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Preparations and folk remedies for increasing potency in men. Potency is …

Unfortunately, a decrease in potency is an actual problem for many men. In today’s world, there are many factors that lead to erectile dysfunction. The category of men suffering from this problem include not only the elderly, but also young guys. This happens for various reasons, among which a special place is occupied by stressful situations, a wrong way of life, as well as chronic diseases of the reproductive system. You should know that potency is a healthy state of the male body, in which normal sexual contact is possible. With various violations, this mechanism fails or is completely lost. This condition is called erectile dysfunction or impotence. As a result, men experience not only physical weakness, but also psychological stress. But do not despair, because there are many ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction on

Potency is what?

Everyone knows that a healthy man is able to perform a normal sexual intercourse regardless of age. Potency is a term that, in Latin, means “opportunity.” By this is meant the ability to have a healthy sexual life. From this definition it follows that the potency in men implies a normal erection during the entire sexual intercourse. Under the influence of harmful influences, it can weaken. Sometimes its reduction is not dangerous, since there is no persistent cause of the development of erectile dysfunction. This happens, for example, with strong excitement during preparation for sexual intercourse. In this case, a man should not worry and just relax. If this phenomenon is repeated repeatedly, then you need to seek medical help. In a broader sense, potency is not only the ability to create and retain an erection, but also a normal libido, that is, the emergence of sexual desire at the sight of a person of the opposite sex.

Causes leading to decreased potency

Potency in men can be reduced due to various factors. They can be divided into psychoemotional, physiological and exogenous causes of erectile dysfunction. In most cases, there is a combination of these factors. The development of impotence due to psychoemotional stress. This reason is most often associated with problems in the family (misunderstanding between a man and a woman, scandals) or at work. In this type of impotence, libido is primarily reduced, which leads to erectile dysfunction. Physiological causes include vascular, neurogenic and endocrine disorders. Each of them has a certain mechanism of development and requires treatment by a specialist – a urologist. Exogenous factors of the development of impotence are bad habits and medicamentous effects. It should be remembered that the constant use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco leads to erectile dysfunction. Among drugs that reduce sexual power, isolated antiandrogens.

The mechanism of impotence development drugs to increase potency in men

There are several mechanisms that lead to sexual weakness. They depend on the immediate cause of impotence. The most common mechanisms are vascular and neurogenic. In the first case arterial blood comes in insufficient quantity to the penis, which provokes full, but more often partial, dysfunction. With a rapid venous outflow, on the contrary, an erection occurs quickly, but the sexual contact itself is short-lived. Reduction of potency in spinal cord injuries, as well as pelvic bones has a neurological mechanism. Unfortunately, in this case erectile dysfunction rarely gives in to treatment. The medicamentous and endocrine types of impotence develop due to the inhibitory effect exerted on male sex hormones. It should be remembered that regardless of the mechanism of appearance of erectile dysfunction in most cases it is curable. Folk remedies for increasing potency in men

Ways to increase potency

To raise or return the potency, you should seek medical help. After the doctor finds out the cause of erectile dysfunction, he will prescribe the necessary treatment. There are several ways to increase potency. Among them, the following are distinguished: folk remedies (decoctions of plants, consumption of certain food products), psychotherapy, surgical intervention and medication. All these methods are effective and are applied depending on the cause of impotence. In some cases, combined treatment is needed (most often – folk remedies and medications). How to increase potency at home

What are the popular means for increasing the potency of men?

One of the main ways to treat erectile dysfunction is unconventional therapy. Allocate the following folk remedies for increasing the potency of men: Infusion from the Kalgan. To make it, you need 200 g of roots of this plant to insist on 0.5 liters of vodka for 2 weeks. Then the infusion should be filtered. Take 2 times a day for 1 teaspoon for 3 weeks. Walnuts and honey. Mix the ingredients in approximately equal amounts and consume 1 tablespoon before bedtime. Infusion of leaves of St. John’s wort, mint and oregano. All chop and pour 100 ml of vodka. Insist in a dark place and take 3 times a day for 1 tablespoon. After using this mixture, you need to take a break – 1 month.

Medicines to increase potency

Drugs to increase potency in men should appoint a specialist. The mechanism of action of these drugs is based on increased blood flow to the penis. Thanks to this, the onset of an erection is provoked. In addition, some medicines further strengthen the body and the vascular system. Among the drugs for potency, there are tablets “Viagra”, “Cialis”, “Alicaps”, “Levitra”, etc. Unfortunately, these medications can not be used for chronic heart and kidney diseases. Besides them, there are drops of “El macho”, which are safe for health and have no contraindications. Drugs for increasing potency in men can be bought at pharmacies or ordered on the Internet. Before this, you need to get a urologist consultation. Means increasing potency

Increased potency at home

Means that increase potency, you can use both periodically (before sexual intercourse), and systematically for the complete restoration of sexual function. Before you start taking medication, you can try to restore your erection yourself. How to increase the potency in the home and without harm to the body? First of all, it is necessary to normalize the regime of the day and nutrition (to consume more meat products, vegetables and fruits). It is also important to give up bad habits and avoid stressful situations. If the problem arose against the background of a psychoemotional disruption, you need to discuss it with your partner and achieve mutual understanding in the family.

How to increase the power of men in the home quickly and for long?

With a certain age in the strong sex often have erection problems. The question is how to increase the power of men, excites a lot. Such a breach in the male body can be a real tragedy. The causes of erectile dysfunction can be stress, a sedentary lifestyle by taking drugs, alcohol, smoking, poor diet, hormonal imbalance. But do not panic. There are many different methods to increase power. To help solve the problem welcome modern means of last generation, as well as proven recipes of traditional medicine.
Many men in its mature years want to improve their efficiency. Modern life is an extremely negative effect on the health of men. The constant lack of sleep and fatigue can also cause the weakening of the erection and sexual desire. Stem Recovery takes time and specific measures.

First, in the fight against erectile dysfunction are basic rules must be respected:

Sex life. Male reproductive organs require constant training. For every man is important to avoid long periods of sexual abstinence. It provides health throughout the body, improves the quality of the sperm and increases its number. Regular sex to prevent the development of impotence. According to research in 2003, weekly orgasms dramatically decreases the risk of developing prostate cancer.
Prevention of diseases that are sexually transmitted. These infections develop suddenly and quickly. Their presence in the male body will help to identify appropriate tests. However, all sex representatives strongly routinely screen for genital infections. Any discomfort should be a reason to see a doctor and be diagnosed. After the defeat exposed not only to the sexual organs, but the entire male body.
Proper nutrition should be one of the main methods in the fight against erectile dysfunction. A balanced diet improves power and provides libido. The products used must contain a large amount of phosphorus – this element has a direct impact on human health and potency. You need to eat food that promotes the development of the necessary male hormones. After micronutrient main phosphorus for men is zinc. He was involved in the synthesis of testosterone. The zinc deficiency in the body leads to a deterioration in quality and deterioration of the power of the ejaculate. Also eat foods should contain vitamin E. It also provides the high power of man and prevent negative changes in the genitalia cells. Good nutrition helps to get rid of erection problems quickly, restores the hormonal balance helps to recover in a short period of time. How to improve low power through power? You must eat protein foods, honey with nuts, spices, vegetables and fruits.
Avoid alcohol. The little man drank the liquor, the better his power. Many believe that a glass of wine will provide the necessary impetus for sex. However, it is not. For example, prostate alcohol is absolutely contraindicated. In a situation where the exact cause of impaired power is not known, alcohol is necessary to completely eliminate your life.
Get rid of extra pounds. Obesity can also cause a decrease in power. For, to lose weight slowly, start each morning with a load. Do sports and exercise during the day, poseschaote gym.
A restful sleep helps the body recover. Lack of chronic sleep, fatigue, weakness, an extremely negative effect on erectile function in humans. It is extremely important to always get enough sleep and rest after work.

