Getting Rid of Smoking, Alcohol, Tea, and Coffee

Many civilized people are subject to one or another type of chemical poisoning. Tobacco, alcohol, tea and coffee are peculiar drugs.
All of these substances contain hazardous toxic components. Scientists have seriously studied the habit of smoking, on each pack of cigarettes you will find a warning that “smoking is dangerous for your health.” All over the world, they continue to explore the effects of tobacco on human flesh.
Let me repeat: “the flesh is stupid.” The flesh accepts everything!
She accepts carbon compounds and tobacco nicotine, she accepts alcohol, she accepts caffeinous resins found in coffee and tea. The body is devoid of mechanisms that can neutralize these poisons and drugs.
But sometimes it seems that a person does not want anything so much as to destroy his own body, although he has been warned many times about the danger. It should also be borne in mind that all these drugs only act as stimulators first, and then cause depression of the central nervous system.
Starvation – this is salvation for a person who decides to put an end to bad habits. In my lifetime, I have seen many times these habits recede during fasting.

A few years ago a woman came to me who was a heavy smoker. She smoked at least four packs of cigarettes a day, consumed five servings of whiskey and drank tea and coffee in large quantities.
She told me that her nervous system was completely upset. When she took the pencil, her hand shook. She suffered from insomnia, she did not have an appetite, her eyes glowed feverishly, her skin became flabby.
She was so bad that thoughts of suicide began to come. The doctor sent her to me, hoping that physical therapy would bring her some relief. She was ready for anything. She stood on the edge of the abyss.
The first thing I did, it spent with her fasting, and not forbidden her favorite poisons. She continued to smoke and drink small amounts of alcohol and coffee, but on the morning of the third day of fasting her body rebelled, and all these poisons that she so often consumed began to cause her disgust.

Every time she lit a cigarette, every time she took a small amount of alcohol or coffee, she developed a severe attack of nausea. Her fasting lasted ten days. These were the first days in many years, when she did not poison herself and did not destroy her body with poisons.
I interrupted her fasting on the tenth day, and her urine on the tenth morning was a thick mass of rotting mucus. You know that these are residues of poisons.
I put her on a dull diet for ten days, and then she went hungry for another ten days. Every day of the second fasting in the urine, large amounts of toxins were detected. She remained under my supervision for about ten months.
I took a picture of her at the beginning of the treatment and at the end of it, and I could hardly have thought that this was the same person.
Her skin and muscle tone were gorgeous, her arms became beautiful and calm. From an oppressed and downtrodden creature, she turned into a happy and carefree person.

She has lost the habit of smoking, drinking alcohol, tea or coffee, and today she is one of the most capable writers in Hollywood. Her income has doubled, her personal charm has increased to such an extent that she was able to find a beautiful and prosperous husband.
I could cite many more such examples, when people seemed to be on the edge of the abyss in their addiction to tobacco, alcohol, tea and coffee.
But they resorted to the help of starvation, and starvation produced a miracle. Anyone who wants to get rid of their addiction to tobacco, alcohol, tea and coffee will find a solution to their problem in simple starvation.
When the body is cleansed, it no longer accepts poisons. A clean, healthy, prosperous body always rejects poisons. Fasting is the greatest method for cleansing the body, in which it actively resists any toxic substances.

Living in the conditions of modern civilization, it is necessary to bear in mind that the preparation and cleaning of food products completely or partially destroys the vital elements of natural material.
US Department of Agriculture

If your food is lifeless, if important nutrients are missing or its value is greatly reduced during cooking, you may die of starvation in a full stomach.

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