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Raw foodists often say that raw food is not only a diet, it is a way of life, because it transforms all aspects of our being. In addition to health promotion, raw food gives us extra energy, saves time and money.

Time. Perhaps, most of the time is saved due to the fact that you no longer get sick, you do not need ­ but to go to the doctors neither now nor later. In addition, 2-3 hours a day, you are released because you need less time to sleep and you have no desire to take a nap during the day. And a third source of additional ­ free time – saving time on cooking.

Oddly enough, most people believe that preparing dishes from raw foods takes many ­ th time. I think that the most time is spent on learning how to work with household appliances: blender, ku ­ The honny combine, juice extractor anddehydrator . In most cases, the cooking process itself ­ only a few minutes. Raw food kitchen completely excludes such time-consuming opera ­ tion, how to warm the oven, baking, boiling, steaming, frying, browning and, of course, laundering greasy pans, pots, baking trays and cooker. Your shining clean stove hundred ­ It’s quiet in the corner of the kitchen, always cold and without a speck of dirt, covered with a large board for cutting food or busy with pots of sprouts. And it takes just a few minutes to wash the dishes after raw foods.

Some believe that a lot of time is required for pro ­ drying products or sprouting shoots. In fact, this is not the case. Although for drying cres ­ Kerov need 24 hours, this does not mean that we have to be with them all this time. Cooking dough and putting it on a baking tray takes about half an hour, including washing dishes and cleaning the work month ­ that While the dehydrator is working , you can do anything – go to work or find yourself some kind of entertainment – the crackers will not burn. Same thing with the prora ­ shaving grains and legumes: the process of germination of shoots takes 2-3 days, but the soaking of seeds and their washing ­ It takes no more than 1–2 minutes every 12 hours.Most raw food dishes can be made in minutes. For example, on cooking ­ It takes 60 seconds to bake the soup in a blender plus cutting the ingredients and washing the dishes. And if you have a powerful blender, it is simply impossible to mix anything in continuous mode for more than 2 minutes, because the prepared mixture will heat up too much. Of course, at first, while you learn the art of cooking raw dishes, you will spend more time on everything. Maybe you will lack the skills of cleaning or cutting vegetables, and recipes of dishes will be lacking. ­ They seem to be too complicated and complicated. But I assure you: if you show perseverance and perseverance, you will very quickly acquire the skills you need. ­ roshemu povaru- raw foodists. Recipes of dishes will be simplified, ra ­ the bot with kitchen appliances will be brought to auto ­ tizma (like driving a car), and within literally several weeks you will become a master of cleaning and cutting fruits and vegetables.

Your “ raw food life” will save time in your other daily activities. For example ­ measures, less time will be spent on the purchase of products ­ com, because now you will buy everything in one department. You will need less time to choose clothes ­ wait, because, having improved health, you will look good in almost all clothes. At work, the time that co-workers spend on smoke breaks or on something to eat something, you can use a lot ­ to greater advantage, for example, in order to prog ­ to lie And most importantly, you can delay the aging process. And this will give you another 10-15 years of life. Finally, you will notice that the mind has become sharper and you become ­ whether to make decisions faster. I began to spend less time on paper work. I’m better off ­ I finish and therefore I work faster. When i’m for ­ I work in a garden, write an article, clean the house or work in the office, I can work for several hours without interruption. When I hire younger workers who prefer traditional ­ I notice that they get tired faster and they need breaks for rest. And I understand that good ­ giving healthy healthy nutrition, despite the fact that I am already over 50, is more energetic than some young ­ Dyay people who prefer mostly cooked dishes.