How to increase the power of men in a natural way

Natural means to increase the power to focus not only on the excellent work of sexual function but also to general improvement and strengthening of the male body. Assist in dealing with the problem of a specially designed set of exercises. In the practice of the pubic muscle process, which has a direct impact on erection. Daily need to perform these simple exercises:
1. The rotation of the basin. Set apart your feet shoulder width, hands resting on the belt. Rotate the basin should be 10 minutes in one direction and then in another.
2. step on the spot, raising the knees and very pressed to his stomach;
3. knees slightly bent, hands resting on the belt. Then bend your knees more, it is necessary to exercise a maximum and relax the muscles of the buttocks several times;
4. the lifting basin, lying on its back;
5. rotation of the kicks, lying on the back, – exercising a “bicycle”;
6. several times to stretch and relax the muscle pubococcygeus.
In addition to exercise, it is important to eat certain foods. They increase the power to provide persistent penile erection. Men need to eat regularly:
Unwrought garlic;
Carrots steamed in milk;
Water – as a means to increase power
Well help restore contrast baths per day of Potence at night. They are very beneficial effect on the blood circulation in the pelvis and strengthen the entire body. For the procedure, a tub filled with cold water and the other warm. Each container should be soaked for one minute.
Gradually increase the temperature difference. It is important to know that the initially strong temperature difference can only hurt. It can also be used as an alternative to vaginal douche baths. On the power of reconstitution, and has a beneficial effect of the sauna. The bath is best to go twice a week, and make sure to use a birch broom.
Sufficiently effective method using ice. In the classic gauze need to wrap the ice. The question must first be folded several times. Such a cold pack is necessary to require one to two minutes to different parts of the body. Start with the head – apply ice on the skull, then on the heart, then – on the scrotum.
How To Increase The Power Of Popular Remedies
Traditional medicine is rich in a variety of effective recipes that help restore erectile function quickly. The best known methods:
Every day, eat a feast – honey with chopped walnuts. The components are mixed in equal parts. The means required to apply at least 1 month. For the best effect, you can wash down with delicate milk.
Good helps solve the problem of carrot cocktail with the addition of honey. Bee products and vegetables such as carrots, have long been considered an excellent remedy for the restoration of human health. Drink a cocktail needed for ¼ cup three times a day.
Prepare the garlic infusion and be taken daily for 20 drops.
Significantly improves the power of cabbage juice. It must be consumed daily in small quantities.
Decoction of medicinal herbs will help to strengthen the erection. Take the basilisk inflorescence, walnut leaves, rhizome horseradish. Then you need to boil 1 liter of red wine and pour them grass. Ready broth is wrapped in a warm cloth and insist. Then filtered and taken before a 100 ml meal.
It is very effective in dealing with drug lungwort impotence. The plant should be regularly added to salads and other dishes. In addition to lungwort infusion take – dry grass pour boiling water and take the means.
Asparagus, infusions and decoctions of maple branches, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds require constant use for men who have problems with power. These tools help to get rid of this problem.

Healthy lifestyle

The rule of thumb when dealing with impotence – is to observe healthy lifestyle. It is important to take various preventative measures, so that more elderly people do not think about the intimate nature of the problem. Older men often think about how to increase the power of 60 years.
To solve, you can use a variety of methods, ranging from exercise, and end the use of special tools. An integrated approach to help eliminate erectile dysfunction and quickly restore the health of men.
It is necessary to apply special massages, do sports, take long walks in the fresh air. You can use the best traditional medicine recipes and modern trends, developed by experts to increase power.

Foods containing harmful trans fats

Trans fats occur during the hydrogenation of natural vegetable fat (oil). Thus, the manufacturer prolongs the shelf life and life of the product, but you can not say such things about our life with you.

Many foods include trans fats, which are not as harmless as it might seem at first glance. Particularly dangerous for humans are substances created in industrial conditions.

Trans fats occur during the hydrogenation of natural vegetable fat (oil). Thus, the manufacturer extends the shelf life and life of the product, but you can not say such things about our life with you.

What are trans fats?

Trans fat means modified molecules that appear in vegetable fats (oils) as a result of exposure to high temperatures during hydrogenation. The composition of these fats includes altered unsaturated acids, which, when ingested, impair metabolism. As a result, toxins and toxins form in the body, and many diseases are provoked.

The main difference between conventional fats and trans fats is that the first can cause excess weight, and the second increase the likelihood of a number of diseases.

Harmful components are found mainly in industrial products. For example, sunflower oil becomes a source of trans fats when heated. The same happens with products containing margarine. And as you know margarine is a product that is made on the basis of hydrogenated vegetable oil. On this basis, nutritionists recommend less to include in the diet of fried foods.

What trans fats are dangerous for people?

According to scientists with regular use of products with trans fats, the risk of such diseases increases:

  • Deterioration of the productivity of the nervous system and the brain.
  • The emergence of VSD, as well as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • Suppression of the immune system.
  • Risk of malignant formation (cancer).
  • Development of diabetes mellitus.
  • Fast weight gain.

Taking into account the negative consequences, WHO has established norms for the use of unsafe products. In the daily diet of each person, trans fats should not exceed 1%.

For those who adhere to a healthy diet, we offer a list of foods containing trans fats that should be excluded from their diet.


Among the oils, he is the leader in the number of trans fats. For a long time discussions were held that less harmful – oil or margarine. As a result of the research it was found that margarine is harmful. It provokes atherosclerosis, heart and vascular disease.


Also the main source of harmful fats. In butter, trans fats are 4%. In a smaller amount, they appear in products marked “light” due to the use of hydrogenated fat. However, this option is also unsafe for the body. Butter oils with trans fats increase the level of cholesterol, promote weight gain, negatively affect the blood vessels.

Refined vegetable oil

Under the influence of high temperatures, fat molecules begin to change, retaining their chemical formula and the number of elements, but several atoms join in differently. This leads to the fact that the fat molecule has a trans-isomer, which is called trans fat.

It must be said that trans fats are formed during frying, cooking and other heat treatment of food. On some oils (olive, coconut) it is permissible to fry, and some oils (sunflower, corn, palm) can not be heat treated.

In vegetable oils, trans fats occupy 1%. When frying, their amount increases, if the temperature reaches 190. Therefore, fried foods can cause increased blood pressure, diabetes and the formation of malignant tumors.


One cake can contain at least 1% of trans fats. However, most people are not limited to one cake. As a result, a significant excess of the allowable norm is obtained.


Even expensive and high-quality mayonnaise contains trans fats. Natural can be considered mayonnaise, cooked at home. A store sauces and mayonnaises slow down metabolism, poorly affect the heart and promote weight gain.


Many manufacturers use butter-cocoa, lauric and stearic acids instead of the necessary, natural ingredients, which are considered to be trans fats. Getting into the body, they negatively affect the gastrointestinal tract, the liver, disrupt the metabolism and worsen the well-being. When buying chocolate, pay attention to the composition and remember that it can not be cheap.

Popcorn for microwave oven

Sometimes manufacturers write on packaging that trans fats are missing. But if one of the components of the composition is called “hydrogenated oils”, it means that harmful fats are still contained in popcorn.


Despite the simple and harmless composition, there are harmful fats in crackers, which are “heavy” for the body.


One packet of chips contains at least 3% of harmful fats, while the allowable rate is 1%. Instead of chips it is better to eat natural products.

Mixtures for fast breakfasts

Packaging mixtures, as a rule, colorful, and you can use them even for children. Nevertheless, many fast breakfasts contain trans fats, like protein bars, which are advertised as healthy foods. It is advisable to replace ointments for fast breakfasts with oatmeal or muesli.

Frozen products

Frozen pancakes, pies and similar semi-finished products contain harmful substances in large quantities. It is better to replace them with analogues of home cooking, in spite of the fact that semi-finished products are prepared more quickly.

French fries

French fries are one of the leaders in the number of harmful fats. In one serving, the norm is exceeded approximately 7 times. To her, you need to add other products with trans fats, which are used throughout the day.

Vegetable dry fat

It prolongs the shelf life of products, but negatively affects the arteries. It is advisable to refuse products with its content.

How to minimize the damage from the trails?

Of course, in a few days this is unrealistic. However, it is possible to optimize the process of cleansing the body of trans fats if you exclude the products that contain them, or adhere to the WHO standard. Also, nutritionists recommend eating as much as possible home-grown vegetables and fruits. Then, instead of cells infected with trans fats, new ones are formed.

7 tips for eating right in the office

Fast food, sandwiches, biscuits, sweet bars, salted rusks and other hazards, supplemented with strong coffee – all these products kill our stomachs daily. In today’s article we will give useful recommendations, the implementation of which will help you to maintain your health.

The modern way of life is quite saturated, so our busyness and busyness dictate our rules: often we do not have enough time even for a quick snack, not to mention a proper and healthy diet during working hours. And even if we manage to find a few minutes for a snack on the go, then most often it happens: fast food, sandwiches, cookies, sweet bars, salted crackers and other hazards supplemented with strong coffee. All these products kill our stomachs daily.

