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In this book, when I talk about fasting, I constantly say: “Do not take absolutely nothing, even fruit or vegetable juices, and drink only distilled water.”

Distilled water is pure H O water . This formula means that it contains two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen.

If you drink rain or melt water, then there are no minerals in it. It is 100% free from minerals.

If you drink fruit or vegetable juices, then you drink distilled water plus some nutrients that are dissolved in it, for example, natural sugar, trace elements and vitamins.

If you drink clear water from a lake, from a river or from another reservoir, then know that this is not distilled water, it contains dissolved minerals.

Sometimes this water is called hard, which means that it has a high concentration of inorganic minerals.

And now let me teach you a small chemistry lesson. There are two kinds of substances: organic and inorganic.

Inorganic substances are inert, which means that they cannot be absorbed by living tissues.

Our body consists of 16 elements that originate from living or living organisms. We eat an apple or any other fruit or vegetable, this substance is organic.

It lived for a certain time until it was removed from a bush or tree. The same applies to food of animal origin – meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs.

Organic matter is vital for maintaining our life and health. If we were on a desert island where nothing grows, we would be doomed to death. Because even if the soil under our feet contains these 16 elements, our body is not able to absorb them.

Only a plant can absorb these elements from the soil. No human can extract food from inorganic substances.

Many years ago I was on an expedition in China, when part of that country suffered from drought and famine. I saw with my own eyes how unhappy people ate the earth in the hope of satisfying their hunger. They died a terrible death, because inorganic mineral soils could not saturate them.

For years, I hear the argument that some water is rich in minerals. What are we talking about?

After all, inorganic substances only burden our body, they are inert and cause the formation of stones in the kidneys and gall bladder, as well as acid crystals in arteries, veins and other parts of the body.

I grew up in that part of Virginia, where drinking water is hard. It is saturated with such inorganic substances as sodium, iron and calcium. Many of my relatives and friends died of kidney disease.

Almost all of them have prematurely grown old, because inorganic substances accumulate on the walls of arteries and veins, which leads to their hardening and then death.

One of my uncles died at the famous John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, when he was only 48 years old. Doctors after the autopsy said that his arteries were tough, like clay tubes — to such an extent their walls were saturated with inorganic substances. 

You will probably hear these words: “Distilled water is dead water, even fish cannot live in it.” Of course, fish cannot live in freshly distilled water for a long time, because they need the vegetation that exists in rivers, lakes and seas.

Let’s look at it from the other side. Suppose you are on a large passenger vessel heading for Japan.

Suppose the ship was wrecked and you and several other people in a rescue boat have to be in the open sea for several days.

The only available water for you will rain. You can hardly say: “Rainwater is distilled water, I will not drink it, because it is dead”.

Of course, you will drink it and thus become one of the millions of people on earth who drink only rainwater. Many generally use only rainwater.

In Bermuda, the soil is so porous that the water does not linger in it, so people make roofs on houses in such a way as to collect all the rainwater and then drain it into reservoirs.

The huge castle of the powerful emperor Tiberius in Capri, the emperor who ruled the world during the time of Christ, had a wonderful reservoir for collecting rainwater in the walls of the castle.

Today, after 2000 years, the inhabitants of the island use this reservoir during a drought. I saw it with my own eyes. If you visit the island of Capri, you will see the same.

Many years ago, when my late friend Douglas Fairbanks and I traveled around the Polynesian islands for several months, we saw beautiful and healthy natives who never drank any water except distilled water, because their islands are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. After all, sea water is unsuitable for drinking because of the high salt content.

The islands lie on a porous coral that cannot hold water, so the natives drink only rainwater or fresh, pure moisture from coconuts.

I have never met such beautiful and bright representatives of the male and female sex anywhere else. There were several doctors on our yacht who carefully examined the oldest inhabitants of these islands, and one cardiologist told me that he had never seen such a well-preserved old man.

Please note, I’m talking about people old, elderly. But they themselves did not know their age, they do not even have such words in their language. They never celebrate birthdays, because they change little over the years. These old men dance national temperamental dances as well as young ones.

Several years ago, I made an expedition to the distant Atlas mountains in Morocco. And there I saw mighty people living in the desert. They drank only rainwater.

In pharmacies all over the world, any medicine is prepared only on distilled water.

It is not true that distilled water washes organic matter out of the body. She is not dead water. It is the purest water a person can drink.

Distilled water helps to dissolve the toxins that accumulate in the body of a modern civilized person, it passes through the kidneys, leaving no inorganic residues of stones there.

This is soft water. Wash your hair in distilled water and see for yourself.

Water on Earth is purified by distillation. The sun evaporates water, collects into the clouds, they are filled and burst into rain – clear water, one of the great wonders of Nature.

More than 50 years ago, I predicted that one day a person would need clean water so much that he would have to build huge desalination stations in order to turn salty seawater into clean water necessary for general consumption.

I lived to the time when this prediction came true. At the large US military base at Guantanamo in Cuba, all the water used by military personnel is distilled.

The US Navy has huge vessels with thousands of crews. These ships can not store large reserves of fresh water. They desalinate seawater for their staff.

To my home in Hollywood, California, distilled water is delivered in 20-liter containers for home use, there is such water in my office. It can be purchased in America in any large store. It is used for baby food and for other purposes.

Thousands of homes have domestic water softeners, as hard water does not work well on the skin of children and on their hands when they are washed. But please do not drink from the softeners.

In my opinion, these are not the best option. Try drinking only distilled water for a year, and you will never want another. When fasting, do not drink anything except distilled water.

Health is the most natural state in the world. Being healthy is natural because we are part of nature. Nature tries its best to keep us in good condition, because it needs us for its business.

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