Excess weight is a huge burden.

For every cubic centimeter of excess weight, the body must have 11 (incredibly, but true) kilometers of capillaries to feed and maintain this excess fat in good condition. This is why overweight places a huge burden on the breathing apparatus and normal heart activity.
Pulse and blood pressure rise to dangerous values, which themselves cause serious complications. Reports from insurance companies show with clarity that fat people do not live long.

Currently, the number of people with overweight is constantly growing. First, because in our country completely abnormal food. The average American consumes too much food.
Our cafes invite you to visit them between meals. Radio and television are calling for a snack in these stupid boxes. People constantly consume a huge amount of milk, ice cream, hot dogs, various types of ham, French fatty potatoes.

We live in the age of machines. We load too much food into ourselves and never unload exercises and physical activity. The car forced walking. We are a nation of horsemen.
Our children spend hours in schools. People spend long hours in cinemas, at concerts, sports shows. And this sedentary lifestyle inevitably leads to an increase in the number of full people.

Diet undermining the health of Americans

Fat people are constantly sitting on these diets. This is, above all, a protein-rich diet, a low-carbohydrate diet for pilots, consisting of eggs and tomatoes or chops and pineapples.
Magazine for magazine, newspaper for newspaper – all talk about the new sensational diets that destroy the body. There are also liquid diets that provide only 800 calories per day; a diet consisting of cream cheese, a diet of skimmed milk. A huge number of restrictive diets with a predominance of a single product.

But, in my opinion, only fasting is a natural and scientifically sound way to maintain a person’s normal weight. After all, after two or three days of fasting, you have no appetite, since the third day you are not drawn to food.
But if people sit on special diets, which are usually low-calorie, they suffer and feel hunger much more.
Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.

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