In today’s article we will give useful recommendations, the implementation of which will help you to maintain your health.

1. Breakfast should be dense and high-calorie. Breakfast is a mandatory meal for the day. The question arises: “Why should I have a hearty breakfast?” The fact is, if you do not, then in an hour and a half you will feel hungry, which will interfere with effective work. A systematic snack in the form of cookies and bars is guaranteed to add extra kilo.

2. Try not to eat lunch in the workplace. During meals, you need to change the situation, it is advisable to leave the office for at least 20-25 minutes. To hurry during the meal is not necessary, thoroughly chew the food and try to enjoy the taste of the dishes. Always complement the dinner with a couple of pieces of whole grain bread – a well of fiber and useful trace elements.

3. Refuse to go to the cafe. Business lunches are now offered by almost all catering establishments. It is very tempting to eat for a little money, without bothering with cooking. However, the quality and benefits of such nutrition are in great doubt. In the past few years it has become popular to carry lunch boxes with food. And no one will laugh at you the moment you get your lunch box to dine. Even there are companies that are engaged in the delivery of such lunch boxes with food (the menu is negotiated in advance). However, food prepared on its own is much better and certainly less expensive. So buy a couple of lunch boxes and give vent to fantasy when you fill them.

4. Go to the office to try to cook on a full stomach. In this case, you will not have a desire to put in a lunch box something very high-calorie, superfluous or harmful to health. Useful options for lunch: all kinds of salads, cooked at home, dressed with vegetable oil; chicken fillet; Cottage cheese with dried fruits and nuts; Yoghurt, kefir, fermented baked milk; carrot; All sorts of fruits.

5. Give preference to beneficial for the body snacks. The feeling of hunger and the desire to eat something during the working day is normal. Simply nutritionists are advised to prepare for this in advance: take with them only useful and proper products for a snack. It can be apples, bananas, nuts, dried fruits, fruit chips or dark chocolate.

6. Always remember the water. Scientists in their works repeatedly mentioned the enormous benefits of water for the human body. The recommended daily rate of water consumption for men is 1.5-2 liters. It is recommended to drink a few sips of water every hour. This will help improve the metabolism of the whole body and protect the figure from extra pounds.

7. Do not completely abandon the sweet. Carbohydrates are a source of energy, so you can not completely exclude sugar from your diet. But often the phrase “healthy food” is associated with something not very tasty. To prevent this from happening, do not completely abandon your work from traditional tea-drinking with sweets. But instead of high-calorie cakes and cakes take it for tea natural black chocolate, marshmallow, whole-grain cookies, fruit in chocolate or halva.

Drinks that burn fat

Unfortunately, in the modern world excess weight is a frequent phenomenon. The fact is that many factors influence this negative process in the body. Excess weight appears if a person has a low-activity lifestyle. Also, improper, uncontrolled food leads to the appearance of extra pounds.

Modern products contain many harmful substances and toxins, which adversely affect metabolism and slow down metabolism. According to the World Health Organization, about 30% of the population in economically developed countries is obese or overweight. America is the leader.

There are many different drinks that contribute to fat burning, but today we will tell you about the five most effective. And these drinks not only help to lose weight, but also strengthen immunity and improve the whole body.

Detox Cocktails

Such drinks are the most effective in combating excess weight. Detox-cleansing of the body is a process that accelerates the excretion of toxins and toxins from the body by changing the diet. And then detox-cocktails or detox-juices come to the rescue.

It’s no secret that one of the effective means of removing toxins from the body are citrus fruits. It is these yellow and orange fragrant fruits that will help to cleanse the body of accumulated harmful substances. Just enter into your diet citrus cocktails and your body will be cleansed of toxins in one month. In addition to citrus, dietitians recommend juices made from high-fiber fruits – carrots, ginger and apples. Such cocktails help to improve digestion, and they are also rich in antioxidants.

Therefore, it can be said that detox cocktails cleanse the chemicals and other harmful substances on the one hand and, on the other hand, help to lose weight in the shortest possible time in a natural way. Experts recommend taking one or two courses of detoxification per year for two or three weeks. And those people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract should consult a doctor before consuming such juices.

A simple detox cocktail recipe: drop 1 liter of clean drinking water one cut lemon and cucumber, a couple of slices of ginger and 10 leaves of mint. Leave everything for the night in the fridge, and next morning you can drink.

Vegetable juices

These drinks help a lot to lose weight. And the most useful for losing weight are the sap from the cruciferous plants. These include: salad, broccoli, all kinds of greens. A special place in the fight against excess weight is celery and ginger. Nutritionists recommend mixing the juices of these vegetables with various fruit seoks – this wonderful tool will help not only lose weight, but also cleanse the body of toxins.

Also, vegetable juices can maintain hormonal balance in the body. A crucifers are very rich in natural phytonutrients – substances that reduce the amount of fat in the body, reduce inflammation, reduce blood sugar, and accelerate metabolism.

Black coffee

In moderate amounts, black coffee is also useful for health. It is very rich in antioxidants. It is known that antioxidants are a powerful defense of the body from the negative impact on it of harmful substances that we get with food, drinks, from bad habits and from the air. Also, antioxidants reduce the likelihood of oncological diseases.

Caffeine also speeds up metabolism and burns extra calories. However, if you decide to lose weight with coffee, you should drink it without milk, sugar and choose only natural coffee.

Green tea

The benefits of green tea for the body have been known for a very long time. This people have been consuming this fragrant and astringent drink for hundreds of years. Green tea normalizes digestion. Regularly consuming green tea, you will make your internal organs work faster – the liver, intestines and stomach. If you regularly drink a cup of this drink in the morning in conjunction with a reasonable diet, the effect will be excellent.

Cold water

Ordinary drinking water can burn calories much faster than you might think. But it should be cool – then the process of burning calories will occur faster.

Two important conditions in the process of losing weight

In addition to the fact that you will drink the above drinks, keep these two points:

1) die in your diet consumption of fatty, fried, sweet and completely give up fast food;

2) regularly go to the gym or run on the street, or ride a bicycle, or go more. One solovym – lead a mobile lifestyle.

Age and figure

Age plays an important role in what kind of figure you have. However, it’s not so much at the age as in the way of life. The more woman of years, the less she tries to move. Muscles of the body begin to weaken, “cringe.” Muscle tissue is gradually replaced with fat tissue. The skin of the body loses its elasticity and elasticity. Part of the dead cells of the body is not outward, etc. If such a woman raises her physical activity within reasonable limits, the external picture changes for the better at any age. The muscles of the body are restored, the skin regains its elasticity.

Scientists explain this by the fact that muscle tissue with age does not experience irreversible degenerative changes. The main thing is that the muscles of the body with age, leaving the water. This is due to a decrease in the level of secretion of sex hormones and in elderly women the desire to consume liquid in the amount necessary for the body disappears. Such hormones are responsible for water retention in muscle tissues, since water in the muscle is the main condition for its efficiency. I remind you that for the normal functioning of a physical body you need to consume daily the amount of liquid equal to the product of your weight by 30 ml. For example, your weight is 60 kg. Multiply by 30 and get 1.80 liters of fluid per day.

Performing a variety of exercises (for older women walking walks are good at an average pace of up to four kilometers per day), you force the muscles of your body to work. Well suited for rejuvenating the physical body are any dances available to you, which, in addition to physical exertion, cause women a tide of positive emotions. There would be a desire, and a place for dancing you will always find, including at home. When physical activity is restored, the level of secretion of sex hormones increases and the body muscles “ask” to fill them with water. In such a situation, the phenomenon of youth of a woman who leads an active lifestyle is preserved until old age, up to 90 years or more.

As for women aged 35-40, their muscular system is, as they say, in the juice itself. The main thing is desire and methodically correct physical loads within reasonable limits.

In recent years, the number of smoking women and adolescent girls has risen sharply in Russia. According to research, women who smoke, much earlier appear premature wrinkles on the skin of the face. Nicotine destroys the elastic layer of the skin and reduces the amount of collagen. In addition, the skin loses a huge amount of vitamins, that is why metabolic processes and oxygen supply are disturbed in it. The result waiting for any smoking woman in a few years is simply disappointing: premature wrinkles, dryness and yellow shade of the skin. The first wrinkles in active smokers appear after 10-15 years and are firmly located around the eyes and mouth. The author of this book was repeatedly approached by young, smoking women with a request to “remove” small wrinkles near the eyes and mouth. You can certainly remove them, of course, for example, several “soft” laser sessions help smooth out the surface layer of the skin. However, this does not eliminate the main reason for the appearance of these wrinkles – the desire of women to smoke, and wrinkles will return to their seats again.

