I believe in short fasting with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Here is my theory in the science of fasting. First of all, we must reckon with human nature, and in each of us there are quite a lot of fears. I believe that more people will practice fasting if the fasting periods are short.

Many willingly go on a 24-hour or 36-hour fast, and when they see that they feel better and better, they try to go on a three-day fast, because they acquire enough confidence for that.

The next step, as you know, is fasting between seven and ten days. Many of my students, who have been hungry for ten days many times and have had good results, sometimes have 15-day starvation. Some reached 21 days, while others tried 30 days under their own control.

But they began with a 24-hour fast and gradually shifted to longer periods of fasting. The more experience you gain, the stronger your belief in fasting becomes.

If you have never starved before this, then start with one weekly 24-36-hour fast. And then you yourself will be able to judge the miraculous power of starvation.

You can achieve complete cleansing of the body with short periods of fasting.

And remember that this effect accumulates : The more often you starve, the cleaner your body becomes, and between starvation you must maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nothing changes a person like change from worse to better.

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