Are you ready for fasting

If you are no doubt convinced that fasting will be useful to you, then you are ready. Remember that if your mind and subconscious mind has mastered the idea of ​​starving for cleansing, success is assured.

After all, you have thus inspired every cell that you believe that fasting will lead you to good condition. Each cell of yours in this case will be ready to take your team.

Start with a 24-hour fast on distilled water. During these 24 hours you should not take anything except distilled water.

If you eat fruits, it will not be fasting, but a fruit diet. If you begin to drink fruit or vegetable juices during this period, then it also ceases to be a full starvation, and turns into a vegetable or fruit diet.

I want you to mean: starvation is the absence of anything else in the stomach, except distilled water.

You can go hungry from lunch to lunch or from dinner to dinner, so to refrain from eating for 24 hours. If you are accustomed to coffee, tea, beer or alcoholic beverages, then their use can lead to undesirable reactions, in particular – to headaches.

Remember that fasting will help you quit the habit of using stimulants, because during this 24-hour fasting on distilled water, you remove the long-lasting residues of toxic substances from the body through the excretion organs.

During the 24-hour fasting, most people continue to live their normal everyday life quietly, although they may feel some discomfort and sometimes slight uneasiness in the stomach. But everything goes smoothly and successfully if you give your mind the opportunity to prevail over the flesh.

After all, the brain must manage the stomach, and not vice versa!

Three necessary habits

There are three necessary habits that, under any conditions, will make available any thing a person can imagine:

habit of labor

health habit

habit of learning.

If you have these habits and a woman loves you, who also has these habits, you will be happy now and always, she will be happy too.

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