Modern Beauty

Every woman needs the attention of men and their compliments. They give the woman self-confidence and help to manifest individuality. However, smart women appreciate only those compliments that actually correspond to reality. But in order to always be worthy of compliments, you need to constantly work on yourself, monitor your appearance. Every woman dreams to keep youth and beauty as long as possible.

The desire of any woman to have a beautiful figure is understandable. The problem is that many people underestimate or overestimate their bar in the pursuit of the ideal. Make the confusion of the notorious parameters 90-60-90, firmly entrenched in the pages of women’s magazines. This is the standard that most women try to match. And not everyone knows where this concept about the “standard of beauty” originated. And this is the standard – otherwise you will not say. The standard that models must match, so that when they come to a show in any country in the world, the girl-model could showcase a collection that she had never even tried on before.

A woman with a non-standard figure is afraid that no young man will pay attention to her. A full-grown wife is afraid that her husband will change her. However, often the completeness turns out to be far-fetched. How to distinguish between the fullness of the real and imaginary?
Calculating the ideal weight using formulas is not the best option, since weight is the sum of several components: the weight of the skeleton, musculature, veins, water and fat. For example, due to the developed musculature, the weight of a female athlete is greater than that of an ordinary fair sex. But she does not have extra pounds.

If we take into account the fact that 2/3 of the body’s mass is water, and its amount (and, consequently, the mass of the body) can vary, it can be concluded that weight changes and weight loss are completely different concepts. Weight loss is a change in body shape, and weight loss is a change in body weight.

The actual volume of fat can only be measured with a special apparatus, similar to an electrocardiograph. It shows data on the mass of water, fat and muscles in your body. But such devices, unfortunately, you rarely see even in the office of a nutritionist, not to mention the gyms. And the device itself determines only the mass of fat, but not the place of its accumulation in the body. However, this can be done by measuring the ratio of the waist and hips. In any case, it should not be more than 0.85.

Sometimes in the newspapers you can see ads: “I’m looking for a beautiful girl …” We will not talk about men who want to bring beauty to their lives, although this topic is infinitely interesting. This is mainly about women, their physical beauty, which probably requires precise parameters. What parameters of female beauty dominate the world today? The ancient parameters 94-64-94 fell first to 92-62-92, and then fell another 2 centimeters on each level and amounted to 90-60-90. However, today, more often you can find small discrepancies in figures, for example, 90-58-88, in which the proportionality of shoulders, hips and waist is preserved. This includes the skinny girls who have “thin” bones of the body.

By the way, in recent years, the coming changes on the whole Earth are beginning to manifest themselves more and more in the appearance of people. Gradually activated layers of DNA, dozing in humanity since the death of Atlantis. Changes occur both in the new generation of men and in women. However, in the guise of young girls and women, these changes are particularly noticeable today. The average growth of their body is rapidly increasing, and its proportions are also changing. Already today we meet in the streets of cities and villages prototypes of the future of mankind. From the female side it will be high, up to two meters or more girls with narrow hips and small breasts, in 50-60 years it will be a mass phenomenon on the whole Earth. Accordingly, the parameters of physical beauty of women will change.

Today, periodically slightly popular women are becoming popular and even just full. Previously, they were not considered the standard bulk of the human society. For lush women were not sewed in large numbers of good beautiful clothes and shoes, there was no fashion. Today, full and lush women beautifully represent clothes and ornaments of famous fashion houses, in no way inferior to thin beauties. Some men like full women, they are warm and caressing from them. However, psychologists noticed that full-grown women are loved mostly by infantile men, those who seek a warm shoulder and strong support. In Russia there are not a few full women, who gradually turn into draymen, carrying a house, children and husband. Excess weight does not decorate any woman.

She can only seem so, for she does not know herself elegantly, or does not want to know. Female fullness leads to premature aging and illness. From obese women often leave husbands. Obese women are more often denied prestigious work, where external data are valued. A full woman experiences stress and humiliation most of all, which inevitably leads to severe complexes and mental trauma.

To summarize, one can say that a good female figure is for one the limit of dreams, for others it is carefully protected wealth, for others it is a happy gift of fate. But for all women without exception, a good figure is a source of self-confidence, success in life and the ability to please others.

Role of nutrition

Although America was a rich country and 150 years ago, workers and their families consumed mostly bread, cheese and beer, and only occasionally a piece of meat appeared on their table. Almost for everyone, except for a few eccentric people, meat was the most coveted food, so middle and rich classes ate it in exorbitant quantities: often half a dozen meat dishes were served at dinner, along with alcohol and sweets. Fruits were considered exotic food (you could find an orange in a Christmas present), and vegetables and cereals – food of the poor.

Doctors of the XVIII century considered meat as the basis of a healthy diet and an important element for the treatment of diseases. High-quality meat was considered the best, poor quality meat was harmful, but no one objected to fat. Practically experts did not approve of lean meat, because everyone knew that healthy animals should be fat. Patients were instructed to eat more meat; Weakened patients who could not cope with solid food, drank the healthiest liquid: a broth made from fat beef. The weakest received broth with enema.

Today, a forty-year-old American, a European or a Japanese can enjoy the opportunity to live to 80 years and more, 150 years ago, he would have already approached the end of life. Among the poor nations, the situation is the same now. Medical science makes its modest contribution to the sensational increase in life expectancy – mainly through the immunization of children. An important role is played by the improvement of diet and sanitary engineering (provision of clean water, construction of sewerage systems and waste disposal facilities). Sanitary measures have reduced the threat of deadly infectious diseases of past centuries to a minimum, so that current doctors may not recognize them.

The huge increase in agricultural output along with the development of the technology of canning and transportation of food products have opened up access to much more varied food for people than before. But, like in many other areas of life, developed technology has turned out to be in some sense a dubious boon. Modern men enjoy the so-called “fast food” like hamburgers, not at all with food (“snickers”, etc.) and food leading to premature death, which many unknowingly make the main part of their food.

Food products have become so cheap that even the poorest segments of the population in developed countries do not starve. This is evidenced, among other things, by the growth of two diseases caused by excessive consumption of unsuitable food: obesity and tooth decay. These violations are now much more common among the poor than among wealthy people that Before the industrial revolution was not noted.

Improving nutrition in the literal sense of the word has rebuilt our body. Now we are 10-12 cm taller than people of average height of past centuries. Ancestors would be shocked by the appearance and sexual development of today’s teens, since in our time puberty occurs about three years earlier.


Attention to the diet is the most important and reasonable step towards better health. This is not only the consumption of food, vital for the growth, development and optimal functioning of the body of a man. Modern science indicates that proper nutrition provides protection against certain chronic diseases, in some cases leading to degeneration. Table 1 Food product Water Protein (protein) Fats Carbohydrates Minerals Almonds 5.1 21.0 54.0 16.0 2.2 Apples 85.0 0.4. 0.5 13.0 0.5 Artichokes 79.0 2.0 0.1 17.0 1.0 Avocado 70.0 2.2 20.0 6.0 1.0 Bananas 75.0 1.1 0.6 22.0 1.0 Blackcurrant 86.0 1.0 1.1 11.0 0.5 Butter 11.0 1.2 85.0 0.0 3.0 Cabbage for garden 90.0 1.9 0.2 5.0 1.0 Cheese 39.0 24.0 30.0 1.5 4.5 Cream 74.0 2.5 18.0 4.5 0.5 Dates 20.0 2.1 2.8 70.0 1.6 Eggs 73.0 12.0 12.0 0.5 1.1 Garlic 65.0 6.8 0.1 27.0 1.5 Grapes 78.0 1.3 1.2 19.0 0.6 Grapefruits 86.0 0.5 0.0 7.3 0.4 Nuts 3.7 15.0 67.0 11.0 2.4 Horseradish 77.0 2.7 0.3 16.0 1.5 Blueberries 78.0 0.8 0.6 17.0 1.0 Leeks 87.0 2.8 0.3 6.5 1.2 Lentils 12.0 25.0 2.0 53.0 3.5 Beans 68.0 7.1 0.7 22.0 1.7 Milk (taken off) 90.0 3.2 0.3 5.2 0.7 Millet 11.0 9.1 3.8 70.0 1.9 Mushrooms 89.0 2.6 0.3 6.1 0.7 Peaches 83.0 0.6 0.0 16.0 0.6 Oatmeal 7.3 16.0 7.2 68.0 1.9 Olives 30.0 5.2 51.0 10.0 2.3 Pears 4.0 0.6 0.5 14.0 1.4 Potatoes 75.0 2.1 0.2 21.0 1.1 Rye coarse bread 42.0 4.2 0.7 43.0 1.3 Rhubarb 94.0 0.6 0.7 3.6 0.7 Fig 13.0 7.8 0.9 76.0 1.0 Rye 16.0 11.0 1.8 67.0 1.8 Spinach 88.0 3.5 0.6 4.4 2.1 Strawberry, strawberry 88.0 1.0 0.6 77.0 0.8 Beans 84.0 3.9 0.2 8.3 1.2 Soybean 10.0 34.0 17.0 34.0 4.7 Tomatoes 94.0 0.9 0.2 3.7 1.0 Truffles (mushrooms) 77.0 7.7 0.5 6.6 1.9 Turnips 89.0 3.5 0.1 11.0 1.9 Cress salad 92.0 1.9 0.1 1.3 1.5 Watermelons 93.0 0.5 0.2 6.0 0.3 Wheat whole 36.0 8.9 1.8 52.0 1.5 Yams 72.0 1.8 0.2 23.0 0.9

