Rational fasting against mucus

In my opinion, many of the problems of human health are rooted in the body’s overflowing waste system. In most cases, blockage occurs due to mucus. Are you free of mucus?
Think about it. Does mucus build up in your nasopharynx? What about the nose? How many times a day do you take out your handkerchief? How many times a day do you gargle? How many times a day do you spit out mucus and phlegm?
Anyone who lives on ordinary food suffers from the fact that his excretory system is clogged with mucus. This poisonous mucus is formed from the remnants of undigested and unremoved unnatural food accumulated from the moment of birth.

It not only clogs the nose, throat and lungs, but can also be found all the way through the digestive tract, from the mouth to the anus. People suffer from the accumulation of mucus in the maxillary cavity. It can be found in the ears, not only in liquid form, but also in the form of traffic jams. A huge amount of mucus accumulates in the lungs.
Pneumonia is one of the worst diseases. It develops when the lungs are so full of mucus that enough oxygen cannot get into it to enrich the blood flowing through the lungs.

Our usual food is never completely digested, and the accumulated residues are never completely removed. Thus, our system of removal slowly, but inevitably clogs. This is the cause of many diseases.
The body is filled with mucus, which can not get rid of. It remains in the body and is concentrated in a large mass.

There is to live, not live to eat. The more food, the more disease.
Benjamin Franklin

Our civilized food forms mucus

The modern diet is a mucus-forming diet. Most civilized diets are based on fried foods, and all fried foods are mucus-forming.
Dairy products also form mucus. No animal on earth eats milk in adulthood.
The civilized diet includes butter, butter products, margarine, hydrogenated and solid fats that are not absorbed by the body. About 90 percent of all commercial semi-finished products are made from hydrogenated fats.

The normal temperature of our body is 36, 6 degrees Celsius. To digest and assimilate these fats, you need a temperature of 150 degrees.
Our civilized food contains a large amount of processed and synthetic cheese, and natural cheeses are supersaturated with salt (we have already talked about the dangers of salt).
We eat a lot of eggs, although eggs contain large amounts of saturated fat, known as cholesterol. Our diet includes a lot of meat, most of which is fried again with hydrogenated fats.
Meat also contains a lot of fat in both explicit and latent form. So it is quite clear to everyone that modern civilized food is mucus-forming food.

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