Mucus is detected in the urine during fasting.

Urinalysis provides a clear picture of the amount of mucus that has accumulated in human blood. Take a three-day fast, do not eat absolutely anything and drink only a large amount of distilled water – from two to three liters per day.
In the morning, collect the earliest urine, put a bottle of urine on the shelf for cooling. After a few days, a whole cloud of mucus will appear in this urine. The longer you hold the urine, the larger the cloud of mucus becomes.
In my opinion, 24-hour weekly fasting will help you get rid of a lot of mucus. Some of this mucus has been circulating in your blood for many years.
In winter, when a person eats mainly heavy concentrated food, the body is so full of mucus that it falls into a cleansing crisis. Excessive mucus is brought out.

Most often this is done through the nose in the form of a cold. Few people imagine what kind of collisions occur in our body.
The body is a self-cleaning mechanism. As he has the strength to remove poisons and mucus, he does it himself. But how do people perceive the crisis? They feel the heat. Temperature rise is a natural phenomenon of nature.
In dead people, there is no heat, only living people with a lot of vital energy can get such heat, which works as a purifying furnace of nature.
An unhappy ignorant person will tell you that he has caught a cold from wetting his feet, or will say that he has blown, or that he has not put on a sweater or coat in time. But these are unscientific explanations.
Winter cold is an attempt of nature to save a person from excessive amount of toxic mucus accumulated in the body. This is the internal mechanism of purification.

I argue again and again that you cannot catch a cold. At the turn of the century, I worked with Dr. Bernard MacFadden, the father and founder of the physical culture movement. He organized a group of people who were called “polar bears”.
On Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on holidays in cold weather, we went to Coney Island in New York and did physical exercises there.
Then they plunged into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. At least once someone from the swimmers caught a cold! Never!
People who walked along Coney Island waterfront in fur coats and sweaters stared at us in perplexity, swimming and diving in icy water. It was those spectators, and not “polar bears”, who suffered from colds.
After all, we believed in a dull diet, exercise in the open air and swimming in icy ocean water.

Today, I belong to two excellent organizations whose members swim all year round on Coney Island in New York: the Polar Bears and the Icebergs.
In addition, I belong to the winter swimming club in Boston. And this group proved that you can swim in the coldest weather and never suffer from angina, a runny nose or a cold.
I live in California, where the temperature of the Pacific waters in the winter months reaches 10 degrees Celsius. If I am not traveling with lectures around the world at this time, then you can expect to see me take cold baths in Santa Monica, where I live.

Many of my friends, also following a natural, non-slime diet, join me during the winter swim. I feel that fasting does a tremendous job of clearing the body of mucus. Of course, I try to live on a non-sludge diet, but I feel that it is my weekly 24-hour fasting that helps me to remove the mucus that still accumulates in me.
Spend a little experiment on yourself: exclude all mucus-forming food for several months, fast once a week and, if it is possible for you, spend a seven-day fast. By carefully observing the urine, you will see how much mucus has accumulated in the blood.

After fasting, make your diet consists of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as boiled vegetables that do not contain starch. This is a mudless diet.
Nuts and seeds do not form mucus, so you can add sunflower seeds, unsalted peanut butter and any varieties of nuts to all of the above.
If you eat meat and fish, limit their consumption to no more than three doses per week. And do not eat more than three eggs a week. Do not abuse cereals, flour products and bread.

I will not convince you of how much you will be given fasting and a mutile diet, try it yourself. Examine your urine. Pay attention to how many times you will use a handkerchief.
A seven-day fast is a great mucus purifier. I made it a rule to go hungry for seven to ten days at the end of October or in November; by the arrival of winter, I cleanse my body of the mucus that accumulated there.
I try to live on a baseless diet, but during my travels with lectures it happens that I cannot get the fresh fruits and vegetables that I usually eat. Therefore, I atone for my sin with starvation.

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