Over the past two decades, we are thrown a lot of advice about the choice of diet. Countless new dietary guides have confused Americans who are used to taking care of their health.

It is not so hard to eat properly, as some think. If your daily diet contains a lower amount of fat and increased complex carbohydrates, you are on the right track. Do not make radical changes to your diet and do not abandon your favorite dishes. I will help you to choose the optimal diet, including all the nutrients necessary for active life.


Being the cause of heart failure, heart attacks and strokes, atherosclerosis is partly a consequence of malnutrition and completely prevented by diet. Since atherosclerosis tops the list of causes of death in the US and most developed countries, this is a very good opportunity. Among Americans, 40-50 years of death from cardiovascular disease accounts for 16% of the total number of deaths. For 50-60-year-olds this figure grows to 30%, in 70-85-year-olds it reaches 50%.

The fact that arteries affected by atherosclerosis lose elasticity is not the most important problem. Most know that the main violation is that the vessels are clogged. The material that narrows their optimal diameter is cholesterol, which begins to adhere to the walls at an early age. The study of this phenomenon began in the 1950s, when an autopsy of soldiers killed in Korea found an intensive deposition of cholesterol on the walls of the vessels of 18-25-year-old men.

Atherosclerosis affects all arteries, but large vessels have a certain capacity reserve, so the weak link is the small artery. When obstructions in the blood vessels limit the flow of blood to the coronary arteries, the lack of oxygen-borne oxygen causes cardiovascular diseases (chest pains, angina pectoris, heart failure, and if a part of the heart muscle is affected, a heart attack). Occlusion of a small artery in the brain provokes temporary neurological disorders (weakness, dizziness, confusion in the mind). If, due to constant blockage, a part of the brain is killed, a stroke follows, accompanied by paralysis.

Since 1960, the number of heart attacks in the United States has decreased by 30% and continues to decline. The frequency of strokes fell by half. Improvement of nutrition deserves a certain acknowledgment, although other actions (quitting smoking, playing sports) also played a role. However, both heart attacks and strokes remain the greatest risk factor for most men, although a proper diet can reduce it to zero. Probably, you already understood that we are talking about vegetable, fiber-containing food, which includes few fats and meat, for which dietitians have been advocating for decades. In order to avoid atherosclerosis, such a diet should be changed at a very early age, but it is never too late to start from scratch. It is proved that in a person who has dramatically improved his diet, the already formed layer of cholesterol dissolves.

Rational nutrition to some extent protect you from other diseases. Here are the facts that together with reflections will show you the right way.


In non-smoking men, prostate, rectum and bladder cancer top the list of possible tumor sites.
Prostate cancer. If we focus on the fact that in 1993, 165,000 new cases were registered, this is the main male disease. This indicator has been growing quite slowly for several decades. Proper nutrition, apparently, is one of the preventive measures.

Cancer of the colon and rectum. It occurs 2 times less often than prostate cancer; In the last 40 years the incidence among the white population has decreased; And among the blacks increased, possibly due to a change in the level of fat intake. Obesity increases the risk of getting this type of cancer. Consumption of a large amount of fibrous food and the elimination of fats to a certain extent reduces this risk, probably due to acceleration of passage through the intestine of waste and carcinogenic substances or a change in the ratio of bacteria that live in the intestine.

Cancer of the bladder. Being a filtrate of all available organisms in liquids, urine is a concentrate of any toxins, therefore carcinogens of the environment are the main cause of bladder tumors. Moreover, since men account for 80% of the victims of this disease, specific, strictly male factors increase the danger. Men smoke more women, and smoking doubles the risk of a bladder tumor. They more often than women agree to work in chemical industries, and workers in the foundry, rubber, paint and leather goods industries are more prone to this type of cancer.

But no dietary factor increases the risk; About ten years ago, the newspaper was decorated with many stories about the harmful effects of coffee artificial sweeteners, but subsequent studies did not confirm the initial fears. Vitamins and minerals, which will be discussed further, can activate the protective functions of the body.

Pancreas cancer. This disease is less common than the three diseases mentioned above, the disease is one of the most unpleasant and almost certainly leads to death, taking the fifth place in the list of causes of death after lung, prostate, intestine and bladder cancer. Located in the depth of the abdominal cavity, the pancreas is hard to access for examination, and the disruption of its functions may not manifest itself in the early stages.

For most of the twentieth century, the incidence of pancreatic cancer has increased, but since 1970 it has held at a constant level, most likely due to the balance between the number of people quitting smoking (smoking doubles and even triples the risk), and the increasing number of older people. Men get this type of cancer almost 3 times more often than women. Most cases of the disease are observed in men over 60 years of age, 60% of them are black.

To reduce this risk, stop smoking and go on a low-fat diet.

Nutrition plays a big role in the prevention of cancer. Studies show that cruciferous plants (cabbage, colored, broccoli and Brussels) are best for this. Consumption of large quantities of onion (onion, green, garlic) significantly reduces the risk of stomach cancer. Chemical compounds that give these plants a specific smell, affect the reduction of cholesterol and have an anti-inflammatory effect. In the future, we will hear about them more than once.

Defenders of the natural way of life condemn the use of food additives in modern food production, and the process itself does not approve. If I could choose, I would eat exceptionally fresh food of organic origin, but, alas, none of the townspeople has such an opportunity, except for very rich people. Although modern supplements do not improve food, one should also be skeptical of supporters of a return to cooking and preserving foods using old technologies. Many traditional methods of cooking contribute to the development of cancer. Even in so developed countries like Japan, where they like salted, smoked and processed nitrites food, there is a very high incidence of tumors in the upper part of the digestive tract of the esophagus and stomach. It is better to use the achievements of modern chemistry.

It is proved that vitamins A, C, E, selenium are very reliable protection against malignant tumors (see below).

If proper nutrition can prevent atherosclerosis, then in cancer it is only one of the preventive measures. A balanced diet can reduce the risk of disease by 30-50%.

Lyrica made to eliminate neuropathic pain in adults

Recently, such a new drug as Lyrica, intended to eliminate neuropathic pain in adults, has become known. It is more correct to think that they use it not strictly according to purpose. As a good painkiller, the lyrica have developed in the field of doctors, especially in the narcology. However, it was used in the circle of drug addicts for the relevant purposes. And not so long ago.

In narcology, the Lyrica plays the role of an auxiliary component to relieve discomfort during lumps, in addicts for pleasure. The lyrica addicts sit down quickly, jump off even with codeine tablets.

And the narcotic effect, about which will be described below, undoubtedly differs from the action of other narcotic drugs.

Most recently, it was sold, or rather, it was lured out without a prescription. Fortunately, now it is not so easy to get it. It is only by prescription. Perhaps the harsh conditions for the sale of such dangerous pills at least somehow, at least for a while, will calm the drug addicts. Now the pharmacy is represented as it was before, now pharmacies are more and more reminiscent of the point of baryg and drug couriers. Pharmacists, especially private clinics, do not want to part with their kush. It is deeply indifferent to them that a young man comes to his pharmacy for the poisoning of his own organism.

But back to Lyrica. The danger of it sometimes seems ghostly. People can not imagine how quickly it causes dependence. And worst of all, it causes dependence even in medical quantities. Those. It is not necessary to get drunk tablets before dumping to feel something. It happens that the patient turns to the chemist’s office already repeatedly, even when the pain is already passing, there is none, but I want to drink.

