How much to starve

What first advise beginners? You should not immediately starve for more than ten days, and you should be this time under the supervision of a qualified person who has many years of successful experience of starvation.

Fasting is a scientific method of cleansing the body, and it should be carried out scientifically.

In my opinion, 60-70 percent of the so-called “healthy” people today and 85-95 percent of seriously ill patients can die when they remove poisons accumulated in the body, if they try to undertake a long-term famine, say, 21-35 days.

Long-term fasting should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist, because he can better determine the moment when it is better to interrupt fasting.

The specialist watches the kidneys deliver us from poisons. He examines urine several times a day, and if too many toxic substances are removed, which causes an overload of the kidneys, fasting should be interrupted.

So, even the most qualified specialist cannot say to a person:

“You should go hungry for 30 or 40 days.” I often watched as people began fasting for a period which I roughly defined in 21-25 days. But in the first six days, so many toxic substances came into motion that I immediately interrupted my fasting.

The starving person was then transferred to a natural diet, and after a few weeks the attempt was repeated. But if again the poisons were released too much, then starvation again had to be interrupted.

I heard unqualified people say: “The longer the starvation, the better the internal cleansing proceeds.”

I definitely do not believe in this, because modern civilized man is very weak. None of the creatures of nature scoffs so cruelly on the laws of nutrition, as man, not one of the creatures of nature eats so unrestrainedly as man.

I want to be understood correctly: a person cannot step over the laws of nature. Trying to break the natural law, he destroys himself. Can a person break the law of aggression? Can a person jump from the 25th floor and not break? Of course not.

This is also true of the natural laws of nutrition. Yes, a person can be inspired to eat processed, lifeless and dead food.

After all, a person is so trusting in propaganda, especially if it relates to the problems of health and longevity. And the disease is expensive.

Who spends a lot of money on doctors, nurses, hospitals, surgeries and medications? We!

Who spends more money on saving a life than any other nation in the world? We!

Who creates numerous funds to fight diseases, funds that are already fed up with our population? We!

Who set up holiday homes, clinics and resorts more than any other nation on earth? We!

Who spends the most money on magazines, newspapers, television and radio programs that promote various remedies? We!

Who takes an incredible amount of aspirin and other pain medication? We!

We have created a special aspirin for children, because even they need painkillers.

From my point of view, aspirin in any form and in any form, pure or in combination with other substances, is a potentially dangerous medicine, and people who use it too often are at serious risk.

I will mention one more reason why I am against a prolonged fasting, if it is carried out without the supervision of a specialist.

The average person is infected not only with toxic poisons as a result of malnutrition, air and water pollution with chemical waste and salt, but also the remnants of many drugs taken by him that are permanently deposited in his tissues.

Therefore, the long starvation to clean the body in theory is good, but in practice not.

In my practice, I achieved the greatest success with short courses of fasting, although I often observed successful long periods. With 24-36-hour fasting per week, I found a cleansing of the body.

At the same time, the refusal of any breakfast helps well (with the exception of fresh fruit, I consider them not food, but only reinforcements).

By following a natural food program, a person who wants to gain vitality and longevity can, in a few months, prepare himself for a three to four-day fast.

After four months of fasting weekly and a few three to four days of fasting, the person is ready for a seven-day fast. By this time, a large amount of toxic substances have already been removed from the body.

After six months of purification, a seven-day fast will be easy.

The first seven-day fast will give a wonderful result, because the effect of purification will be absolutely stunning.

In a few more months, a person will be ready for a ten-day fast, and again this will lead to super-purification of every cell in the body.

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