Preparing the body to overcome harmful addictions in food

Anyone who receives medical preparation CTBA,

but does not care about the great Villeneuve nutrition,

negates the efforts of the doctor.

Chinese proverb /

During the last 200 years in the diet brow vechestva constantly increasing percentage of “non-living” products subjected to heat treatment. As a re result, many became chronically defective pi tatsya. That is why, in spite of the undoubted successes of medicine, modern statistics health status looks eerily: “According to the conclusions pra -governmental experts in the next 10 years, one in five American dollar will be spent on Health Care nenie … By 2015, the national expenditure on common Saving exceed 4 trillion dollars. ” I believe that the cause of the currently observed epidemic of degenerative diseases lies in the lack of ­ ke nutrition, a phenomenon that has been observed for a long period of time. Especially bespo Coit number of degenerative diseases and cases ozhire Niya in developed countries, people who consume diets high in refined (purified GOVERNMENTAL) foods.

In order to combat malnutrition, the need for additional food is formed in our body, and we are constantly beginning to experience a feeling of hunger. Our cells are literally “demand” we need useful nye nutrients. And we respond to it on consumption more last Technolen based communities food processing, which leads to even more not nutritious food, increases the dependence of the “not live” food and bad eating habits and makes us always something to eat. Those who are involved in this a vicious circle, the transition to a raw diet will seem very difficult because of the constant feeling of hunger. Therefore, I recommend to “feed up” your body for several weeks before switching to a raw diet.

I consider greens to be the most nutritious food on earth. On rabotka in a blender – the same thing that the chewing of food, so food intake after the blender will greatly improve your health. According follows pulverization in a powerful blender product pieces are the perfect size for learning. This is why green cocktails – the best tool to help Sun becoming nutrient reserves in the body. Refusal of malnutrition will help get rid of unhealthy eating habits and prepare you for bo Lee easily navigate to “syroedcheskomu” lifestyle. In some cases, natural supplements may be helpful, but I would like to warn you against trying ­ to replace with additives natural products. Regular consumption of natural nutrients are not depleted by treatment unhealthy foods weaken your Pristrom Stia in food and ease the transition to proper nutrition. I highly recommend drinking green smoothies’re regularly, regardless of whether you practice a raw diet, or eat cooked food. I know of many cases where people have substantially improved zdo rove, adding green smoothies to their normal ra Zion supply. According to my observations, the best the results Tats achieved by replacing breakfast with one liter of green cocktail.

The following are testimonies of people who are on the power of green smoothies managed to weaken the attraction to unhealthy eating habits, or opt out of them.

“My friend and I tried to gradually switch to eating“ live ”foods, but we had to constantly fight with ourselves. Then we started to drink ze lenye cocktails. Now that I’ve almost gotten rid of bad eating habits, my toenail fungus has disappeared, eels are in the past … we feel happier, we are calm and we love our green cocktails. They had a tremendous impact on our family. I recommend everyone to drink green cook Tail “. – Natalie.

“In the last 20 years I have constantly sought to have pain Chez natural products, and my health has improved significantly. But I was still tormented by thirst for non- fledged ready food … until I discovered green smoothies. Now all of my unhealthy habitual ki eating completely gone! “- Robin.

“Following the advice of Victoria, I added fresh herbs in a fruit stems cocktails, and on the first day, my craving for unhealthy howling of the food was gone. Wham – and its not just disappeared! As if the switch of harmful addictions in my brain stood in the “off” position. Apparently, all this time, my body demanded minerals, and as soon as I began to eat greens, the craving for junk food stopped. I’m finally getting in order! ”- Robert.

“My wife and I very much like what is happening in our measurable neniya. Make yourself some green smoothies, and you will see how your bad eating habits will disappear. That’s the secret to overweight! ”- Mark.

“Green smoothies are delicious. Of course, I just love the greens, but I could see how happy PRIGOV drink green smoothies people tovlennye I usually equal nodushnye to green. All of these adhere to Stan -standard American diet people are now regularly supplement it helps the body fresh Fruko Tami and vegetables. What a simple way to change people’s lives! ”- Laura B.

Add green smoothies to your regular diet, and soon you will notice that you want salads, fruits and other raw foods. When you feel that craving for your favorite cooked dishes became weaker, and you can overcome it, you can assume that you goto you to transition to raw diet.

At the end of this book you will find several recipes taste GOVERNMENTAL green smoothies. These recipes offer Bazo stems ideas. You can increase the assortment of cocktails by adding or replacing fruits and greens in them.

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