Fasting does not age prematurely

Go to the mirror and look at yourself. Are you satisfied with how you look? Do you seem old and haggard? Is your face wrinkled? Does your neck look old? Are your eyes dull?
Is the complexion too pale? What would you say about your face? Is it young? Is old No one can answer these questions more objectively than you. You are the only person who can judge this correctly.
How are you feeling now? Are you full of strength and energy or are you suffering from pain and ailments? What do you say about the mobility of your joints? Are there any pain when bending? How did you sleep last night?

Do you feel fresh and cheerful or woke up tired after spending a sleepless night? How are you with an appetite? Is the food enjoyable? Or do you feel pain after every meal?
Is your selection system ok? And among other things, are you happy today? But yesterday? Oppressed or vigorous? Do you feel the rapid approach of old age and the fact that life is already at dusk?
Can you say: “The older I get, the younger I feel?” Or vice versa: the older you get, the worse and worse you feel?
I am absolutely sure that you want to see yourself young, want to feel young and healthy, regardless of age. And I know that you hate this phrase: “I am old before my time.”

Let me say that fasting can do everything for you. This miracle of nature can help you prevent premature old age. The world’s largest scientists have proven that fasting is the magic key that opens the door to eternal youth.
For many years, scientists have conducted experiments on guinea pigs and white mice, and established remarkable facts. They were forced to starve these laboratory animals, and in the periods between starvation they were fed natural food.
The biggest miracle was that these animals became younger! This may seem an exaggeration. But scientists pursued only one goal – to get the facts. And the facts told the truth. All these discoveries have been published, and you can read about them in any good library.
Fasting reverses the course of time and produces miraculous changes in the whole human body. I had the misfortune to see many prematurely aged people, but with pleasure I looked at their return to life and youth through starvation.

I remember my student named Martin Kornik. Mr. Kornik has worked in the film industry for many years. He was about 40 years old when he decided that he was already old, and it was time to put himself among the elderly. Why did he decide that?
The average life expectancy of an American is 68 years. So he decided that by the age of 40 he had already lived most of his life and that he was now a typical old man.
Once Mr. Kornik was a tennis champion, but for many years he did not take a tennis racket in his hands, because he believed that this game was only for the young. Once at the film studio he was told about my lectures on health.

Mr. Kornik became interested and went to one of the lectures.
This lecture changed Mr. Kornik’s views. He heard what thousands of people around the world have heard: when a person is familiar with the science of caring for his body, he learned the secret of life. Mr. Kornik also wanted to feel young. He decided to try this method on himself.
He began with a 24-hour fast on the very next day after attending my lecture. He switched to a natural diet. Starvation and a natural lifestyle helped him forget about his age.
Although he was already 40 years old, he started playing tennis again and felt even stronger than he was at 20.
He continued to starve, live on a natural diet, follow the laws of hygiene. Every day it was marked by new achievements. His strength has increased so much that he soon became again a tennis champion.

For the past 30 years, he has been taking part in one tournament after another and constantly wins, including those younger than him.
Now Mr. Kornik is the world champion in tennis among those over 70 years old.
The average person is confident that by the age of 70 a person becomes a ruin.
Mr. Kornik proved the opposite. What is important is not the number of years lived on earth, but how you lived them.
I followed Mr. Kornik, and now I am proud that he has absolutely proved that anyone can enjoy youth if he follows the natural laws of nature in his life.

At any age, nature will give you the opportunity to go back. Yes, yes, you can change your old body, worn out over the years, to a new one, not subject to the influence of time.
After a year of a program consisting of fasting and a natural lifestyle, you will again be able to look at yourself in the mirror and will be surprised by the enormous changes that have happened to you during this time.
If you continue to live according to the program described in the book, the change with you will force your relatives and friends to pay attention to these amazing results.

And you are not only you will see these changes in yourself, but you will feel them; you can only reach this if you wish to become the absolute master of your body.
Start, like Mr. Kornik, with a 24-hour fast. Re-read the chapter on nutrition in this book. Call for help ten doctors drives to achieve goals. They are always ready to help those who help themselves.

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