Energy. Many years ago, when I still kept to the traditional diet and ate cooked food, I did not chronically spilled out, woke up broken and not breathed , and to wake up slowly, I had to ­ Went to set the alarm in dual call mode. And every time the alarm started ringing, I wanted to break it. I went up one and a half hours before the start of the work and the meetings I had scheduled so that ­ to twirl your hair, make up your hair, get dressed, scent, you ­ drink coffee and do many other things. Only one ­ But what I have never done, I never went for a walk, even for a very short time. I look ­ la sleepy and felt tired. Now I can get up 15 minutes before I have to leave the house (without any exaggeration), I look refreshed and feeling ­ I’m energetic. Moreover, now I don’t use the alarm at all, and I don’t have it! The sun on ­ I fill the morning sky with light, I open my eyes and immediately wake up, usually long before the start of work or appointments for today, and I always have time ­ My name for a leisurely stroll.

Our society is organized in such a way that we spend the most productive part of the day at work that ­ Paradise, as a rule, lasts from 9 am to 5 pm ­ ra. Most people, after an eight-hour workday, have no strength left for anything other than TV, food, and home entertainment. In contrast, those who hold ­ a raw food diet for at least a few weeks, they say that after a working day they feel like ­ Kim as fresh as morning. And some of them are ­ Sobni vigorously work a few more hours.

Before my family switched to raw foods , Igor, my husband, had a health center in which ­ botal 3 employees. They were engaged in cleaning, trim ­ Gali grass, cared for flowers, unloaded from the cargo ­ Vika and chopped wood for the sauna, vacuumed the rooms, washed, folded towels, prepared a light snack ­ ki and refreshments for visitors. Just 2 months after we became raw foodists , Igor took it upon himself, because he felt the strength to do all the work on his own.

When Igor was 49 years old, he was given a small ­ Special bars for push-ups. From the beginning ­ la he was very happy. He said that when he was 16 years old, he was to impress ­ Winning him a pretty girl, dreamed of doing 100 pushups in a row. But, despite the intense training and protein, which was rich in his food at the time, he could not be wrung out more than 70 times in a row. By ­ After such an intense load, his hands shook and his muscles ached. After that, Igor abandoned pushups and didn’t do them for more than 30 years. Now he was curious ­ but how many times he can be wrung out on these uneven bars. He assumed that times 10-20. The next morning, he decided to check it out.He did 50 pushups, got up, walked around the bars. Then did another 50 spin ­ and more and more. After 3 hours, I approached him to remind him that we had to go. Igor still continued to push out and was very upset that he had to stopwhat has almost 1000 pushups done! Since then, Igor has been carrying these bars everywhere. He is from ­ pushes at gas stations while gasoline is poured into the tank, and in parking lots when waiting for me at the store. He is still trying to set his personal best. When him on ­ eats push ups, he jumps over the rope, counting jumps by the hundreds. I am sure that if athletes are open ­ are the benefits of raw food , many olim ­ Pius records will be significantly improved. Money. Until our family moved to raw foods , we spent hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars every month. ­ A ditch for the services of doctors and dentists, for medicines and medical devices, and for medical insurance. You should also take into account the money that we have lost due to the absence of work due to illness. If you take even mi ­ the minimum amount of these costs and losses and multiply them by the number of months during which we receive ­ live a healthy diet, the amount received ­ there are many thousands of dollars. All this time we have no health insurance, but instead we can rest ­ Organic pineapples and papayas. In addition to saving such large funds, you can save money by simplifying your lifestyle. For example ­ measures through a raw food diet a few months we can pass ­ tee on less refined recipes, spending less money on them. You can use less household chemicals in the household, as well as refuse air fresheners. ­ perfume, deodorants and cosmetics.

We have discussed with you how, going to raw foods , we can ­ but save time and charge yourself with energy. With the same ­ All this can also be transformed into additional ­ valuable cash.

As you can see, extra free time, energy and money is a kind of bonus to those who become syroedom . As far as i can compare when i come ­ lived traditional food with a predominance of pro ­ I went through the preliminary processing of cooked dishes, I constantly lacked time, I did not have enough strength and money. I found myself in a closed circle ­ ge: lack of money forced me to work more; as a result of this, I did not have the strength to be creative ­ fun, pleasurable work. Being emo ­ rationally exhausted due to such a dreary life, I was too tired and was not capable of creative work ­ as a result, it became more common to eat. In order to ­ to buy strength-giving products, I had to work more again, and so on, in a circle. I am ­ She was acutely discontent with life and felt exhausted.

