Do not live to eat, but to live

Food! Food! Food! It can be a blessing to humanity, but it can also become a curse. Overeating brings a lot of harm to the human body.
But one day a day comes when the digestive system refuses to do excess work. The consequences of this turn out to be terrible.
Diseases of the digestive system is the scourge of modern man. Constipation tops a long list of these diseases.
Tons for tons of pills, powders and mixtures are sold in order to try to clean the human intestines from the toxic residues that accumulate there.
A civilized person stuffs himself with food so that the digestive organs and excreta cannot digest and evacuate it.
This is reminiscent of an attempt to speed up a car that has exhausted its resources. Do not argue that constipation is the root cause of many other diseases.
Here is one of the evidence. Take a little experiment.
Prepare for lunch all that you usually eat. But do not eat it, but put it in a saucepan, put it in water at a temperature of 38 degrees (which roughly corresponds to the temperature of the intestine).
Keep the temperature constant. Now look what happens to your food in eight hours.
The first thing you’ll notice is a heavy, unpleasant smell. Then the food will begin to ferment and give off gases.
Gas pressure causes a lot of trouble. By pressing down on the diaphragm, it can cause a heart attack and other troubles.
When such a fermented mass of food debris continuously produces toxins in the body, they cause headaches and pain in other organs. Elementary bacteriology suggests that there is no better breeding environment for bacteria than undigested food in the colon. So, right in our body we ourselves plant a huge number of enemies, which bring us a lot of trouble.
If you are prone to diseases such as frequent colds, then constipation creates a favorable environment for the existence and reproduction of the causative agents of these diseases.
Toxic substances resulting from the absorption of too much food and especially a large amount of unhealthy food can damage one of the most important organs of our body – the liver.
Everyone should know how important the liver is for the body. The liver is a truly huge chemical laboratory that performs many functions. It not only produces bile, but is also the main purifier of the body.
The liver and intestines are partners in a holistic digestive process. If one of the partners gets in trouble, then the other hurries to help him.
If this happens often, the organ is destroyed. When the liver and digestive tract functions are disturbed, the person becomes seriously ill. That is why constipation is accompanied by a sick liver and many other troubles.
It is clear that when you start fasting to clean your body, abstaining from food will be unpleasant.
When you are starving, the vital forces of the body release harmful deposits and include them in the metabolism, in order to neutralize them. But when these harmful substances are removed, you will feel much better.
As fasting conditions change every day. When there is a process of ridding the body of a large amount of toxic substances, you feel bad. But you should know why you can feel better after a seven-day fast than a three-day fast.
Because more toxic substances are derived that caused so much trouble. At the end of a ten-day fast, I feel stronger than at the beginning. The cleaner the body becomes, the more vitality is added.
Therefore, at the beginning of fasting, grit your teeth and smile, bravely enduring all the troubles that occur during the cleansing of the body. After all, you know that once you are cleansed, you will feel stronger.

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