Fasting gives you inexhaustible energy

I saw a lot of fat people who lost five to eight kilograms during the first seven to ten days of starvation. With the loss of this excess weight, good health, energy and vigor returned to them.
Of course, all people are different, most lose 500 grams to kilograms per day, but for some I have recorded more than two kilograms. Much depends on where the fat is deposited. If it is concentrated on the abdomen and thighs, then it is driven quickly.

Many times I have seen people who, despite a low-calorie diet, felt unwell, quickly tired and looked bad. But as soon as they began to starve, everything changed. Fat left, the body was relieved of excess weight, and immediately the heart, pulse and pressure returned to normal.
So, if you are concerned about the weight problem, use the starvation program given in this book. You can start from weekly 24 hours. I often gave fat people a program in which they starved up to three times a week for 24 hours.
In other words, one day they ate, and the next day they were starving. If a person allowed himself too much during the days he ate, then a 24-hour fasting several times a week quickly made him lose this weight. Fasting for weight loss gives a great result. The body quickly returns itself to youth.

I have a long-term practice of treating fasting famous Hollywood movie stars. The movie camera somehow makes a person somewhat thicker than he really is. But the star must be slim and elegant. From the waist sometimes depends on the fate of the actress.
Several years ago, a famous movie star was so stout that, despite her talent, they refused to shoot her. She ate a lot of ice cream and sweets. Having lost a contract, she fell into depression, she had to turn to a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist sent an actress to me.
I explained to her that it would take time to lose weight and become slim and graceful again. I will call this Lady Betty, although this is not her real name. Betty was 35 pounds overweight.

First, I planted it on a good diet: with fruit for breakfast, with raw salads and boiled vegetables for lunch. I excluded bread, rice and potatoes. At dinner, she got tomatoes, a piece of boiled fish, or a hard-boiled egg, or a chop. Naturally, all sweets were excluded from her diet.
For the first two weeks, she went hungry for 24 hours. In the third week, I gave her a three-day fast. The fifth week she was completely hungry (that is, all 7 days). And after two weeks – a 21-day fast.
This alternation of food and fasting made a miracle. Her figure again became like a girl. A glitter appeared in his eyes, his skin younger. She continues to live on my diet, spends one 36-hour fast per week, as well as seven-day fast four times a year at three-month intervals.

Fasting is a challenge

Our habit of constant eating has led to the fact that we consider any break in the diet as hunger. But this is not hunger. Fasting is one of the oldest methods of treatment, but I repeat again: the mind must control the body, because the flesh is stupid.

You should always adhere to logic, so as not to miss the moment when, when fasting, you need to return to food. If you are a strong-willed person, you will make fasting an important part of your life. Do not let excess weight make you sick, old and weak.
Fight against completeness, be the master of your body. Develop a program for yourself, but do not try to get rid of the fullness in one week. It will take a long time to return to normal weight. And you should be proud of yourself when you bring yourself back to normal, make it graceful and slim.
Every person wants to be proud of himself, look better, feel better, for this you need to work hard! Fasting, abstinence, proper diet is a payment for health.

Watch yourself and your weight, your belly, hips, hands. Having carefully studied the program of fasting for this book, apply it to yourself, if you want to lose weight. To determine the required period of fasting, consult your doctor.
When the program is completed, you must set yourself to achieve good results. Positive mental attitude is an important factor in the wellness regime.
It is not easy to lose weight, and I’m not telling you that fasting is an easy thing. Only with a positive attitude and the right actions will you achieve the desired results. And start today.

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