as much earthly as cosmic. The spirit enters the body, strengthening it from the inside. It becomes immediately noticeable – there is a rejuvenation of the body. Proper nutrition is not only health, it is a very real rejuvenation. The body becomes flexible, slim and young, regardless of your age.
To combine yang and yin in oneself, without distortions and the prevalence of one over the other, is to become young and healthy. We all came from the universe and go into it. We live on earth, and we live in the whole universe at once. We are all born of space and earth. Proper nutrition is only the restoration of our true essence, which we have forgotten, which we have betrayed, for which we have been punished with disease and suffering.
Returning your true nature is the most important task of every human being on Earth.