Fasting experience

By following such a sensible and logical program of inner cleansing, you will be so filled with new joys that fasting will become a necessary part of your life.

Day after day, watching the miracle of renewal that takes place in the body and in the soul, you will enjoy coming to the right life, which makes you more and more perfect every day.

How much to starve

Most people spend a significant portion of their short lives on destroying themselves, but it is worthwhile to devote themselves to a completely different way of life.

Since everything is subject to the law of compensation, you will be rewarded for the efforts you have spent. For me, any effort spent on achieving health and longevity is a justified effort. I found what I was looking for in life.

The more you starve, the longer you will be able to starve

I do not want to limit your fasting to ten days. But I do not recommend fasting for more than ten days, until you experience at least six ten-day starvation at three-month intervals. With such baggage you can successfully starve 15 days.

With the help of this fasting you will spend a great cleansing of the body. You already know what to expect here. And if you then want to try a 21-30-day fast, then you will already know how to conduct it.

As for me, I feel that my weekly fasting for 24-36 hours and seven to ten-day fasting four times a year are quite enough for me.

I eat only 12 times a week and sometimes less, because I never eat unless I feel real hunger.

Let me stress once again that fasting is a science. Therefore, do not force yourself to long starvation just because you expect miracles from this.

Focus on the recommendations of an experienced specialist. A specialist will confirm that shorter starvation will bring you more benefits.

Your 24-36-hour weekly starvation, three-four-day monthly fasting, and seventy-day quarterly fasting will enrich you with experiences that will prepare you for longer periods of fasting.

Personally, I do not believe in prolonged fasting, unless they are necessary (in this case, specialist supervision is strictly necessary).

Thousands of my students around the world follow the program offered to you in this book. They are satisfied and quite satisfied with the miraculous results they have achieved.

What is the duration of fasting will lead to the best results? nineteen

Even among specialists there is disagreement on the question of how long fasting should be in order to bring the greatest benefit.

In England, thirty-day starvation is considered the best. Therefore, most people who spend fasting in English clinics, prefer a 30-day course.

Under the supervision of English doctors, a starving person usually spends most of his time in bed, and he is allowed to get up only for a few minutes.

In Germany, consider the best term of 21 days. The French are in favor of a 14-day fast.

We in the United States most often spend fasting for 30 days.

In foreign and American clinics, medical fasting is conducted under the guidance of specialists who are well prepared, have deep knowledge and good success in dealing with a variety of ailments.

Fasting is a wonderful science, and it needs to learn a lot.

However, there are hundreds of people in the world who have been self-starving for 30 days or more. In my travels to different countries with lectures on health, when I talk about fasting, I always ask the audience who the listeners were starving.

I found that I have many students who, on their own, without medical supervision, have been starving for 30 days or more and have achieved excellent results.

But I’m still sure that if a person is going to starve for 30 days, he should be under the supervision of a specialist who knows how to control starvation.

He will help you when the release of poisons comes with great difficulty.

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