Earn your food with exercise

So, you see, food is a matter of habit and convention. I haven’t had breakfast for over 50 years.

I get up early in the morning, and if I’m in my Hollywood home, I get in the car and go to the beautiful Griffith Park in the mountains. A few hours I get to the top of Mount Hollywood and run down. If I’m on the coast in Santa Monica, I run along the beach. I swim in the ocean all year round.

Being in other places, I walk or ride a bike. After several hours of vigorous exercise, I return home and do my creative work, draw up plans for lectures, write articles for health magazines, and write books.

About 11 o’clock I eat some fruit, and about 12 o’clock I take food for the first time a day. I start with fresh lettuce, which is based on cabbage and carrots, to which I add such raw vegetables as tomatoes, radishes, celery, beans and finally half an avocado.

I eat one cooked yellow vegetable, such as carrots, or one green vegetable, such as spinach or kale, or something that contains protein. Of course, I prefer nuts of all varieties or seeds, such as sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds.

I earned my food by physical exertion, and my body is now ready to excrete digestive juices in order to digest all these natural products and extract a lot of energy from them. How tasty natural food! Digestive juices work fine, cleansing the intestines is fully consistent with the number of meals.

This program, consisting of 12 meals a week (I am starving one day), does not overload me and does not deplete my energy. Thanks to this program, I taught my bowels to work very clearly. Emptying takes place within an hour after my lunch and within an hour after dinner.

The only exception that I occasionally admit is eating an apple or a few slices of fresh pineapple between meals. When melons appear and it is hot, I refresh myself with a slice of melon.

Most people are constantly sick or almost sick, in my opinion, because they are trying to process a huge amount of excess food that they absorb.

Food is a sport in America!

These are the reasons why 65-70 percent of the US population is overweight. Food has become a sport in America! People eat constantly – breakfast, then coffee, then lunch, then afternoon coffee.

They eat a hearty meal long before the previous meal is digested by the digestive system, sitting in front of the TV. It is not surprising that they constantly complain of fatigue!

Even the most healthy person in the end will deplete their vital energy by constant overeating, and it is not enough to remove all the excess from the body!

Keep your body clean!

In disease and premature aging there is no mystery. You are punished for bad habits, or rather not for them, but with their help.

If you are used to accumulating food in your congested digestive tract, which cannot cope with it, then it only poisons billions of your cells.

You are sick, weakened and prematurely aging because you have not learned to maintain cleanliness in your body. The secret of health and longevity can be formulated in three words: “Clean your body!”

Engrave these wise words on the granite of your brain. Repeat them again and again. In order to better cure: “Clean your body!”

Fasting is the only way to cleanse the body and rejuvenate it, because it is the natural way of nature itself. No one can do this for you.

This is your own business, and it costs you nothing but willpower. Remember that life is the survival of the fittest, and starvation is a means for survival, a means of self-preservation.

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