How to gain weight with fasting

Many people suffer from lack of weight. Many of them turn to me for help, asking to give them a special diet to get better. Some of them suffer from colds, freezing even in summer. In addition, they are just ashamed of their frail body.
When I explain to them that there is no diet that can help them, they do not want to believe in it. But when I add that there is still a program that can increase the weight, and that this program includes starvation, they believe me even less!

They usually say: “Fasting will exacerbate my problems.” And then I explain that they are thin because they did not balance their diet.
I tell them that food and nutrition are far from being synonymous and that you can make a diet rich in fats, carbohydrates, sugar, add milk, cream and other fatty foods, but all this does not help you gain weight. On the contrary, they will lose even more, despite this diet.
The weight of a person depends not so much on the amount of food eaten, as on how it is absorbed by the body.
When the absorption is bad, you can eat plenty of fat, but it does not bring the desired gain in weight.
A drop in weight below the norm is the result of a general deterioration in health. It is completely useless to clutter up the body with a large amount of food when its absorption is low.
The secret to weight gain is to make the mastering mechanism more workable through starvation. Only cleared, a person with reduced weight can restore full-fledged ability to assimilate food.

A person with reduced weight is extremely in need of the same as a person with increased weight – in fasting, which gives the body physiological rest.
As in the case of increased weight, with reduced weight, the digestive system is overloaded. This, of course, is difficult to explain to exhausted people. They are impatient and want to lift their weight immediately.
But, first, such people should clearly understand that the period of physiological rest resulting from fasting causes the best functioning of the digestive organs, and consequently, the best absorption.
The body has extremely powerful forces when not overloaded with excess food. For 50 years, I have achieved significant success in treating thin people with the help of fasting and a natural lifestyle.
I have a sister whom I love very much. She was born a weak child. I’m not mistaken if I say that at birth her weight did not exceed two kilograms.
All my life, my sister Louise wore the nickname “skinny,” and when she was a child, my mother tried to give her as much milk and cream, pork, potatoes, rice, custard cakes, and anything that supposedly could lift weight.

Years passed, and the more my sister received these nutritious foods, the thinner, weaker and paler and more painful she became. It happened that my sister was so weak that she had to stay in bed. But even during this period she continued to be on a so-called weight-lifting diet.
After I left home and regained my health, I returned to Virginia, where Louise lived. She was already an adult girl, but not married.
She taught at school and was thin, pale, emaciated and very weak. After a hard day in the classroom, she came home and fell into bed, exhausted.
I arrived in Virginia when the summer holidays began. He told his sister about his program and offered to help her. She considered the greatest miracle that happened to me as a result of a natural lifestyle, and agreed with everything.

I explained to her that part of the program is to conduct a series of starvation, which will give her body physiological rest and allow the digestive system to be updated. Cleansing will help increase the amount of gastric juice, which will absorb more protein.
And not only the digestion of proteins will be better, but the entire digestive system will improve its work and renew as a result of starvation. The metabolic processes that make up the essence of life, chemical changes in the cells, as a result of which energy is obtained for the processes of vital activity, the synthesis of new materials that replace dead ones – all this will proceed more vigorously after the fasting program.

Years of experience has shown that improving metabolism as a result of starvation leads to an increase in the proportion of tissues built after starvation. Fasting helps the body absorb proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, minerals, vitamins and all those substances that the body needs to work effectively.
Louise began with a full seven-day fast on distilled water.
She was absolutely sure that nature would cleanse her body, that cleansing the digestive system would help her build a new body. She lost some weight in the first seven days, but after her hunger was interrupted, she developed a huge and healthy appetite.

Amazing results brought her this weekly physiological rest. She said to me, that never in my life I was so happy with food, as when I began a new diet instead of the fats and cereals that were annoying her.
The diet consisted of 50 percent of fresh raw vegetables and fruits. In addition, I gave her boiled vegetables, sunflower seeds, sprouted cereals, nuts and nut oils of all kinds. Three weeks after the first fasting, I gave her the next ten-day fasting course. And this was the beginning of her new life. She began to recover.
My emaciated, emaciated sister turned into a pretty woman with rounded shapes. Every part of her body seemed re-created. her hair has acquired a shine that has never happened before. A blush appeared on the cheeks, a light appeared in the eyes that happens only in children.

Our parents, friends, neighbors were shocked by this transformation of Louise. The most amazing thing is that my sister became one of the most popular girls in the district and the next year she married a very charming man. They live happily and have children. My sister continues to maintain charm and beauty for many years.
In addition to fasting, I recommended to my sister an exercise program. She started with short walks on foot, and then her walks became longer. I persuaded her to use fresh air, sunbathing, and do 20-minute breathing exercises every day.
What my sister did was then repeated by hundreds of people. Fasting brings excellent results as with increased weight, and at reduced. Both types of people need the same natural lifestyle program in combination with starvation.

Fasting is the magic key to restoring your own health and eventually bringing it to the highest perfection.
Fasting is the greatest purifier, since only in a purified organism can normal functioning of all systems occur.
Fasting is the path to good health and longevity.
Of course, all people are different, and some get good results faster than others. But if you are thin and have underweight and, in addition, have tried various diets that have not brought you improvements, do not despair, but try a fasting program. Give nature a chance to make you a man of normal weight.

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