What a preparation Lyrica. Lyrica in pharmacology

A drug with analgesic effect in patients with diabetic neuropathy. It is used for epilepsy, since it has an anti-sagging effect, with partial epileptic attacks.

Lyrica – its active substance pregabalin. / Regregalin.

It is available in capsules – 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300 mg.

The Lyrica package contains 14, 56, 84 or 100 capsules.

Pregabalin is an analog of gamma-aminosalic acid. It is interesting to note that the effect of pregabalin is not fully understood until the end. Pregabalin binds to the subunit (a2-delta-protein) of voltage-dependent calcium channels in the central nervous system. There is an assumption that such binding can promote the manifestation of its analgesic and anticonvulsant effects.

Pharmacokinetics. Pregabalin is rapidly absorbed into the body, especially on an empty stomach. Like other medicines, it is poorly absorbed after a meal. Maximum absorption is achieved in an hour, after taking.

Pregabalin does not bind to plasma proteins and is almost not metabolized. It is excreted in particular by the kidneys found in urine unchanged.

Side effect

Clinical experience in the use of Lyrica has shown that the most common side effect from it is drowsiness and dizziness in an easy degree. These two phenomena and there are in some cases the reason for the withdrawal of the drug.

Headache, attention disturbance, coordination, memory impairment, tremor, visual field defects, nystagmus, speech disorders, myoclonic cramps, weakening of reflexes, psychomotor agitation, dizziness in the vertical position, loss of taste, stupor, coma, fainting may occur.

In the psychological aspect, the lyrica cause euphoria, can also cause confusion, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, even hallucinations. Either on the contrary, high spirits, excitement. In turn, these states alternate with each other.

Appears shortness of breath and rapid heart rate.
All these symptoms usually arise and are listed purely as an opportunity, but not necessarily a manifestation of them from the side effects of the Lyrica.


Overdose can occur when taking any medicines, as for the Lyrica, there were no cases of acute poisoning from it.

So, the main description was listed, which can be read in the instruction itself in the Lyrica package.

If you look at all of the above from the side of pharmacology in general, then this is not surprising. The usual drug produced in Germany. But they confuse the fact that Lyrica is being advertised with a positive attitude. On the idea of danger should bring symptoms of side effects. From it you get high. And that’s it. We need to describe this in more detail.

So to say in the treatment of drug addicts during the purification of the body it is given as an anesthetic. And all indiscriminately. Despite the fact that the treating drug addict is heroin or tablet. Although there is a difference, and not a small one. With heroin addiction, breakings are determined by severe pain throughout the body, but with codeine dependence, for example, or dependence on other drugs, the lesions are more worn out, and there may not be such macabre painful sensations in the patient. But he is still fed Lyrica.

Next, drug addicts are different. Each in its own drugs. The question arises: why do they stuff everyone in a row?
The most comical in this situation, as the doctors themselves say and speak about this drug are all the most positive. Is it not advertising. Go through the heads of people with broken fates, but only advertise any “rubbish”.

Lyrica for drug addicts.

Probably, Lyrica is not for narcology. Her place is where people really suffer from physical pain, and not from lumps. But in narcology, it helps the addict only as they themselves call it to overdo it.
Everyone is peredumarivayutsya: heroin, methanol addicts. It is forgotten, however, that the Lyrica is possible and helps to overcome the craving for another drug, but then develops addiction itself.

Although there to say, probably not about anything.

It’s strange, but heroics addicted to Lyrica more often, you can just say opium. As describe themselves “opium”: “All the same, but livelier.” There is an opinion that pregabalin indirectly binds to opioid receptors.

That’s it, Lyrica, she’s “alive.” Something like a screw. The truth is weaker, in the sense that it does not work for days. And the appetite does not weaken.

Although not all drug addicts understand her high, and subsequently no longer try Lyrica. Some stop at least the price.

It interferes with anything, before or after, or immediately. The lyrica strengthen the effect of opiates, and not only. For example, if you inject heroin, then you can overdose on it only from a certain increased dose. But if, for all that, drink Lyrica, and even not in therapeutic doses, the effect of opium, even in the usual dosage, may be akin to an overdose. The action of the Lyrica also prolongs the effects of opium.

The lyrica reinforce some other substances, for example ethanol.

In fairness, you can add, there are really drug addicts, which it helps to remove the breakdown. But in this case, they drink it, in principle on capsules 2-3, maybe 5 times a day (although this is too much). But others do it differently. They drink 300 mg a day in packets. How can we talk about treatment here?

And many of those that maintain a normal dose to eliminate lumps are subsequently planted. Here it is not said already about the drug addicts who really treat the pain.

The lyrica are very misleading.

It begs a little temka about the manipulation of the addict. After all, as a matter of fact the addict passing on Lyrica remains to the same addicts. But the manipulations change their direction a little. They ask relatives to buy them Lyrica, otherwise they will not stand to break into heroin. The relatives run to the pharmacy. This is a convincing proof of the new dependence.

In the beginning, when dependence on the lyrica is not evident, you can not recognize it. And the main pregabalin by any test you will not reveal. This has not yet been developed, which aggravates the situation. But, thank God, they started talking about it as a drug.

It is possible to see this, but to know from what, in the family initially navryatli can. It gives a staggering gait, the addict tends to sidestep, he can not stand in one place.

Pupils, though slightly enlarged, but not much, glass. In the eyes flashed excitability and a kind of rabies.
You can not ascribe this excitement to everyone who drinks Lyrica, but it is this excitability that gives similarity to ephedrine dependence. Moreover, at the beginning of the use of Lyrica, the excitation is not very noticeable.

Mental disorders when taking Lyrica are rare, rather than from ephedrine. But if you do not want to interfere with such pharmacies like Tropicamide or other psychostimulants, you can earn an anxiety disorder for a while, without persecution and other paranoia, but in extreme cases, panic disorders and tantrums occur.

Usually Lyrica is just the same and interferes with anything stimulating: from coffee and finishing with other drugs.

In preference for Pregabalin, the role of his similarity with known drugs primarily plays a role. Therefore, dependence on him can be divided into two cases: break on the lyrica and go back to the old drug, or stay to take it.

In fact, it’s not a matter of drugs that help to heal, but that there are drugs that help develop a new addiction.

Overdoses from Lyrica have not yet been studied, since the drug is new. Now it is clear only what causes the dependence.

The action from Pregabalin is mild. Some drug addicts complain that the effect of buzz itself does not reach the required heights.

Here still it is necessary to notice that to receive an unforgettable pleasure can most likely not be a drug addict in the former, i.e. A person who drinks Lyrica as an anesthetic. As for drug addicts, they have tried heavy drugs in some cases do not find this pleasure in Lyrica. And removing the effect of breaking, get used anyway.

It turns out that Lyrica – this is a new hassle for narcologists, and an excuse for finding ways to treat a new addiction.

Here it is worth noting that there is no new dependence. Dependence is still the same – drugs are different. And it says first of all that the matter is not in drugs, not in pharmaceutical preparations, but in the person who decides to take the path of dependence.

A slim body

Every woman dreams of having a proud posture, a flying gait, a slender figure and good health. These values always remain relevant. This chapter looks at what a slender figure is, how age affects the appearance of a woman. How to “measure” the harmony of the figure and what needs to be done to improve your posture.

What is a slim figure of a woman? There is no universal assessment for all women. For some, this is the limit of dreams, for others – carefully protected wealth, for others – a happy gift from above. But for all, without exception, a slim figure is a source of self-confidence and an opportunity to please others. A slender figure is an integral element of a youthful appearance, and an essential element of a slim figure is a beautiful waist. Of course, there are certain features that almost everyone likes: a narrow waist, slender hips, graceful legs, firm breasts.

Nevertheless, the slender and beautiful figure for each woman is different. Remember the period in your life when you felt happiest. Your eyes were shining, people around you were saying compliments to you. You felt like an energetic woman, able to cope with any problem. You had bright plans for life, you were the happiest person. You literally radiated happiness, beauty and health. You were not at all interested in the time, how many kilograms you weigh.

Time imperceptibly flies forward and, looking at its reflection in the mirror, most women have a desire to turn back time and regain a slim figure and former health. If finding a slender figure for you really is the goal, then clarify to yourself why you need it so much. Ask yourself the question: “What will really change in my life when I’m a slender woman?” If you do not know a clear answer, do not know what will really change for you when you have a slender figure, then your desire turns into an ephemeral dream, But not in the goal.

