Fight against the common cold and colds

It’s bad to live when a cold starts. And if this happens, please do not blame nature. It’s not a draft, wet feet, or chilling. The true origin of colds is an acute healing crisis.
The reason lies in the loss of internal purity. When waste and toxins become too much, the body rejects them with an acute healing crisis, that is, a runny nose. Do not consider it a viral effect or disease. You must understand that the vital forces in this case work for you.
If you are in collaboration with nature, then you will help her in her cleansing work. You do not have to do anything that would interfere with the cleaning process. The only thing that is required from you is starvation!

Nature knows best what to do. In this case, all you have to do is to lie in a warm bed. Stop taking all kinds of food, including fruit and fruit juices.
From time to time, drink plenty of hot distilled water with small amounts of honey and lemon juice and nothing else!
Watch for good ventilation and for clean air in the bedroom, do not read, do not turn on the radio, do not watch TV. Just sleep and rest. Try not to waste energy on conversations with relatives and friends. Isolate yourself completely.

How long should you starve during a cleansing crisis? Such crises occur at any time of the year, but most often they occur in cold weather. Most often, three days is enough to get back on your feet, but sometimes it can take a week or ten days. Do not worry about the days; you yourself will find that your health has become better after a cleansing crisis.
I raised five kids. And when they had a runny nose, I always put them in bed for rest and hunger. A week later, they recovered and were healthy again. My twelve grandchildren are also following this program, and now my eight great-grandchildren are sticking to it.

To most people, the method seems too simple. It seems to them that they must do something, treat themselves, fears own them. Do not panic, even if it seems that nature works for too long for your cleansing and health.
Each person should treat his health with the greater attention, the more he penetrates the understanding of his body. It must keep the body in the state of highest health, and this is more important than the knowledge of other sciences.

Each person is a creator of his character, but he is also a keeper of his own health and well-being.
Nature, creating a man, gave him an amazing mind and creative abilities to skillfully use the natural forces for their health.
Fasting is only one of the ways that lead to natural health. Nature gives us a simple cleansing agent. We only have to be at one with nature and bring our life in line with its immutable laws.

And thanks to the natural way of life, we can bring our physical, mental and spiritual abilities to the highest perfection. There are no shortcuts to health. Nature expects that we do our part.
When we starve, we do it. But nature will never manifest its miracles until we ourselves wish to bring our life and habits into full compliance with its laws.

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