The choice of raw foods has become truly multifaceted ­ Dark for each member of my family. I know many people whose many aspects of life have changed ­ Radically, after the transition to raw foods . For example ­ measures, my friend Rhonda , a mother of four children, worked as a real estate agent. After switching to raw foods, she was trained as a midwife, first considering it as a hobby, and then choosing ­ ve main profession. Now Rhonda teaches future mothers proper healthy nutrition and helps them produce strong healthy babies. She believes that raw foods helped her open a new one. ­ A more meaningful chapter in her life.

I believe that adhering to a syroedny diet gives each ­ Man’s house is a unique opportunity to realize his most cherished dreams. This step is in ­ Dream Square – talks about how to prepare yourself for a radical transition to a more fulfilling and fulfilling life. I think it is very important to sleep in advance. ­ to spend, on what you will spend additional time, energy and money that you have. No matter how ­ Radoxo sounds like this extra free time ­ My name can cause problems. My seven listeners ­ People often complain that they do not know what to use for their extra free time. Out of boredom, they begin to constantly check the chill ­ nickname because they think about food all the time. But you can not eat 2 cups of almonds instead of the usual popcorn, as well as raisins as much as candy M & Ms. Raw foods are so bo ­ the nutrients that your body on ­ syschaetsya them much faster. Now you can not, as you used to, entertain yourself from the boredom of food. Therefore, many are beginning to believe that they are depriving themselves of the opportunity to have fun by trying something taste. ­ Nenko, and soon abandon raw food diet. The only effective way out of this impasse is to replace your usual pleasures with a friend. ­ Gimi, matching your new diet.

Here is another typical story. When u Jennifer by ­ there was more free time, she suddenly realized that it was difficult for her to give up her constant thoughts about food. She described to me how, waking up early in the morning and feeling ­ With a burst of energy, she walks the dog, walks through the house, checking which ones need to be redone today. ­ doing things, cutting the bushes in the garden, starting the laundry, jumping on the trampoline, watching TV, and then looking ­ Nuv on the clock, sees that they show only 8.30 am. At this point, Jennifer begins to feel dejected and puzzled, because she simply does not know what else to do.

At the same time, many people tell me that, for as long as they remember themselves, they have a cherished dream that they cannot realize due to the fact that they lack time, effort and money.

If you do not know what exactly to do, pay attention ­ understanding of what the people around you are doing with enthusiasm. Most importantly, choosing your occupation, try ­ You want them to benefit your city and its people and not harm the environment. In by ­ If you are looking for an idea that suits you, contact the local center of the Young Christian Association, your local college or health center. Below are the dreams, re ­ numerical listeners of my seminars.

*        Plant in the city a lot of fruit trees.

*        To write a book.

*        Teach children in the neighborhood to read.

*        Deliver products for raw foodists .

*        Take care of animals.

*        Engage in artistic creativity.

*        Learn sign language.

*        Participate in the local theater.

*        Making raw crackers for sale.

*        Going with a friend on a long journey on foot ­ com

*        Grow an organic garden or vegetable garden.

*        Sew dolls and send them to children in poor countries.

*       Provide voluntary assistance in the church.

*       Ride a motorcycle across the state, raising funds for some good business.

*       Take vocal lessons and sing at the city solemnly ­ special and festive events.

*        Explore the geology of your region.

*        Sing in a choir.

Raw foods can fully enrich us. In addition to improving our health, we will receive additional ­ Free time, energy, energy and money. You mo ­ You can use these riches on your own. Your choice can have an impact on your whole life and completely change your world. Embody all your for ­ dreamy dreams!

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