And so, you decided to find a slim figure and know exactly why you need it. We take the next step, draw our attention to food, what, when and how we eat. Food, this is what ultimately shapes our body, the shape of our figure. People’s desires and requests are often judged using external information about him, including how he satisfies his food needs. Look at your food as information from the outside world. Have you ever thought about why in different periods of your life you have changed tastes and habits in food? Often this is due to the fact that the circumstances and conditions of your life change, your desires, friends, etc. change.

Over time, we all change, and with it our needs change, some disappear, others appear. For example, a woman loves milk, yogurt, cheese. At the same time, she may not be very confident in herself and needs care and participation from her surroundings. In the life of women there are periods when they need to change, travel, interesting meetings. At this time they often prefer fruits to all other products. There are times when a woman eats more meat. She thinks that without everything you can do without, not without meat. At the subconscious level, excess meat helps a woman to suppress her feelings of anger and aggression.

Eating can be turned into a pleasant ritual. To do this, you need to show great desire, intelligence and flexibility in thinking and in your actions. Remember, for example, how the home cat starts eating, which loves and values itself. She will never touch food until she smells, slightly tries and does not understand that this meal will not do her harm. The cat eats slowly, with pleasure, listening to satiety, so as not to overeat. Most cats are wise, and very fond of themselves. And you are a wise woman, do you love yourself?

If a woman is physically or psychologically stressed and constantly experiencing internal discomfort, then food can turn into a kind of “drug” for her. Escaping from the realities of life, such a woman finds them a replacement, for example, often and uncontrollably eating something tasty.

Return to the reality of the life of your life, raise the bar of your self-esteem, love yourself, and your world will immediately change. Out of love and care of yourself, that magical sense of beauty that grows like a great guard guard your feminine charm and health grows. Today many women want to have such a figure, which would be envied by the most charming and radiant actress or fashion model. What is a beautiful figure, what are its proportions? Not every woman can tell herself and others what the criteria of female beauty is. One woman seems to be beautiful – it means being slim, the other wants to get better – and then, she thinks, she will be simply irresistible. The third is sure that for complete happiness she lacks slender legs, etc. Each era offers its standards of female beauty. Let us turn to history and see how the canons of beauty historically developed from ancient times.

Beauty in history

Ancient Greece left us a model of beauty and grandeur – the sculpture of Aphrodite. The Greeks always appreciated the proportional and harmonious forms. In their opinion, a woman should have been slender, but not too slim, with rounded forms. Aphrodite had a height of 164 cm, waist circumference – 69 cm, chest – 86 cm, hips – 93 cm.

If your figure has such proportions, then you can be proud of yourself, your body is the ideal of ancient female beauty.

If you have a straight narrow nose on an elegant face, large eyes and a clear line of eyebrows, a small chin and a low forehead, you could become a true beauty of Ancient Greece. Ancient Rome adopted almost all the traditions of Greece. The Romans also valued women’s beauty and the standard was considered slim, but not thin women, stately, but at the same time graceful.
Big eyes have always been considered a sign of beauty, so women in ancient Rome tried to emphasize their expressiveness with a special eyeliner that started from the corner of the eyes and ended at the temple. Eyes, however, like hair, should have been light, it was considered a sign of the attractiveness of a woman.

Considering the paintings of Rubens, Goya, Raphael and Renoir, we can assume what the ideal of beauty of that time was. All the women depicted on canvases are well-built and well-fed. How to know, perhaps, the masters depicted their contemporaries, or sought to embody a personal vision of female beauty. Our future descendants will be able to get an idea of our contemporary female figure, considering the glossy magazines of our days, dotted with numerous photos of top and photo models. However, women’s magazines today are trying to show not the typical image of a woman, but only the dream of their readers.

In life, the ideals of beauty often become images of rare and exceptional. In the past, completeness was perceived as a sign of wealth and prosperity. The most magnificent figures were considered the standard of beauty. And they were a minority. In those days, the opportunity to eat daily and in sufficient quantities was an inaccessible luxury because of the irregular supply of food. Wars, peasant riots and poor harvests were the cause of the constant shortage of food and hunger. Therefore, people tried to store fat in reserve. Excess weight was a guarantee of survival in lean years, for this reason the attitude towards completeness was positive. Lush women willingly took in wives, as it was believed that they can endure a child without experiencing special difficulties during pregnancy. A similar picture has survived to the present day in developing countries.

Time passed, and the criteria for female beauty changed significantly. At the beginning of the 20th century, Paul Poyrets proposed to abandon the corsets. This innovation was very much liked by women, and they changed lush outfits to clothes, which emphasized the slenderness of the figure and the curves of its lines. Accordingly, the attention of society turned to a slim figure, doctors began to recognize that excess weight is dangerous to health and a number of developed countries embraced a massive fight against excess kilograms.

General information about steroids

Today, almost everyone with the word “ steroids” immediately thinks about anabolic steroids, known to amateurs under the name “anabolic”. In this case, it is often forgotten that “steroids” is the general name of a whole group of various steroid hormones. Among them – hormones of the adrenal cortex (gluco- and mineralcorticoids), female sex hormones (estrogens and gestagens), as well as male sex hormones (androgens). In this book, we will only talk about the last – androgens. With their most important representative, testosterone, the reader was already introduced in the previous chapter. Therefore, henceforth, with the word “steroids” we mean anabolic-androgenic steroids.

Anabolic-androgenic steroids are synthetic derived formulations similar in some respects to the natural male hormone, androgen, testosterone. The main reason for their development was the intention to create a drug that would have high anabolic qualities of testosterone, but at the same time exclude its strong androgenic capabilities. “Great efforts were made to create a pure anabolic without an admixture of androgenic” side effects “(Kakhakian, 1976, Kruskemper, 1965).” (Quoting from “Doping – Prohibited Drugs in Sport”, p. 51, Dirk Klasing, Manfred Donicke, etc.). To realize this idea, huge changes were made to the steroid molecule. The newly created steroids differ at that time either by an anabolic androgenic function that is underestimated, or they have increased effectiveness in relation to both qualities. Some steroids have received such structural changes that have led to even higher androgenicity and an underestimation of anabolic activity. This explains the differences in action, effectiveness, side effects of existing steroids. The creation of pure anabolic, where the anabolic and androgenic qualities of the steroid would be completely disrupted, failed. Therefore, the so-called anabolic steroid (anabolic) has a certain proportion of androgenic effect, and vice versa, the androgenic steroid (androgen) has anabolic qualities.

And so you think that to quickly gain strength and build muscle mass, it is better to use an anabolic steroid with minimal androgenicity. Nothing like this, because. The name “anabolic steroid” does not tell you anything about the power of anabolic effects, it is known only that the anabolic-androgen ratio of the original testosterone-ancestor is displaced here.To determine this ratio and (determine) the steroid as anabolic or androgen, testosterone serves as a parameter. , Steroids in which androgenic qualities are reduced are defined as “anabolic steroids,” and those with androgenic qualities are higher “androgenic steroids.” What’s the problem? The decrease in androgenic steroids The prescription of the drug inevitably leads to a decrease in its anabolic qualities, so the anabolic is less androgynous than the original testosterone, but at the same time it also has lower anabolic qualities.When reading the following chapters, the reader will understand that the so-called “mass steroids” occur exclusively From the group of androgenic steroids, where, along with the enhanced androgenic qualities, very strong anabolic ones are observed: “… the best androgen, or rather testosterone, is the most important anabolic for a man.” (From “Doping – Prohibited Drugs in Sport”, Dirk Clazing, Manfred Donicke, etc.). Before the athlete a dilemma arises, what to choose, because Androgenic steroids are not only strong in relation to their anabolic qualities, but also unfortunately have a lot of side effects. From this follows: the more effective the steroid, the more androgen it is, and, consequently, it is more dangerous for the organism.

Therefore, one should not agree with the opinion that is often heard today everywhere that anabolic steroids cause persistent non-reversible damages in their patients. This is partly true, and for most side effects, androgenic steroids are responsible. But the general opinion: “Steroids destroy the liver” is absurd, because Steroid steroid strife.

The first anabolic / androgenic steroids officially entered the trade in the early 50’s. And after a decade, most of the products sold today has been on the market. Because Recently, only a small number of new drugs have appeared, these above mentioned are only relatively called old. Of course, over the years there have been some changes, especially regarding the steroid sector of the drug. Many drugs are withdrawn from trade, some have arisen in other countries under a different name and are being sold again, in the 80s a few new ones were added. Steroids are still considered to be the most effective means for improving sports achievements. Back in the 50s they are firmly won its place in the world of sports. A significant role in the development of the relationship between steroids and sports was played by the introduction of dianabol, an oral steroid that was created by the team doctor, American weightlifters, Dr. John Ziegler, in his joint work with the pharmaceutical company CIABA in 1956. This drug and its followers found their place in the late 50’s, first among weightlifters, then spread widely in all other sports fields. Then his lightning spread in the 60-70s was promoted by the movement “Voddybulding”. Increasingly, they began to apply and Female athletes. In 1974, the International Olympic Committee made decisions on the introduction of anabolic drugs into the general list of doping.

“The 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal were the first where anabolic control was conducted.” (From “Doping in Sport” Zeling, Pollert, Nakfor). To date, there has been an unprecedented distribution of these medicines, as claimed in his book “Records with the help of doping?” Melvin X. Williams: “Anabolic steroids are a group of drugs that look like an epidemic in sports.” It is estimated that more than a million Americans “take anabolic steroids, including athletes and athletes of all age groups, from professionals to teenagers – schoolchildren. A black market has risen, receiving an annual income of about 100 mil. From steroid trade. $. “One of the reasons for the growing use of anabolic / androgenic steroids is the growing popularity of bodybuilding.” It’s clear that bodybuilding is in close connection with the spread of steroids, consumption of which is in direct proportion to the growing love for bodybuilding. “When in the 1970s, Bodybuilding, steroids became even more famous.In the 80’s when this sport got even wider, it happened with steroids.At the end of this decade, when bodybuilding became popular in the woo ah it touched and steroids. ” (“Handbook of Anabolic”, 6th issue, 1991, UN Phillips). And while we admire the muscles of the human body, while the use of anabolic / androgenic steroids has nothing to counteract from natural preparations, it is impossible to achieve the athletes’ refusal to take these pharmaceuticals. The popularity of Clenbuterol shows that it helps athletes to reach their goal faster. And if the growth hormones were on sale at reasonable prices, then they would be equally widespread as steroids.

And yet, steroids are not a miracle cure. Its effectiveness depends on such factors as training, nutrition, mood, the genetic predisposition of each individual athlete. The decisive factor is the last one listed, showing how much the athlete corresponds to one or another steroid of genetics.

Mode of action of steroids.

The physiology of anabolic / androgenic steroids is a complex topic. An exact description of all the biochemical processes occurring in the human body when taking steroids is impossible. And yet, we would like to give the reader a general overview of these processes, t. Some of their knowledge and understanding are essential. Because The athlete is always interested only in stimulating the achievement of the qualities of steroids, we want to talk in this chapter mainly about their effect on the muscle cell.

Steroids are either administered intramuscularly or taken orally. When injected, the substance enters directly into the blood, in the form of a tablet, passes through the gastrointestinal tract to the liver, where it either completely or partially breaks down, or enters the bloodstream in its original state. Accepted steroid enters the blood in the form of numerous steroid molecules that move along the bloodstream throughout the body. Each steroid molecule carries information that it must convey to certain cell bodies. The cells for this purpose have different kinds of receptors on their outer membrane. One of them is a steroid receptor, which is found in large quantities in muscle cells. Steroid receptors and steroid molecules – the same size and shape: fit each other like a key to the lock. The steroid receptor takes a steroid molecule, passing all other types of molecules past. The same happens with other types of receptors that do not perceive steroid molecules, because Are only for “their” molecules. When the steroid receptor and the steroid molecule combine into a complex, the molecule is capable of transmitting information to the muscle cell. It should be noted that most of the steroid molecules are in the blood in a bound state, forming compounds with proteins: the sex hormone binding globulin. This means that 98% of the steroid molecules in the blood are bound and only 1-2% in the free state. The latter just refer to steroid molecules, capable of forming a steroid-receptor complex. Bound steroid molecules are a passive part. In such a state the muscle cell does not take them. Precision for the sake of say that this percentage ratio fluctuates.

The formed steroid-receptor complex is directed to the nucleus of the cell, where it joins certain segments on DNA segments of nucleic acids (dysoribonucleic acids). Then follows the transcription, i.e. The DNA is imprinted. The resulting ribonucleic acid leaves the cell nucleus and in the cytoplasm attaches to the RNA located here, where an increase in protein synthesis takes place via translation. In combination with intensive anabolic exercises with lifting weights, this leads to a transverse increase in the muscle cell (muscle hypertrophy). Enhanced protein synthesis is considered as the main effect of steroids on the muscle cell, while steroid molecules carry other important information for athletes. Much speaks in favor of the fact that steroids also have strong anti-catabolic effects. Thanks to them, the percentage of protein that breaks down in the muscle cell is reduced. In addition, steroid molecules block, located on the membrane of the muscle cell, receptors of cortisol. And the cortisol produced by the body, a strong catabolic hormone, loses its ability and the muscle cell does not lose protein.

Another advantage of steroids is that they increase the synthesis of creatine phosphate (CF) in the muscle cell. KF plays a crucial role in the recovery of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is a prerequisite for all muscle movements, because Is a combustible material, a necessary cage for the performance of work. ATP accumulates in the muscle cell and, when needed, turns into adenosine diphosphate. This process releases energy that allows the muscle cell to work. The reverse process of ADP in ATP also requires CF. The more it is, the faster this recovery and the more ATP is at the disposal of the muscle cell. In practice, this means that the muscle becomes stronger, but no more. The one who even once used the steroid Oxandrolone, knows that this drug works mainly on muscle strength. The fact is that it causes an increased synthesis of CF in the muscle cell. Another factor that is useful to athletes is that steroids accumulate carbohydrates in the muscle cell in the form of glycogen. This process is accompanied by an increased accumulation of fluid, which together with an increased muscle volume entails both an improvement in muscle endurance and an increased burst of strength. Steroids reduce the production of endogenous insulin. The muscle cell can, with their intake, absorb nutrients (carbohydrates in the form of glycogen and protein in the form of amino acids) in a lesser dependence on insulin. This gives athletes the opportunity to reduce the percentage of fat and improve the hardness of muscles, tk. Insulin, along with its quality of a strong anabolic hormone, turns glucose into glycerol and, ultimately, into a triglyceride, which leads to the growth of fat cells.

Anyone who has ever tried steroids knows that during the training in the involved muscles the “pump effect” is clearly observed, which the professionals call “steroid pampus”. The fact is that steroids increase the volume of blood and the number of red blood cells in the human body. Muscles acquire a more voluminous appearance. Along with these advantages, an increased flow of blood to the muscle cell increases the delivery of nutrients to it. Substantially high blood volume is provided by such androgenic steroids as Dianabol, Testosterone and, above all, Anapolon, which is partially expressed in the strong, even painful effect of the pump during exercise. Associated with this phenomenon of increased supply of oxygen to the body, runners are often used for medium and short distances. After the steroid-receptor complex fulfills its duty in the nucleus of the cell, the steroid molecule returns to the bloodstream and either for some time again becomes suitable for the above described function, or becomes an inactive molecule and eventually is excreted through the urine. Not all steroid molecules in the blood immediately connect to the sex hormone binding globulin or are in a free, active state. Some of them are immediately used by the body in the process of metabolism and are derived from it. Another part can be turned into an organism into female sex hormones – estrogens. This phenomenon is called aromatization and seems at first glance to be something unthinkable. But, if we consider the structure of the male sex hormone testosterone and female Estradiol closer, it catches the eye that they are very similar. The organism easily copes with the task (development) of the necessary structural changes in the molecule by means of enzymes. Some steroid molecules are transformed, like individual endogenous and exogenous parts of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DNT). It has a greater chemical affinity for the receptors of the muscle cell than testosterone itself, and therefore some experts believe that dihydrotestosterone is a more potent hormone compared to both male and female sex hormones, while it also has a high binding potential for Receptors (thyroid gland) of the sebaceous glands and their hair follicles. Interestingly, it can not turn into estrogens. Ultimately, all these molecules after a while are excreted from the body with urine.

We are aware that when reading this chapter, this or that question remains for you not cut off and that not all of you have become immediately clear and understandable because of a heap of complex information. And yet the athlete should be given a definite look at the processes taking place in the human body when taking steroids in order to understand the different qualities and types of effects of the drugs described below.